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After entering the elevator, she stood behind him, muttering to herself in a whispered voice, "I just watched a movie with a mobile video just now, and the plot inside was particularly touched. That's the reason why I cried... "

Even if he was dull, he knew she had made up such a lie, just to tell him that she didn't cry because of him. She didn't cry because she had promised him that she would never cry again.

The elevator stopped soon, and she was still following him, and he took her existence as air and ignored her completely.

At the parking lot, after he got in the car, she stood beside the car and smiled at him. Even if he didn't want to see her, and didn't want to hear her voice, she still smiled and suggested him. "Don't drive too fast."

How could he listen to her? He stepped on the throttle with a bang and went away...

The lost Penny went back home by walking up the stairs alone. In fact, she just wanted to say to him, 'Send me a message when you get home. '

She didn't dare to say that, and he couldn't do that anyway.

Facing the closed door, she felt that she was too hard. Now she was really going to sit at the door to sleep all night. She just chased him out just now, not holding the door key or the cell phone.

Looking down at the house slippers on her feet and the pajamas in her jacket, oh, just like her, walking on the street, everyone thought she was mentally ill that ran out in the middle of the night.

She sat alone at the gate, and smiled bitterly. Even if he knew she was locked out of the door, it was impossible to come back to help her open the door.

What else was she expecting?

Therefore, John Ran who drove away, when receiving a call, coldly ordered the gut on the other side, "Try to get her in."

"This ..." He was a bit of a headache, but John Ran over there was impossible to give him other options.

Penny suddenly stood up and watched alertly to the strange young man who came to talk to her.

The other person smiled harmlessly at her, "Have you closed yourself out the door?"

Penny smiled embarrassingly, nodded, "Yes."

"You could contact the unlocking company."

Penny still nodded. "Thank you."

After some frustration, the door opened. Penny was grateful to the young man who said her. "Thank you very much. If it won't for you, I should have slept at the door tonight."

The other side smiled kindly, "You're welcome, and the neighbors help each other."

"You live in..."

The young man pointed at the resident opposite, "Here."

Penny smiled. No wonder she felt this little handsome guy was familiar. She always saw it there.

After entering the house, she stared at the crumpled tie beside the bed, and told herself not to be stupid again. How could he like what she bought. Why waste the money in her wallet and hurt her heart.

Even though it was late, John Ran did not return home directly, but came to a cemetery.

He stood in front of the gravestone without saying a word. He just stood and remained motionless, for more than two hours.

Not until he left, did he say, "She said, you were gentler than me."

Penny in her sleep suddenly awakened. She dreamed that she was thrown by John Ran into an airtight and confined room where she could not see anything. She was especially scared and kept calling his name.

His cold voice spread in the dark space, "Since you miss him so much, and he is so good, then I will let you meet again at the hell."

After Penny was sober from her dreams, she found that she was still lying in the bathtub, and the water in the bathtub was cold. No wonder she dreamed just like that.

After a glance at the time, she actually slept in the bathtub for more than two hours. She was so tired that she could fall asleep in a bath.

Sure enough, she woke up after dawn, her head was heavy, her forehead was hot, and her body was cold. Well, as a doctor, she had a cold.

She sneezed, sucked her nose and went out. As soon as she went out, he met the handsome guy who helped her last night. The lights were too dark last night and she didn't notice him. He was a handsome boy.

"Good morning." Penny greeted him.

He replied shyly, "Good morning."

Five minutes later, John Ran's mobile phone received a message, "Miss Penny caught a cold."

When Penny arrived at the hospital, the dean of the kind-hearted invited her to the office to drink tea. After a brief greeting, the dean's main point was, "Oh, Miss Penny, you weren't not well for work. You got a cold. Come again when you recovered. "

Penny's in a maze. The doctor can't have a cold and stuffy nose? The Dean did not do that before...

Forget it, it was a rare vacation, so she went home and slept for a few days.

After leaving the hospital, she felt that in addition to going home to sleep, she seemed to have a lot of things to do. How long did not she see the city properly, and how long had she not lived her own life.

How long haven't she seen that person?

When she passed by the flower shop, she stopped to buy a red rose. Remembering that he once said, why there were so many colors of roses now? Obviously only red can represent passionate love.

He liked gorgeous red, so he also said that one day when he went away; when she went to see him, don't bring white chrysanthemums without color. He liked red roses, so he will feel that he had been to this world.

At the cemetery, a familiar back stood in front of the man's tombstone. Penny did not expect that he would come here.

Benjamin was not surprised that Penny would appear here, but did not expect that they choose to come over the same day.

Penny bent over and placed the red rose in front of the tombstone, smiling slightly at the man with a smile on the tombstone.

After a long silence, Benjamin said, "The heart in mine is his?"

Some things can't be hidden. Penny nodded, "Yes."

"May I know, who is he?"

Penny gazed at the man in the photo, who had almost the same face as someone, but the light in their eyes was completely different.

One warmth can melt away all the cold around you, and one ice was enough to freeze your whole world.

Penny smiled lightly, "My fiance."

Benjamin felt a sudden pain in his heart, fiance.

"I'm sorry ..." This answer made Benjamin's heart very heavy. For a moment, he didn't know what to say.

Penny shook her head. "If he is awake, I think he is willing too. He always felt that he was a superman, that he can save the world and work hard for everyone around him."

"The man who saved Alice, is he?"

Penny shook his head and told the truth, "No."

This answer made Benjamin frowned. It wasn't him that was another one. Benjamin would rather be the person sleeping here than the John Ran who was obviously alive but who went into trouble.

Penny and Benjamin left the cemetery together. When John Ran received the photos of the two of them standing together, the blue veins on their foreheads exploded.

Well, Penny finally couldn't help looking at that person, and she was still with Benjamin.

Penny,she really were not afraid of death.

Benjamin and Penny had lunch together. Penny became the chief doctor of Benjamin for three years, and even his heart transplant operation was done by her own hands.

Benjamin couldn't imagine how she felt when she transplanted her fiance's heart into his heart, and his feeling for her was more than gratitude.

Benjamin can see that Penny deliberately kept away from him. Benjamin did not force her to talk about John Ran and did not ask what was the relationship between her fiance and John Ran, and what his name was.

He thought, if she could say it, she would say it.

After a brief lunch, the two separated. Before leaving, Benjamin smiled at Penny, raised her hand, and put it on his left chest. Here lived the heart of her fiance.

When Penny's palm felt the heart's healthy and vigorous heartbeat, the whole person panicked. She hurriedly retracted her hand, and tried to restrain the tears overflowing in her eyes instantly, and she couldn't let the tears fall out.

Benjamin said, "I will take good care of this heart, if you miss him, you can ..."

"I'm leaving now." Benjamin hadn't spoken yet, and Penny had left in a daze.

What qualifications did she have to miss him?

After returning home, Penny could feel that she was seriously ill, with a more severe headache, painful eye sockets, and measured her temperature. It was 39 degrees.

She found two antipyretics and swallowed them, thinking that she would sleep better.

Soon after falling asleep, Penny dreamed that she was drifting to the cloud, waggling, flickering, suddenly, a powerful force dragged her down from the cloud, she wanted to struggle, but her whole body could not make a little effort, whole body She felt the pain of falling apart, she opened her eyes, and she was no longer in bed.

A pair of black shiny shoes insight suddenly hurt her heart. It was not a dream, but a reality. He pulled her off the bed.

Penny can only complain in her heart. Not knowing what she had done to provoke him again.


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