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After a long silence between the two, Penny pointed to the locker and whispered, "In the second drawer of the three rows."

John Ran said nothing, went to get the medicine, and handed it to her with the water.

"Thank you."

She thought he would stay here longer, or at least eat dinner before leaving, because she's like this now, and she was afraid she can't cook. It would be fine even if he helped to order a takeaway.

But he didn't.

Before he left, he said indifferently, "I have been busy recently. If Alice comes to you, try to make her promise to marry me."

Penny's heart suddenly felt painful, he said he wanted Alice to marry him?!!

John Ran's hand was already on the doorknob, and Penny gathered her courage and asked him, "Why do you have to marry Alice?"

Rarely, John was willing to answer her question. He turned slowly and stared at Penny sitting on the sofa. The best revenge for Ben was to separate him and Alice, and if I married Alice, to you, isn't it the most painful torture, It kills two birds with one stone. Why not do so? "

After John Ran left, Penny sneered bitterly in pain. She sneered at herself, and he caught her deadly point. His indifferent face was enough to make her die.

In the deserted room, Penny was left alone and smiled bitterly.

Alice received a letter, which only wrote one sentence, "The game is about to start."

She was familiar with this handwriting. In the three years when her mother was in hospital, the handwriting on the medical records was exactly the same.

This made Alice sure that he was really John Ran.

The ones that should come will always come. What can be done was not to evade, but to learn to accept and face it.

Before going to bed, Alice used to take out her mobile phone and took a look at the news on the day.

Previous mayor's son had transplanted other people's organs without permission, and killed the one to save him. Benjamin had been taken by the police to the police station under investigation...

So, his smile this morning was goodbye. It seemed that he had expected John Ran to do so.

This bastard always hid her from anything first, and always treated her as a stupid child who cannot help him.

In the police station, no matter what Alice's bitterness and the police officer's request, they were very professional in rejecting her visit request. "Sorry, non-immediate relatives cannot visit."

Alice was silent, "I am his wife."

Another police officer who had just checked Alice's information seriously reminded, "Ex-wife."

Alice didn't know what to say, so she had to leave for the time being. He had to think of other ways to see Benjamin.

Alice stood at the gate of the police station. She wanted to see Benjamin, but she couldn't see it. When she was waiting for the car, a red sports car stopped in front of Alice.

The people inside didn't even look at her, "Get in the car."

The driver of course knew Alice. She knew Jim when she was this car. Alice looked left and right, but she didn't understand how he was here. The direction he came in was not the parking lot at the police station.

After Alice got on the car, before she had time to ask, Jim didn't want to talk nonsense first. "He told you not to worry about him, and don't be controlled by him. Before the sky fell down, there were me and Chuck.

Alice was much moved by Jim's word. For a long time, Jim did not like Alice on the surface, because Benjamin was too fond of her, and she was always proud, but also ignored Benjamin's kindness to her.

"Will he be taken away?"

"It won't happen in two weeks. Chuck and I always came up with solutions."

Alice nodded, she could only wait. Even she go to beg Dr. Ran, Benjamin will refuse to come out.

Jim usually talked a lot but he was also used to silence when the something bad happened.

Alice turned her head and looked at him, thinking of Janice in her head, "I heard from Janice that Yuna is back."

Jim's eyebrows froze involuntarily, and replied, "Yes."

Alice felt that the two were quite fit for each other, they were happy and free at many times, but when they encountered something bad, they always hesitant.

"Janice she ..." In fact, if they could really be together, it would be nice.

But Jim interrupted Alice's words, "Don't she like John Ran, who relived now, wouldn't she be happy?"

Jim's words reminded Alice of this matter. She wondered if Dr. Ran and Janice have met.

Alice whispered to herself, "How can she fly without wings, but your Yuna had returned with her son, making Janice seem to be seriously ill, and she even laughed reluctantly."

Alice's voice was not loud, but Jim was listening clearly. He and Janice had not seen each other for a long time. He didn't know how thing is going on about her.

Knowing that the sports car stopped downstairs in Alice's house, Jim said deeply, "Spend more time to talk with her."

Alice certainly knew who the girl he was referring to, nodded, and opened the door and got out.

She will.

After getting off the car, Alice felt that it was still necessary to talk about Jim. He turned around and said to Jim about to leave, "Have you seen Janice recently?"

Jim's hand holding the steering wheel tightened involuntarily, "I'm very busy. Am not I going to help you get Benjamin out?"

It meant he hadn't seen her.

Alice had to say, "Then you must get my child's dad out quickly, so you have time to spend more time with Janice."

Jim had a sense of frustration that Alice saw through his heart, and he said, "There are so many beautiful women around me, so I don't have time to accompany her."

Alice glared at him, "That's all right. She just decided to find a good man to marry herself. You had better don't show up in front of her in the future."

Jim raised his finger and pointed at the back of Alice, who left with words saying only half, and he still had questions to ask.

Forget it, just asked Janice. What he didn't understand was why she was so anxious to marry herself out.

When Alice arrived home, the little guy was greeted with a crying. "The naughty little boy has a fever. It should be a cold. I couldn't call you on my cell phone. I just took him to the hospital."

The aunt was not very nervous, but Alice is panic.

"What to do? Is it serious? Is the body temperature measured? How many degrees?" As she walked out, she asked various questions in anxiety.

The aunt comforted Alice's smile, "It's okay, don't be too anxious."

The results of the hospital test were okay. The child may have little cold symptoms, which was not a big deal. Drink plenty of water at home and temporarily cool down physically.

On the way home, Alice received a call from John Ran again. The purpose of his call was obvious, and Alice did not talk nonsense with him.

"Doctor Ran is so anxious so soon?" She already had a choice in her heart, so she didn't need to bow her head to compromise in front of some people.

John Ran still knew about Alice. The more she laughed at the surface, the more helpless she was inside.

"Of course, it was hard to get him in. I had to rush to deal with you." Now that everyone knew each other well, the purpose of the other party was also unclear, and he needed not cover up.

Alice also said straightforwardly, "I won't promise you. If you want to get revenge on me, you can choose other methods, but marrying you is absolutely impossible."

John Ran smiled sadly, "Even if he is in jail for a lifetime?"

"If I want him to choose, he would rather be in jail for a lifetime than me to marry you." This was the answer after she seriously thought about it.

They may not be together, but this did not mean that they will be with others.

John Ran stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and looked down at the height of thirty floors. The pedestrians on the road were very small. "This choice, I think you will regret it one day."

Alice looked down at the sleeping little guy in relief and turned away from the topic she didn't want to talk about. "In fact, I'm more curious, how did you survive?"

John Ran smiled coldly, "It's easy for me to think that you are quite disappointed at I'm not dead."

Alice said sincerely, "No, in my heart, Dr. Ran is my good friend, good brother, or my life-saving benefactor, but you are no longer."

John Ran's eyebrows fluttered, "Perhaps you're right."

Thinking that the call was over, he finally said, "No matter who I am, you and Benjamin, I will not let one go."

In the silent compartment, knowing that the signal had been cut off, Alice's mobile phone was still clinging to her ears. She bit her lip, and her heart was very low, but she must be strong.

Upon arriving at the door, Joan didn't know where to run from. Auntie opened the door with a big bag in one hand. Alice held the baby in one hand because she felt the wind and wanted to bring the cap to cover the child.

Suddenly, a powerful force struck, and without Alice's defense, she snatched the child in her arms.

Alice was shocked with a heart, and turned to look at the direction of the coming person. Joan hugged the child who had waked up because of the surprise and cried a lot.


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