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"Godmother, what are you doing?" Alice was scared, but she didn't dare to be too nervous. She was really worried that Joan was prepared.

Joan shouted like crazy woman, "Don't call me a godmother, I'm not your godmother. The day your mother seduced my husband, I wished to kill your mother and you."

Alice said nothing, because Joan was telling the truth, but no matter what happened at the beginning, her mother had left the world.

"Okay, I promise you, I won't call you, but the child is crying. You let me hug him, coax him, he is still feverish, and I worry that his illness will be more serious."

How could Joan return the child to Alice, she looked at Alice indifferently, "You are worried about your son, right, okay, then you return my son to me, and I will return your son to you, None of us lost this deal."

Alice frowned, knowing that Joan must be worried about Benjamin, but this method of treatment was not too irrational, and anyway, the child in her arms was also her grandson.

"Jim and Chuck both promised to help Benjamin come out. That was the fake news, so Benjamin will be fine. I promise that he will come out within a week."

Obviously, Joan did not believe Alice's assurance, "Okay, then I assures you that I must take good care of your son before my son comes out."

"No, godmother, no. Will you return the child to me? I beg you."

The aunt standing next to the door had secretly entered the room and called the police. She came out and winked at Alice, allowing her to delay as much time as possible, and the police soon arrived.

It's just that Joan was not so good at dealing with it. She had been fighting in the mall for so many years. How could Alice be her opponent?

When Alice was about to delay, Joan was already holding the child in the car and drove away.

Alice couldn't catch up with how he could catch up, and his arm was scratched by the car's external rear view mirror.

Why can't everything follow her thoughts and take it slowly, can't God give her a little more time?

When the police arrived, Alice and the police went to the place where Joan lived and found nothing.

Alice received a phone call from Joan, and Joan's voice was very tired. "Alice, this child is also my grandson. I will not mistreat the child. I will take good care of the child. Also rescued my son, I know who framed him, you go to beg that person, OK ..."

The police believed that this was a family dispute, and it was the child's grandmother who took the child, so there was no need to use police force to find it.

Alice called Jim and asked him to find a way to let her see Benjamin anyway, and Jim promised.

Jim called back to Alice one hour later. He asked her take a good rest tonight, and took her to Ben tomorrow.

How could she take a good rest? Now she was suffering every minute and every second.

When Alice, who did not close her eyes overnight, appeared in front of Benjamin, Ben must scold her for not taking good care of her.

"What kind of ghost do you look like? You look so tired ..."

Alice sat opposite him, pouting with a small mouth, "Who is to blame? Can it be like this without you?"

Well, don't think about it before they met.

Benjamin looked at her helplessly and smiled, "Look, I am good, but you, you really so ugly. How can you get married in the future?"

Alice gave him a resentful glance. "Who said that I can't? I tell you, I'm here to discuss my life-long affairs with you."

Alice hadn't made it clear yet, Benjamin had warned sternly, "No discussion, if you dare, I will kill him if I go out."

"But he said, as long as I agree ..."

Benjamin interrupted Alice's words, "It was he who sent me in, but it does not mean that I can only go out with the help of him. Alice, please listen to me. When I was arrested, I was afraid, what I am afraid was not staying here all my life, I'm afraid I'll never see you again. "

Alice didn't tell him that his son was taken away by Joan. She was afraid of him being anxious. She believed that Joan was too anxious for a while. There was too much change in the family at this time, and she was too stressed.

Benjamin said, "Everything would be fine if you are good, and take good care of my son and wait for me to serve you well."

"Who wants you to serve for?" Ben frowned. "Then you serve for me."

He was just to make her smile. Of course, he also hoped that he would go out earlier. Now no one knew what John Ran wanted to do.

"Go back, I promise you, it must be good, but you must promise me to stay at home and take good care of the child, don't think about anything."

"Yes." She didn't dare to say that before he didn't go out, the child didn't need her to watch, his mother did.

Benjamin was dissatisfied with her perfunctory answer.

"You don't have to worry about me anyway, I won't worry about you anyway. Jim has said that he will find a way to get you out, I believe both of them."

Someone came to remind Benjamin that it was almost time and they had to be separated again.

"You eat well and sleep peacefully, I'll wait for you." Anyway, there are a lot of things that she wanted to say to him, but she didn't know which one to say.

Benjamin thought he had to make her happy, "I will, you too, and when I go out, if you are still ugly, I might consider not sleeping with you."

It's not ugly, it's tired. Her tired face hurt him so much.

Alice was inconsistent, "I love that."

Chuck and Jim worked together to make Benjamin safe. There were still some things. It took only three days to solve the problem.

Alice just called Joan, and even if she was not allowed to see her child, she was also a mother. Joan took good care of the little ones.

"Benjamin can go home today. I will pick up the child in the afternoon."

Joan was silent for a moment. "... All right."

Because Joan had always disagreed with the relationship between Benjamin and Alice, so that the relationship between mother and child was also alienated.

It's good that her son can come out, but this naughty little guy wanted to be taken away by his mother, but she was very reluctant.

The first thing Benjamin came out of was running to Alice's house, and Chuck and Jim who picked him up couldn't help but "look at his anxiety. If Alice really remarries, he must kill that man. "

Chuck smiled, "He's not so stupid, I guess he will give that man a green hat for a lifetime."

Jim watched Chuck say such words, he almost smiles. "You are terrific, I can understand a problem, that John Ran has a way to put Ben in jail; the condition is Alice can marry him. You also have the ability to get Ben out. I said why you didn't take the opportunity to force a marriage to Alice. Now I knew it was because you are afraid Alice will cheat on you. "

Chuck did not give Jim a good look, and thought to himself that those who can separate Benjamin and Alice have not yet come to this earth. If they were really separated one day, they did it themselves.

On the way, Chuck has been thinking about the matter and hadn't settled with Jim these days. "What's the situation with you and Janice?"

Jim pretended not to understand, "What's the situation? Nothing happens."

Chuck warned seriously, "Jim, let me tell you, if you dare to hurt Janice, I will kill you."

Jim thought if he got Janice, he might be killed by her.

As soon as Ben entered the house and saw Alice cleaning the room alone, he asked, "Where's my son?"

The entire good mood disappeared because of a word of him. She was a lively beauty standing in front of him, and he didn't see it, just remembering his son.

Alice replied angrily, "I gave him away."

Benjamin didn't know if what she said was true or false, "Who did you give it to? You gave away your own son. Did you also plan to give away this husband?"

Alice looked at him for a while and nodded, "Well, it's to be delivered, Mr. Ex-husband."

"You ..." She angered him as soon as he came out. When he didn't come out, she looked worried, "Hurry up and tell me, where's my son?"

"At your mother's." she said jealously.

It was completely unexpected for Benjamin, "My mother? Why is he with my mother?"

Anyway, now that he had come out, she told him the truth, "Your mother said, if I don't return her son to her, I don't want to see my son."

Benjamin couldn't help laughing, and he was away from home for three days, how did he feel that he had missed a big show.

Since the child had nothing to worry about with his mother, then the two can do something interesting...

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