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"Come to Gxxx 12 carriage. I'm waiting for you."

In the car, Bella's mind has been repeating this sentence.

Does James Grayson know that she is going to Pingyan?

"Miss Bella." Bryan Damon's assistant called Bella.

Bella calmed down and looked at the assistant. "What's the matter?"

"Sir is talking to you." Bryan Damon's assistant warned.

Bella looked at Bryan Damon again.

Bryan Damon was in a very bad mood. His face became ugly, his eyes were bleak and sullen. He said, "You are even more arrogant than I have heard."

"Reality is often different from the legend," Bella explained.

She didn't care whether he believed or not.

Bryan Damon looked away with a straight proud face.

Who is actually arrogant?

Bryan Damon's assistant smiled awkwardly and said, "Sir said that Isaac Lewis and Wyatt Lewis have never been to Pingyan. On the surface, there is no intersection between the two people, and there is no contact on the Internet. The only common thing is that they both logged into that adult website. What do you think about it?"

"I don't know for the time being. I've just come to know about this case." Bella said and looked down.

The special military region was also involved in the case so in order to avoid unnecessary trouble she did not want to comment early.

"An undeserved reputation." Bryan Damon said scornfully and raised his mouth ironically.

Bella looked at Bryan Damon.

He didn't even look at her.

Bella smiled. "In terms of psychology, the more eloquent people are, the more often they cover up their inner inferiority or guilt. Mr. Damon is that kind of person?"

Bryan Damon stared at Bella in a strange way, his pupils were contracted, so they looked very sharp. "Do you think I can feel inferior or guilty?"

"From the moment I sat in the car, you wanted to know how I could have such a great reputation. You always look at me with a look of examination and provocation. On the other hand, you are worried that my performance is better than yours. So, you are testing me, examining me with, isn't it because of your inferiority complex?" Bella said calmly.

"It's nonsense, you're an ignorant young lady." Bryan Damon said coldly.

"Mr. Damon is really talented, has clear regulations and sharp analysis. Although he seldom shows up, he enjoys the praise and reward from the world. However, you cherish your reputation too much, which reminds me of Bai Qi, the famous generals in history." Bella said with a smile.

"Bai Qi? It seemed that you have not studied less. I don't want to argue with you." He closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Bella has not studied him at all and was too lazy to say anything to him. She just took this case in order to show her gratitude towards Paul Watson.

The car drove for half an hour and arrived at the South Railway Station.

The station master gave them tickets. All were Gxxx. They got the protocol and entered the station. Bella took a look at the carriage # on the ticket. It was carriage #6. She didn't want to let others know her relationship with James Grayson, so she followed everyone to the carriage #6.

It was a first-class carriage. She sat down in her seat, and after a second her cell phone rang. She looked at it, and it was James Grayson's message.

"Do you want me to send someone to pick you?" James Grayson's tone was domineering and strong.

Bella had no choice than to reply to his message, "I just get on the train and I will come after some time."

She put away her mobile phone and asked the train attendant, "How long does it take from here to Pingyan?"

"Six hours and twenty minutes. It will reach around 21:30." The train attendant said with a smile.

Bella nodded, got up with her bag, and walked towards the back carriage.

"Where are you going?" Bryan Damon asked.

"I have something. I will come here at 21:00." Bella said simply.

Bryan Damon sniffed.

She walked to carriage # 12.

There were four soldiers outside the carriage. They knocked at the door as if they knew her.

"Come in." James Grayson said in a deep voice.

The soldier opened the door, and Bella went in.

James Grayson was browsing the computer. He was focused, his eyebrows were slightly twisted, and he looked very reserved.

"You are going to Pingyan, too?" Bella asked.

James Grayson gave a file to her, and his eyes were still on the computer.

Bella sat on the sofa and looked at the document that James Grayson gave to her.

The first pages had Isaac Lewis's information, and the other pages had Stephan Lewis's information, as well as all the previous intersections of the two people.

Bella thoroughly looked at it. The last page showed that both of them had visited the same adult website during their vacation.

"Wyatt Lewis has also been on the same adult website." Bella discovered the common characteristics of the three people and looked at James Grayson.

He turned his head, looked at her with his deep eyes, and asked, "Did you want to hide from me about your business trip to Pingyan?"

Bella didn't expect him to ask this question at this time. "There was not much time, and before I could inform you have already sent me a message."

"Really?" James Grayson didn't believe it at all, and slightly raised his mouth. "There was a time gap of more than an hour between you got the news to go to Pingyan and I sent you a message. You didn't even have the time to send me a message?"

Bella knew that she can't hide it from James Grayson, so she dropped her eyes. "I thought you must be busy with your work."

"Yes, I am busy. But you didn't think about it when you sent me a message to tell me to see a doctor." James Grayson broke through her lies.

Bella admitted that James Grayson was just a logic freak, she stopped talking nonsense and said, "This is my professional work. I am not supposed to report to you everything. You also don't tell me about your work, is it unfair?"

James Grayson stood, and Bella also subconsciously stood up.

He walked towards her, and suddenly Bella felt the pressure was increasing.

He put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. "It is your professional work, or you deliberately hid from me, you know it better than anyone else. But I want to make it clear, as long as I don't let you go, you cannot hide from me, there is no way at all. This visit to Pingyan is to give you a wake-up call."

"You are going to Pingyan for me?" Bella was surprised to hear it. Her heart started beating fast.

"I don't have to do things, but I have to think more. Isaac Lewis and Stephan Lewis are both members of my special forces. This is a very important thing. I have to find out." James Grayson said without giving any expression. His eyes were dark black.

"I think for this case Chief doesn't need to come out in person," Bella said in a low voice.

"Good if you know it." James Grayson's significant words made Bella's heart which was a little stable, jump up again with enthusiasm.

He knew that she had to go to Pingyan and he also came to Pingyan.

"Do some work," James Grayson didn't give her much time to think nonsense. He hugged her and sat down in front of his computer.

Bella looked at the computer.

James Grayson opened the website, and an adult's website was in front of her.

It was full of videos with an explicit title.

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