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At the gate of the Research Institute, Bella was still thinking.

If James Grayson had only one woman, how would Anna Wilson get gynecological disease, even a disease like syphilis?

She has another man?

"Miss, we have reached." The driver said.

Bella relaxed her mind. "Oh." She took a look at the meter, paid and got out of the car.

Bella shook her head!

Why is she thinking all this?

Even if Anna Wilson has other men, what it has to do with her?

In these three years, people have already changed a lot.

Bella shook her head, entered the Research Institute and saw Paul Watson losing his temper.

"How did you graduate? When everything is okay, you came here to enjoy and if something wrong happens, no one dares to take it."

"Doesn't our institute come under an educational institute? It may only be accepted by an authoritative." Someone replied.

"She has to do everything. If she can do everything why do I need you? What are you doing here? You'd better go back to eat yourself one by one." Paul Watson said angrily.

Bella entered the door of the meeting room and knocked gracefully.

Paul Watson looked at Bella. His facial expressions were complicated. He wanted to talk but he stopped.

Bella smiled. "Say it. I'll take it."

Paul Watson seemed to hold the straw to save himself. "At this time, you are the only one who can save me in danger. Come to my office."

Paul Watson came out of the meeting room and went back to his office. He gave some photos to Bella.

In Bella's opinion, it was a smaller version of a European style castle. It was made of green bricks that were no longer used. Boston ivy leaves covered all four exterior walls of the castle. Because of the difference in the time era, the castle seemed very strange.

In the second picture, a tall man died in the room, his body curled up, his fingers were very tightly clenched, and his expression was painful.

"The man's name is Wyatt Lewis, Jessica Lewis's younger brother. He was the mayor of Pingyan. The place of death is this castle. There is no scar on his body, and he has died in the secret room. The reports show that his brain is congested, and he died due to fear. There is no toxin in the body, and he didn't use a drug." Paul Watson explained.

Bella looked at the third picture. There was also a man who died in the room. His neck was strangled, his eyes were red with blood, and his face was very horrible.

"The name of this man is Isaac Lewis, lieutenant colonel of the special military region. It seems that he strangled himself. In fact, he also died of fear. Both of them died yesterday. Now the authorities have put the pressure to solve it, so my research institute has to take it." Paul Watson has no choice.

Bella understood, "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, the higher the reputation, the more important the face is, it is normal to face the pressure while bearing the honor. You are the top in China, and you have to take it."

"Don't make fun of me, please. All the expenses of the business trip will be paid by the authorities. You can live in the presidential suite. You will get another 1,000 yuan of hard work allowance every day. Just solve the case." Paul Watson said.

"Am I going with the police?" Bella asked.

"The police station attaches great importance to it. A highly paid expert called Bryan Damon will come and he will bring an assistant. In addition, there are two police officers to accompany you that will be sent by the police station. You are five in total. Bryan Damon is the team leader."

"Bryan Damon? I've heard about him. Apart from the cases he stays isolated from the outside world. It's also wonderful to have the chance to see the legendary god of this field." Bella said with a smile.

"Maybe you are also a goddess in his mind. Your international reputation is no lesser than him." Paul Watson praised.

Bella didn't say anything more. She went back to pack her luggage.

She didn't tell James Grayson that she was going on a business trip. She won't accept his orders in her work. However, she had to inform Amelia William, "Amelia, I'm going on a business trip and can't meet you for the time being."

"Ah, you are so busy with your work. You have to go on a business trip as soon as you come back. Paul Watson is too strict." Amelia William complained.

"I'll get in touch with you when I get back," Bella said sorry.

"Well, let me tell you something. Something happened in our military region last night.

One officer was killed. At the same time, another officer died in Pingyan. The point is that the officer who died in Pingyan did not take a vacation. He disobeyed the rules and went out without permission.

The chief is very angry. After all, the murder took place in the special military region, and it is a big thing, it means that there are problems in the security system. If there are spies involved, it can become worse. In any case, it is a very big thing.

It also happens when the chief was going to compete for the president's seat. But, the news has been temporarily blocked. These days, I also have to work well. I hung up now." Amelia William hung up.

Bella put away her mobile phone.

No wonder James left the dinner last night and went to military area with a serious look.

Is Isaac Lewis's death related to the man who died in the military region?

If she can find out, she can indirectly help James Grayson. She packed her luggage and went to the police station.

Bryan Damon was already in the car. She was the last one to come.

Bella got out of the car and saw the legendary Bryan Damon.

He was about thirty-five years old. He was wearing a black windbreaker. He was tall and thin, wearing a hat, and sharp eyes. He looked sharp. He had an unspoken sharpness in his pupils. When he looked at people, he was full of lethality. He was a man of European style.

Bella judged that it wouldn't be easy to get along with him, so she didn't take the initiative to say hello and sat in the next position.

"Bella." Bryan Damon first called her, with a deep voice and interrogating eyes.

Bella looked at Bryan Damon and raised her mouth slightly. "Mr. Damon had just come from the airport, and he was in a hurry when he was walking. He was hit by a little girl who was drinking milk tea. The little girl's mother was very angry. She thought that you were a blame uncle and said that she would take you to the police station. You were also angry and brought the mother and daughter together to the police station."

Bryan Damon zipped her mouth and didn't speak. She looked at Bella, and her eyes shined with dim light.

Bryan Damon's assistant was surprised. "How do you know?"

"I saw the label on Mr. Damon's luggage when I put the luggage. The flight to this city was at 11 o'clock and it's only 12:30 now. You take an hour to come from the airport. It shows that he must be in a hurry.

I saw some milk traces on his clothes. The position showed the height of a little girl.

When I came here, a middle-aged woman with a little girl walked away, swearing that he was a pervert. He didn't have to catch a plane.

I get in the car and see some violence in Mr. Damon's eyes." Bella explained.

"Are you showing off on purpose?" Bryan Damon said rudely.

Bella was not angry at all. "When you called me, you had doubts in your eyes. You wanted to know my ability, I just go according to your wishes, am I wrong?"

Bryan Damon stopped talking

Bella's cell phone rang.

It was James Grayson's message.

"Come to Gxxx 12 carriage, I am waiting for you," he said concisely.

Bella, "..."

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