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"Alex, if you are wise, just let me go, or the Howards won't let you off!" Jessica was limp at the moment. If it went on like this, she would have to lie down and accept it.

Clutching her mobile phone, she stared at Alex in horror as she retreated slowly to the front of the make-up mirror and pressed herself against the dressing table.

"When Amy and those people come in and take pictures, your family doesn't dare to act recklessly because of those pictures. You're in a good position in front of the mirror. You can see how I fuck you."

Alex rushed to Jessica with an obvious erection and grabbed hold of her.

The feeling of physical contact welled up, which made Jessica so sick that she had goose bumps all over her skin. Her blood froze. She grabbed an object from the dressing table behind her and poked Alex's eye fiercely with it.

She would rather be jailed for unjustifiable self-defense than be touched by such a man!

But Jessica had breathed in too much anesthetic, so her limbs were feeble and her action was slow a lot. Alex avoided it easily, and the eyebrow razor just scraped across from his brow ridge. But it left a scar.

He touched his face, and when he saw the blood on his hand, his face sank immediately.


Alex slapped her face hard. Jessica could taste the blood in her mouth. She stumbled and fell. And then she felt a sharp pain in his tailbone.

Her eyes filled with tears because of pain. She gritted her teeth to endure the pain and tried to crawl towards the door.

Even if she couldn't open it, banging on the door would always attract people's attention!

But she was grabbed by her legs from behind and dragged in the opposite direction when she just began to crawl.

She clawed at the floor, but it was useless. The chair was pulled down, hitting her on the back, which made her feel a sharp pain.

"It's your choice. You asked for it!"

Alex straddled her from behind with a vicious face. He tried to take off her underpants by holding her waist.

This little bitch didn't know what was good for her. She just needed a fuck!

His nasty, hard thing was against Jessica's body through a layer of underpants, ready to burst in.

"No! Get off me!"

"Alex, let me go this time. I...I can give you anything you want!"

"Bastard! Scum! If you dare to touch me today, I won't let you off!"

She was really frightened now. Her sweet face went white, her hands and feet trembled, and cold tears ran down her cheeks.

However, despite her threats and inducements, Alex did not respond. Instead, as if to torture her, Alex deliberately slowed down the action and gradually took off her underpants.

Fear, humiliation, despair.

Her voice was choking. She could not speak, only tears flowing wantonly, into her mouth, which was bitter.

She held the ground with both hands, and struggled, but Alex sat firmly on her body. Her struggle only made his disgusting thing stick closer to her.

Why did this happen to her?

Jessica bit her lip tightly, letting the blood spreading in her mouth. She did not relax her bite, but stared at the ground with tears and a look of numbness and shame. Her heart filled with hatred.

Alex, Amy! She wouldn't let them off even if she might ruin her reputation and be kicked out of the Howards by her brother.

"If you've been so obedient, how can you suffer? Take it easy. I'll make you comfortable." Alex stared at her fair back, plump buttocks and his eyes lit up.

Damn it, he didn't find that this woman had such a great figure!

Jessica's face was pressed against the cold ground and she felt Alex casually kissing her on the back, as if a poisonous snake wriggled across. She closed her eyes stoically and clenched her fists gradually.

She'd rather have just passed out than go through all this humiliation!

At this moment-


She didn't know how much strength the person outside used, but the door of the dressing room was kicked open.

It must be Amy who brought others to take photos?

Jessica turned her head numbly and saw Ryan standing at the door. He was dressed in an expensive suit with a slender figure. At the moment, his handsome face was frosty. His eyes filled with strong emotions. And there was a chill in the air which stressed everyone's nerves.

"Get the hell out of here!"

His voice was emotionless and he stared at Jessica who was under Alex. Her underpants had been taken half off, leaving only a camisole which could only cover her breasts.

The scene before him was full of sexy and erotic. But his eyes were gradually covered with frost, and clouded over with anger, which looked piercingly cold.

He was running so fast that the special assistant and the bodyguards just arrived panting heavily. They didn't even see anything in the dressing room, and backed out without breathing hurriedly.


Almost as soon as they were going out, the door was slammed shut from the inside, narrowly missing the nose of the special assistant who was in front.

He stared at the closed door with horror. What had happened to make the president so angry?

If he was right, perhaps the president was in the mood for murder.

In the dressing room,

Jessica stared at Ryan for a while and confirmed that this scene was not an illusion, but her brother really came.

"Ryan..." As she spoke, tears ran down her cheeks, uncontrollably.

Her voice was hoarse, and her sound seemed to fall on Ryan's heart, piercing his heart. The pity in his eyes was fleeting. He took off his suit jacket and covered it over her.

He picked up her down jacket, bent down to wrap her up, and picked her up gently, as if she were something precious and fragile.

Jessica still couldn't believe that she was saved now. She stayed in his arms, and did not make a sound, but her tears could not stop to flow.

If her brother had come a little later, she dared not imagine the consequences.

Alex was so frightened by Ryan's appearance that he just recovered and turned pale.

He was holding his half-removed underpants and that hard thing had drooped. His lips were trembling. Why Amy and Penny didn't even inform him when Mr. Howard was coming?

"Mr., Mr. Howard, It...it was Jessica who seduced me first. She..."


Holding Jessica in his arms, Ryan walked pass with an expressionless face and gave Alex a kick heavily. Her eyes were tinged with bloodthirsty red.

He should have killed him earlier.

The kick was so heavy that Alex stumbled to hit the dressing table and fell to the ground. Stuff from the dressing table fell on his face with crackling sounds, leaving a trail of mess.

His back was in a lot of pain, but when he looked at Ryan who was standing in front of him threateningly, he did not dare to shout out in pain.

"Mr. Howard, you...you can't put the blame on me. It...it is Jessica. She said she still love me and asked me to meet her here..."

However, his eyes filled with hate.

It was the last step. Why should Ryan Howard come at such a time!

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