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"Oh!" Ryan sneered. He didn't forget to slander Jessica. How did he dare?

He approached step by step, and under Alex's look of horror and hatred, he kicked Alex down, and crushed his dick by stepping between his legs mercilessly.

He was too tolerant to Alex before.


Alex shouted out at the top of his voice. The extreme pain spread all over his body. He curled up in pain, and his eyes filled with fear.

No feeling...He didn't feel anything there. It didn't feel like a part of him anymore...No, it could be cured. It could be cured certainly in the hospital!

Alex eyes looked scarlet. He stood up shakily with trembling lips and tried to run towards the door with a twisted face and weird postures.

But he had only taken two steps when he was kicked from behind. He fell flat on his face, knocking off two of his front teeth, and his face was covered with blood.

It hurt.

He was dying!

Why weren't Amy and those people here yet?

Ryan was holding Jessica in his arms, looking at the man lying on the ground as if he was looking at a dead body. As he prepared to do it again, Jessica said with a tremble in her voice in his arms.

"Ryan, I...I don't want to be here now..." She looked at Alex who was naked on the ground. At a glance, the horrible images of his insult pressed in on her, tearing at every nerve.


Ryan looked down at her pale face. His brows wrinkled almost indiscernibly and he softened his tone. But when he looked at Alex who was lying on the ground, his eyes darkened, with an overwhelming chill.

Alex, well.

"Miss Scott, I already took a picture of you and received the bubble tea you gave me. Are you going to make way for me now?" Holding the bubble tea in her hand, Clara was looking sidelong at Amy in front of her without patience.

Jessica had been in there for nearly half an hour, but she hadn't come out. She didn't know if she was in any trouble!

Amy wasn't sure if half an hour was enough for Alex to do it. If he didn't succeed this time, Jessica would be on her guard. It would be difficult to set a trap for her next time.

She'd better put it off a little bit longer, which was safer.

She smiled and said, "Are you in a hurry?"

"This is not your business." If it were not for the fear of others gossiping about Jessica, Clara would not talk to Amy at all.

If she had known that, she wouldn't have been an assistant because she would have to think about the effect on Jessica before she did anything.


The friend of a paparazzo was indeed a nasty person. Amy concealed her distain and dislike in her eyes, and dealt with her patiently.

"Why do you speak so rudely? I just thought the bubble tea is not good to drink when it gets cold, so I want to remind you to drink it now."

"Well. Are you caring when I will drink it after you give me the bubble tea? Do I have to report to you when I go for a pee if I drank this cup of bubble tea?"

Clara looked at the time on her watch and a trace of anxiety appeared on her face. She sent Jessica a message passingly. But like the ones she just sent, she didn't get any reply to it.

There must have been something wrong!

She ignored Amy, threw the bubble tea to the trash can beside her conveniently, and then trotted to the dressing room.

She should have gone with Jessica together. No matter what Alex the scum said, she would just need to grab the phone!

Amy couldn't make her stay and wasn't sure what Alex was doing there. She could only hasten to contact those paparazzo who she had already arranged, and then followed Clara to the dressing room."

Clara was annoyed for being followed by Amy.

But she was worrying about Jessica's situation, so she did not have time to pay attention to the nuisance, and was just going there in a hurry with a sullen face.

When she arrived, there was no one at the door of the third dressing-room. It was silent all around. She didn't know if the room was too soundproof or if there was no one in it.

Clara was about to open the door when she heard the noise of footsteps from not far away. She looked round, and found they were actually Fiona and paparazzi.

She was not stupid, so she soon connected Amy's inexplicable stopping of her with Alex's appointment with Jessica. Her face turned pale immediately.

Amy winked at Fiona, and the latter rushed to the front of the dressing room with her single-lens reflex camera in her arms.

"Stop!" Clara cried.

She knew that it was not convenient for Alex and Jessica to see anyone now, so she must not let paparazzi in!

After working under her for a long time, Fiona stopped her pace unconsciously and then she realized when she spoke without thinking. "Clara, you are no longer the chief editor of the newspaper, so you have no right to command me!"

She was as beautiful as Jessica was, but she was still a little paparazzo after Jessica became a popular actress. She didn't accept it!

"Yes, chief editor." Amy said with a gloating look. "You worked for the newspaper. You should understand. It's everyone's job."

"You can't stop everyone from reporting it just because the person inside is Jessica!"

She did not say Jessica was in the room, but Amy knew it. It seemed that Amy and Alex were conspiring together to set a trap for Jessica!

Others chimed in -

"Yes, chief editor, aren't you giving us a hard time?"

"After all, we were colleagues before, and you've gone too far!"

"Jessica was also a paparazzo, so she can understand our difficulties. Just for the sake of our previous acquaintance, we will take a better picture of her!"

They had strength in numbers, so Clara couldn't stop them with all her strength. The paparazzi pushed her away and rushed in. Even worse, Amy's assistant called the rest of the cast here for some reason.

Oh god. If these people saw and photographed something, how could Jessica live with it?

Clara had a lump in her throat. She was trying to contact the media workers she knew to get them to stop the news when she heard a loud noise in the crowd.

"Why is there blood in the room?"

"Isn't it said that some people use the crew dressing room to do that kind of thing? Where are they?"

Amy had been standing aside laughing with a gloating look. After this matter, she would like to see how Jessica still pester Mr. Howard. Hearing this, her face sank immediately.

She pushed her way through the crowd and found that apart from a room of mess, she couldn't even see Jessica at all.

How did that happen?

"Amy, your assistant asked us to come here and said that Jessica was here doing shameful thing. That's why we came here. Where is she? Are you lying to us?" Somebody questioned.

Amy was stunned, and hesitated, unable to say a word.

How did she explain that?

At this time, Clara also pushed to the front. She snorted with disdain. "It is a lie. Amy is always against our Jessica. You know that!"

She did not know whether the blood on the ground was Jessica's. She was anxious inwardly but she didn't show it on her face.

Everyone looked at Amy in a different manner.

Amy's palms were sweating. At that very instant, she suddenly thought of a reasonable explanation. She sighed. "I didn't want to say anything in order to save Jessica's reputation, but Clara is distorting the truth. I had to tell the truth."

Clara suddenly had a bad feeling.

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