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This sound shocked everyone present.

it's not so much that all the people present were shocked because he assistant was hit, but rather that the people who were shocked were simple.

So a woman who seems to be weak enough to leave Qin and Yue, who is likely to have soft legs, was able to open a car at a critical moment and hit assistant he.

Not only others were shocked, but even Jane herself was shocked. She didn't even know how she got it or how she drove it.

At that time, there was only one idea in her mind. She wanted to protect Qin Yue and forbid anyone to hurt Qin Yue.

She is holding such a firm belief that a person who has never driven before can drive before he assistant, and hit the key point of he assistant, making him die on the spot.

After a moment of silence, Jane realized that she had killed someone, and her hand was shaking.

She was so scared that she wanted to lose it, but she wanted to protect Qin Yue, so she still held it tightly in her hand.

Even though her palms were in cold sweat, which made her sweat all over her head, she still didn't let go. She only knew that she wanted to protect Qin Yue

"Jane ran..." Qin Yue hands Shen Yuan over to Liu Yong, and walks to Jian ran with a false step. He comes to her and grabs it from her hand and hands it to Liu Yong. Qin Yue holds Jane in her arms, presses her head on her chest, and gently taps her back, comforting her like a child.

"Qin Yue..." Suddenly Jane looked up from his arms and saw his white lips and face.

She had a sour nose and almost shed tears, but she forced them back to her eyes. She took a breath and said, "Qin Yue, you can hold on for a while, we will go to the hospital immediately."

"Good." Qin Yue's sexy thin lips were slightly hooked. He raised a smile and gently rubbed her head. "Don't worry, it will be OK."

Don't worry again. It'll be OK.

"Is it because you can't move and can't see xiaoranran and me anymore?" she shouted

Qin Yue looks at her delicate features and smiles with a drowning smile. Compared with the gentle and clever simplicity, he still likes the simplicity with a little temper.

Such simplicity is more energetic and charming, just like a small sun that will shine, making the surrounding stars lose their luster.

Jane was so angry that she bit her lip and said, "let's go, get on the bus with me. We'll go to the hospital right away. We can't delay any more."

"Good." Qin Yue smiled gently again, but it always seemed that the eyes with stars had lost the light of the past, which made Jane feel that he could not see her.

His eyes are so godless. In the past, she could always see her shadow in his eyes like the sea of stars, but today she suddenly can't see it.

"Qin Yue..." What is Jane trying to say? The center of gravity of Qin Yue's tall and strong body suddenly pressed on her.

Jianran stood up straight and supported him with his teeth: "Qinyue, Qinyue --"

"I'm relieved that you're safe." Before losing consciousness completely, this is the last sentence of Qin Yue.

In his body, he lost too much blood. If he were a normal person, he would have fallen down long ago, and he could survive until now, when there would be no more danger for Jane. All of this depends on his strong self-control ability.

He has lost Jane once, and has made her suffer so much harm. This time, he must protect her well in any case, and will not let her suffer any more harm.

When Qin Yue fell, all the bodyguards under his hand were in a panic for a while.

Seeing this, she immediately said to Liu Yong, "Liu Yong, I'll trouble you to deal with it here. I'll send Qin Yue to the hospital first."

"Don't worry about going to the hospital. He's dead Ha ha ha... " Shen Yuan laughed, "it's really nice to see Qin Yue fall before me."

"Liu Yong, give me the tape to seal his mouth. No more nonsense." Jane glared at Shen Yuan.

If she wasn't going to send Qinyue to the hospital, she would have cut the meat of this old thing with a knife and fed it to the dog. In return, he killed his father, cut off his son, hurt Qin and Yue, and kidnapped Xiao Ranran.

"You can seal my mouth, but you can't change the fact that his poison has been immersed in his viscera. So don't waste any more time, get the coffin ready for him earlier. " Shen Yuan added with a smile.

He was really happy to see Qin Yue fall before him, and he didn't feel so sad to be controlled by others.

"Liu Yong, shut up his mouth." With a sharp drink of Jane, Ruju's eyes glared hard at Shen Yuan. "You are so good to wait. If you owe us, I will find you to settle the bill."

"Yes." No gag was found at the scene. Liu Yong took off Shen Yuan's smelly socks and put them in his mouth.

Jian ran laboriously supported Qin Yue's tall and strong body with thin and thin body, and probed his forehead. His body had started to have a fever. He had to be sent to the hospital as soon as possible, and taken out for rescue, or the consequences would be unimaginable.

But the farm is located in the suburb. There are only small community hospitals nearby. There are not enough medical conditions. However, the nearest large hospital takes at least an hour to drive, not counting the time of traffic jam.

When Jane was very worried, there was a rumbling sound in the air. Everyone looked up and saw five helicopters hovering and descending in the air.

Five helicopters landed in the open land nearby, dressed in green uniforms and military boots. The majestic Zhan Nianbei led a group of people to come together.

He swept the scene like a hawk and falcon, and finally fell on Qin Yue. He strode to Qin Yue, took his hand and pulse, and then shouted: "Zhang Junyi."

Hearing the call of zhannianbei, Zhang immediately went forward with a military salute: "here you are."

Zhan Nianbei said: "you take a team of people and take the injured to the hospital as soon as possible. If there is any delay, it shall be dealt with by military law. "

Zhan Nianbei's voice was loud. The birds who stopped in the surrounding trees heard his voice, and they all fluttered away in fear.

"Yes." Under the command of Zhan Nianbei, Zhang Junyi and another soldier moved immediately.

There are military doctors, helicopters This is the best way to save Qin Yue, but Jianran is worried that if someone else takes Qin Yue away, she will not be returned.

Zhan Nianbei saw Jianran's worry, and he said, "I'll take care of it here. Go with Mu Zhi, look at him well, and don't let him have anything to do."

Jane nodded and gave him a grateful look, accompanying Qin Yue to the hospital first.

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