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Penny was groggy and wanted to stand up, but she couldn't help her at all. As if her entire body was drawn away from her veins, she couldn't stand up.

And he, like the devil from hell, looked coldly at her. Then he dragged her out, without saying anything, like dragging a weak animal.

The collar was stuck in the throat, making Penny difficult to breathe. She didn't change her pajamas and slippers, and she was pulled out of the door mercilessly. She didn't know what he was going to do. The nerve broke down again. She just gave up struggling.

How did she understand that all his anger and fierceness were due to her submission and non-resistance?

She was pushed into the car by him, and she didn't ask where he would take her. Anyway, what he would do was to torture her.

She was sleepy after taking antipyretics, and even if he sold her now, she accepted it.

Until she felt the car stopped, Penny opened her eyes tiredly. The scene in front of her made her instantly sober. She suddenly turned her head to look at the driver's position, but he was no longer there.

The door beside her was opened by him standing outside, and Penny shook her head forcefully, and her whole body shrank inward. "No, no, John Ran, I don't want to get out of the car. Don't treat me like this ..."

John Ran stood outside as cold as a messenger of hell, looking coldly at Penny who was extremely scared and helpless.

He knew that she would react like this, and he knew that she would act especially.

He grabbed her slender arm and yanked suddenly, and she had to get out of the car.

The road in the cemetery was rugged and uneventful. Bare-footed Penny only felt that her feet were stepping on the thorns first. She didn't want to go, and didn't want Bob see her like this now.

She tried hard to break away from him, but he was so powerful that she couldn't do anything about it. In the end, she almost stopped in front of Bod Ran's tombstone.

She ran away as if she wanted to run, and he yanked hard and threw her who was already weak in front of Bob's tombstone. She knelt down and was helpless.

"Penny, what the hell are you pretending to do? Don't you miss the person inside? Didn't you just come this morning? What the hell are you pretending to be in front of me?"

He questioned her like a demon, and for a long time, he hadn't roared like this before her.

Penny looked up at him. Did he know she was here at noon and was so angry?

She looked down, sighed, trying to calm her broken heart, struggling to stand up, possibly because of a cold, and her throat was a little dumb.

She said, "What's the matter, let's go back and say, okay?" It shouldn't come to disturb those who were already in peace.

Some pain let the living person bear it slowly.

John Ran stared indifferently at her bloodless face, only to find that it was very eye-catching. Would a woman like her be cruel? All he can say was that her acting skills had taken to the next level.

He chuckled coldly, stretched his long arm, and held her in his strong and wide arms. His punishment had always been so simple and rude, but here she did not allow him to do so.

Penny turned her head to avoid him, pushing hard him away. Her avoidance would only make him harder against her.

He opened his mouth and bit her white neck, like a vampire bloodthirsty.

Alice couldn't bear it, and didn't know where the strength come from, she unexpectedly pushed him away. She shouted at him coldly, "I don't allow you to do this to me in front of him."

He? !! That dead man.

John Ran sneered in sorrow. In her heart, after all, he was not as good as a dead man. "What? Do you feel sorry for him?"

His cold tone made Penny's heart completely cool. She was not looking at him, because his eyes were always so bloodthirsty and cold, and he could not wait to let her die in front of him in a second.

She turned to look at the man in the picture on the tombstone, the smile, the man full of warmth. "I'm afraid he felt sorry for me."

If he was alive, he must not allow this person to treat her like that.

Penny's words made John Ran clenched his fists. How can this woman be so disgusting, even the cheating was so shameless?

She was obviously his woman, John's woman, and because of his momentary bankruptcy, she fell in love with another man so fast.

Sometimes he really wanted to ask her, did she never love him at all?

Among them, the person who made the mistake was her, but she acted like a victim every day. How could she pretend to be innocent like this?

After Penny calmed down, she turned around and looked at John Ran who wanted to kill her. "What the hell did you want? Because you love me, should I respond to your love?"

Her words completely annoyed John Ran, who was already on the verge of breaking out. He clamped her slender neck suddenly. He resentfully satirized those words she just said, "Penny, who told you "I love you, huh??"

Yeah, why did she think he loved her?

She felt it was difficult for her to breathe. Maybe in the next second, she was choked to death here.

Penny stared sadly at the man who hated her. She cannot understand why she and he had become what they were now?

She smiled bitterly and said, "Yes, you don't love me, how could you love me ..." Obviously knowing this was the truth, but when she said it out, she cried.

In the blurred vision, he looked as if he was back many years ago. On a cold winter night, he was holding a rose standing downstairs and shouting to her, "Penny, I like you. Be my girlfriend. "

Tears dripped and her vision was clear. He was not the one in front of her. He was the devil from hell.

Penny smiled sadly, "John Ran, I am crazy, right? I am a lunatic, and for the one, who doesn't love me at all, kill the man who loves me the most in the world."

Yes, it was she who was crazy, how a normal person could do this.

Suddenly, her cold hands grasped the big hand that he clamped around her neck, and yelled at him desperately, "John Ran, strangle me, and kill me. I miss Bob. I want to see him. Please kill me ..."

John Ran condensed his eyes. She begged him to kill her in order to accompany him who had died.

She would rather die than stay with him in this cold and ruthless world.

The strength of John Ran's hands was light, and Penny, who was already exhausted, was fainted. At the moment of fainting, she hoped that if she died like that, it would be great.

The pain that should have fallen did not strike, and he hugged her in a timely manner, and Penny's mouth was slightly bitter.

Look, she can't die. She had to accompany him to go through this torment. If she didn't even accompany him, he will be lonelier.

When she was unconscious, she seemed to hear him calling her, "Penny, Penny ... Wake up ... Don't scare me, okay ... Penny ... It's okay ... We'll be at the hospital right away ... It's okay ... Penny ... don't leave me alone ... "

It's a dream. It's an illusion.

After that incident, he never called her Penny again.

When Penny woke up, she was in a bed at home, and it was getting late. The whole house could only hear the sound of her own breathing. When she was going to get out of bed, she found that her feet were covered with white gauze. She cannot help frowning. Which nurse helped her with this ugly bandage?

Whatever happened, you have to take care of yourself, even if each of step was painful, she clenched her teeth and kept going.

Because she was thirsty and needed to drink water, and she was the only one in this house. As for how she came back, she knew it, but didn't want to know it.

She raised her hand and touched her forehead. It was not as hot as before, but did not completely recover. After drinking a glass of water, she found the thermometer and put it in her mouth. Her foot injury made it difficult for her to walk back to the bedroom, the sofa was closer.

She held the water cup in one hand and the thermometer in her mouth, carefully step by step, frowning and walking towards the sofa with pain.

"Click." There was a sound of opening at the door, and Penny couldn't help turning her head to look at him. He didn't seem to think she would stand there either. The eyes of the two looked at each other for a moment, and it seemed that the moment stopped.

Looking back, with a thermometer in her mouth, she continued to move step by step.

John Ran changed his shoes and walked in, and he went out for a while. Couldn't she just stay in bed in such a way? It was annoying to see her walking hard.

For the first time, Penny felt that her house was so big, and it was so easy to walk to the sofa. After sitting down, the thermometer in her mouth issued a drop of warning sound, and she heard that she was still having a fever.

Penny thought to herself, didn't she just take a cold bath? Her constitution was getting worse and worse.

"Where is the medicine?" His quiet voice suddenly spread in the quiet room.

Penny didn't respond for a while, "Ah?"

John Ran frowned impatiently and looked straight at her, without repeating what he said just now. Actually, Penny heard it, but it was much unexpected.

She shook her head, "No, I can get it by myself." Then, she was ready to get up and pick it up by herself.

She only thought that she was going to get a cold medicine, but she forgot her injured foot, and when she got up, she hurt and fell back on the sofa.

She lowered her head, pouting her mouth, and particularly hated herself being useless.


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