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Bella was speechless.

James Grayson asked his men to bring a large basin and five bottles of hot water bottles.

Bella was not comfortable, she really wanted to take a bath. She went into the bathroom and came out after taking a bath.

James Grayson also went to the bathroom for a bathe.

He didn't turn off his computer. Bella glanced at it and thought that there should be a lot of confidential documents on his computer. He went to the bathroom without shutting it down. If someone came to peek, many secrets can be exposed.

She didn't look either.

A person who knows more secrets die faster.

She lay in bed, took out her cell phone, and opened QQ.

A man named Freak Bad sent many messages. She didn't use this QQ account for a long time. Usually, she only contacted Amelia William.

She also didn't add people easily. So, she didn't remember any person of this name at all. She wondered if her colleague had changed her name. For example, Amelia William used to change her name every month.

Bella opened the messages.

"Are you there?"

This same sentence has been sent almost every day, and the person hadn't said anything else.

Bella replied with a message, "yes, and you?"

"Bella, at last, you are here. I missed you so much. Where are you now?" Freak Bad asked.

Bella was curious that the other side knew her real name.

"Who are you?" Bella asked.

"A man who loves you." Freak Bad said.

Bella felt that the other party was deliberately hiding, and playing trick, she was upset, and her tone was not good. "There are many men who love me, if you don't want to tell, I will block you right now."

The other side was silent for three seconds.

Bella was going to block the account.

The man on the other side input a few words, "David Wilson."

Bella remembered that in this QQ, she had already blocked David Wilson. How could he still be here? No matter he was David Wilson or not, she decided to block.

The mobile phone was suddenly taken by a big hand.

Bella looked at the man standing beside the bed.

James Grayson read their chatting and frowned, "there are many men who love you?"

Originally, this sentence was a provocative one, with more or less intentional and boastful elements.

However, he robbed her cell phone without caring about her privacy, which she didn't like very much. She showed basic ethics and didn't check anything in his computer, but he didn't.

"There should be a lot," Bella said and got up to take back her phone.

James Grayson frowned. "Are you and your ex-husband still connected?"

"I don't know that Freak Bad is his name. I thought it was a woman's name. Besides, I have blocked him a long time ago." Bella told the truth.

James Grayson casually put Freak Bad into the blacklist and handed her the mobile phone. "Who loves you? Tell me."

Bella, "..."

She just said it and he took it seriously.

"A cat, a dog, John dragon, Green parrot, Harry lion." Bella casually said.

James Grayson took her chin, bent over and kissed her lips.

To be exact, it was not a kiss, but a bite. It was a little lighter than the bite, but it was fierce and he pushed her to the bed.

Bella was frightened, with her hands on his chest and her red face, she spoke, "You did it a moment ago and I just took a bath."

James Grayson looked at her deeply.

He didn't speak, but his eyes were very bright, and reflecting her image. Bella couldn't understand what he meant.

"First of all, either pushed away or do it. Second, can't we do what we have just done?" James Grayson asked.

"That," Bella took the opportunity to sit up and moved aside.

"What?" James Grayson saw her every move and didn't expose her.

"Once a week, it's a physiological need, twice a week, it's an emotional need, seven times a week, it's not healthy, and harmful to the body," Bella explained.

James Grayson sat beside the bed and looked at her. "How many times a week do you want me to do?"

Bella thought that this sentence was a trap.

If once, she cannot let herself use it as a tool, she could not accept it.

If twice, it will be like she had ambition, and she also wanted.

"Excessiveness can cause problems." Bella skipped over his question.

"You also know that excessiveness can cause problems." James Grayson raised the corner of his mouth and said with an uncertain look.

Bella, "..."

His remark was aimed at her theory of health preservation.

Bella found that she shouldn't speak more. He was not eloquent, nor had the tongue like reed. Most of the time, he stayed calm and silent. However, he was very strict in his speech, which cannot be countered by ordinary people.

Bella thought and figured out that he deliberately argued with her, she was a little annoyed and whispered, "Why you want to win from me every time? Your heart, won't it hurt?"

Your heart, won't it hurt?

This sentence has been used on the Internet. It was equivalent to a mantra. When she finished, she felt that she said something wrong.

James Grayson was a busy person miles away from such things, how could he know that this internet language and slang used for joking. He took it seriously.

"I'll let you win next time." James Grayson's solemn promise.

Bella had a strange feeling in her heart. She lowered her head and sensed the approaching of his male breath.

He was already in front of her.

"But I want to correct one thing." James Grayson said.

"What is it?" Bella looked at him. She seemed to have nothing wrong.

"I am not indulged in debauchery. I haven't had a woman or did it myself in the past three years, but I want to do it with you." James Grayson said seriously.

Bella's heart was beating fast. Her mind was in chaos...

What does James Grayson mean?

He likes her?

Not likeness.

He just likes to have a relationship with her. It doesn't mean he likes her.

He also said, she is not the type he likes, and he just felt very curious about how he liked her in the past.

But why did he say that to her?

Bella with a lot of thoughts in her mind looked into his eyes which were clear as water and as quiet as summer nights.

Well, he was just talking about it. He liked to do it with her, and she didn't know how to answer.

"You haven't done it by yourself in the past. Then what about physical needs?" Bella tried to divert her thoughts.

He was so hot, that his hot breathe pounced on Bella.

"Exercise, training, intense exercises and work handling can consume part of the energy. Sometimes, the quilt can be soiled once a month or two." James Grayson explained.

Bella thought about Anna Wilson.

Anna Wilson was his fiancee. According to her understanding, Anna Wilson should be older than her. She was twenty-eight now, and Anna Wilson will be in need. Should she remind him about Anna Wilson?

She didn't want to meddle.

However, if James Grayson and Anna Wilson do, or she and James Grayson will do, she will suffer in both cases.

"Anyway, you must use a condom later. It's good," Bella said, and she crawled towards the bed, to stay away from him.

James Grayson looked at her like that, and the heat surged up. He took her by the waist and easily held her in his arms. "Don't you already put on the birth control ring? No need to use a condom."

Bella, "..."

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