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Qin Xiaobao roared: "brother, you go, go quickly. O "" no one wants to go. " It's not Shen Yuan who is talking, but he assistant who has just opened one.

He didn't wait for Shen Yuan's orders. He aimed his mouth at Jane's head, pulled the valve and roared out.

Qin Xiaobao screamed: "no, no......"

Jane also saw that assistant he was facing them. He moved his fingers to pick up the valve and shot at them at full speed.

She didn't think about it, so she wanted to push Qin Yue away and push him to the safe area, but she didn't know whether her strength was too small or Qin Yue's strength was too big. She was held tightly in Qin Yue's arms. At the critical moment, Qin Yue blocked he assistant's shot for her.

Qin Yue could not see clearly, but he seemed to hear the voice coming through the air. He turned around and protected Jane firmly in his arms.

When he shot into Qin Yue's body, he let the center of gravity of his body lean forward heavily. He simply took him back a few steps.

"Qinyue --" Jianran holds Qinyue's waist, the warm liquid drips on the back of her hand, and the thick bloody smell spreads all over the room in an instant.

"I'm fine. Don't worry."

He always said, he's OK, he's fine But he obviously had something to do, all shot into his body, blood dyed red his white shirt. O

How can it be ok?

But this powerful man is biting his teeth hard and saying nothing. Does he really think he's made of iron and won't be broken?

Jane would like to give him a good beating, let him not so brave, let him like an ordinary man.

Take good medicine when you are ill, and let go when you meet something

"Shut up and stop talking." Jane held his waist tightly and looked up at assistant he, who was complacent.

The worry on Jane Ran's face gradually receded. The coldness was all over her face. Between her tiny eyes and eyebrows, she was already sharp.

Just when she was unprepared, Qin Yue put his hand around her waist, turned around cleanly and quickly, so fast that no one could react to her, Qin Yue had come to Shen Yuan with Jianran.

With a strong long arm, he successfully encircled Shen Yuan's neck, and then lifted him up with a hook.

Qin Yue said coldly, "Shen Yuan, if you want to live, let your people go."

he is not joking. As long as he works harder, he can break Shen Yuan's neck.

"Old man......" He zhuixi wanted to rush over, but when he saw Qin Yue's arm exerting again, Shen Yuan's face swelled like a pig's liver because of his poor breath.

"Who's the mother to try?" Qin Yue said fiercely. Even though he didn't see clearly, he could still identify the general positions of those people.

His eyes narrowed slightly under the golden mirror frame, and his eyes were still sharp. No one could see that he could not see clearly at this time.

Death is a terrible word. Even if some people should have died long ago, they are ready to die, but they are still scared when facing death.

It took Shen Yuan a lot of effort to squeeze out a few words: "Xiao He, you all give me back"

Assistant he is very reluctant, but he can't explicitly disobey the order of Shen Yuan, let alone ignore the safety of Shen Yuan.

He waved and beckoned their hands to retreat around and make way for Qin Yue and others.

Qin Yue controlled Shen Yuan with one hand and protected Jianran with the other hand. He walked cautiously out of the way they left. At the same time, he said, "Xiaobao, go."

Qin Xiaobao shook her head, unwilling to follow, not unwilling to follow, but she felt that she had no face to follow.

Her grandfather, who is related by blood, not only takes xiaoranan as hostage, but also wants to kill her brother. She has no face to go back with them

Qin Xiaobao is Shen Yuan's granddaughter. Shen Yuan won't hurt her. Qin Yue must take Jianran to a 100% safe position.

His eyes are more and more blurred, and he doesn't know how long he can support the one in his waist, so he must seize the time left and take Jane away from the dangerous place.

Liu Yong and several bodyguards surrounded Qinyue, forming a natural human flesh wall to protect the safety of Qinyue and Jianran.

Qin Yue was injured and bleeding a lot. She wanted to find a way to deal with the wound for him, but he held her slender body tightly, almost making her whole body stick to her.

It's not a long walk from the yard to the gate, but it took a long time.

Qin Yue controls Shen Yuan. Shen Yuan's men are advancing step by step, because they have it in their hands, they have an absolute advantage.

Jianran always pays attention to her opponent and the injuries of Qin and Yue. Every step back is a startling one.

After a long walk, Qin Yue's Bentley car finally appeared in front of them. Qin Yue let go of Jianran and she immediately opened the door.

As long as they get on the car and start the car to leave, Shen Yuan 's people want to move Qin Yue is more difficult than climbing to the sky.

Qin Yue is gone, so he has only one way to die.

He made a look at assistant he. Assistant he received it. He immediately made a look at the mercenaries. They wanted to attack when Qin Yue got on the bus.

Liu Yong found their intention, he quietly compared a gesture, several bodyguards around him immediately understand what to do.

It's hard for them to retreat safely without controlling them.

Liu Yong looks at the stone at his feet, and then beckons several bodyguards around him. After receiving his instructions, everyone is ready to kick the stone with the fastest speed. The stone looks like a long eye, even three people take it.

They didn't expect that Liu Yong and others would have such a move. They were caught unprepared and hit important parts of their hands and bodies.

Two mercenaries took a heavy fall forward, because the center of gravity forward, the hands fell several meters ahead.

Assistant he was the only one who was attacked, but he still held it tightly. He became angry. Whether Shen Yuan was still controlled by Qin Yue or not, he was about to shoot.

Liu Yong and others went to deal with a dozen mercenaries. In front of her eyes, he assistant's goal was Qin Yue. When she was in a hurry, she couldn't care about anything.

She flopped to the one not far from her side, grabbed and pulled the safety valve, and the target character he assistant.

Bang -

once again a

shot at assistant he's eyebrow center before he opened it, like a beauty mole, embedded in his eyebrow center.

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