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Not long ago, mother Qin received the news that Jane, who had been "dead" for several years, suddenly came back. The awesome network of literature has you

, when you heard this news, Qin mother could not believe it was true, but once thought that his son had not lost heart to Jane, he found a substitute who was just like Jane.

Just now, when mother Qin saw Jianran for the first time, she was able to make sure that she was the daughter-in-law of her "dead" several years ago.

A person's appearance, name, birth and so on can be fake, but that kind of temperament from inside to outside can not be fake.

It's said that Shen Wenyuan pretends to be an old man. He pretends to be very lifelike, but there will be some small differences in his life.

At that time, both her father and Qin Yue's father noticed that the old man was different. But because Shen Wenyuan had the same face, they all thought that he was old and had changed his temperament. No one thought that his identity would be replaced, so they were cheated for so many years.

Qin's mother clapped Jianran's hand and said, "Jianran, are you interested in the things when you were a child of adoration?"

"I'd like to know what he looked like when he was a child, but he didn't tell me," she nodded

Jane is interested in Qin Yue's childhood. Do you want to know if he was so cold when he was a child?

She asked Qin Yue about his childhood several times in private, but he didn't want to start with a word.

Qin's mother holds Jianran's hand and looks at Qin Yue, who is lying sick. She slowly says, "when she was very young, she was also a bear child. He is more mischievous than other people's bear children. He has done all kinds of mischievous things. "

"Can Qin and Yue, too?" Jian ran also looked at Qin Yue. She couldn't imagine what he looked like when he was such a serious man.

Qin's mother nodded, smiled, and said, "fight, fight, he's done it, every time he beat other people's children so that they don't even know their mother."

It's like what Qin Yue did. No matter what he did, he should do his best. Work is, life is, fight can't fall behind.

As she said this, mother Qin smiled away and said heartily, "but mu Zhi's childhood is shorter than other children's, and he is more sensible than others. He knew that my health was not good, his father would spend more time to take care of me, and he would bear the responsibility that should not belong to his age. "

Qin's mother continued: "when he was young, he had to study and do business with his parents in addition to going to school every day. When other children are rolling in their mother's arms, he has learned to take care of his mother and sister. "

Listen to Qin's mother quietly about Qin Yue's childhood. Her eyes are fixed on Qin Yue, and her heart is aching.

Because his mother's health is not good, he did not enjoy other children's childhood, was forced to grow up ahead of time, to assume the responsibility that does not belong to his age.

He learned to take care of his mother and sister at a young age, so when she married him, he would never refuse his request for her. He must have taken taking care of his wife as his responsibility.

He regarded her as his "sister", hurting her like a sister.

Later, mother Qin said something, but Jane couldn't hear it All she could hear was the ticking of the clock on the wall.

The best time for Qin to wake up is less and less. The ticking sound of the clock becomes the laughing sound of the devil.

The devil looked at them covetously, laughing wildly and horribly: "his life is mine, I will take him away, none of you can stop it."

Gradually, the devil's face turned into Shen Wenyuan's, and he smiled and said, "don't waste time and money. I told you that his poison has gone deep into the bone marrow, and there is only one way to die. "

Suddenly, Jane jumped up, grabbed the water glass on the table and smashed it like a wall. She roared, "Shen Wenyuan, if you talk nonsense again, I must pick your skin."

Qin's mother hurriedly stopped Jianran: "Jianran, what's the matter?"

Mother Qin's voice, like a basin of cold water pouring on Jane's head, makes her wake up from the evil spell she weaves.

She shook her head: "I It's okay. "

Since childhood, Ran Ran has been carried by people to this moment, dozens of hours have passed, and ran's spirit has been in a tense state, hanging on the edge of collapse.

If it wasn't for her to keep telling herself that Qin Yue had fallen, the family would need her to support it, maybe she couldn't hold on to it at all.

There is no sign of soberness in Qinyue here. Father Qin and Zhan Nianbei have just arrived at Jiangbei military region, and Shen Wenyuan has not been seen.

Zhan Nianbei led the way and said: "Shen Wenyuan knows that he has no way to go back, only one way to die. He is going to die. He always wants to drag a back cushion. It's hard for me to ask what he wants from his mouth."

Qin's father gave a light Snort and raised a profound smile: "don't make a conclusion too early before you ask him."

Zhan Nianbei said with a smile: "you have been out of business for many years, and you have lived a semi reclusive life these years. I thought you really only care about my sister's body, and nothing else. "

"Admiration is your sister and my only child." Qin Yue is the only crystal of their love, the only one. How could he not care about his son if he loved his wife so much.

He was strict with Qin and Yue when he was young, because they had only one child.

Sooner or later, their husband and wife will leave him. At that time, there were no brothers and sisters around Qin Yue. He had to deal with any problems on his own.

During the conversation, the two of them have arrived at the cell where Shen Wenyuan is being held.

Shen Wenyuan was a famous national thief decades ago. He was wanted by the state for decades. He was held in an unbreakable cell in Jiangbei military region.

Shen Wenyuan sat in the corner of the cell and heard the footsteps. He slowly raised his head and saw Zhan Nianbei and Qin Hao. He was not surprised at all.

"Qin Hao, here you are." Shen Wenyuan smiled, with a wrinkled face, but he could not hide his pride.

"Yes. I'm here. " Father Qin's voice was very calm, as if the man in front of him was not his enemy.

**In between, Shen Wenyuan's white hair seemed to be whiter and much older, but he still did not know how to repent.

He said with a smile, "Qin Hao, you have been my son for more than 20 years. Don't you know my character?"

Qin dada ignored Shen Wenyuan's provocative words and bravado, so he could only fight. What else could he do?

Qin's father looked around and said slowly every day, "Zhan Nianbei, you are too small to close people. Mr. Shen is getting old, so let him go out and let him live in his old age. "

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