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Penny quickly relaxed herself, her soft arm hooked around his neck, "Great. I miss you too."

Her obedience in return was ridiculed by John Ran, who pinched her in her waist, "Bitch."

He turned away, and Penny looked sadly at him like a devil, grinning sadly.

In his world, all were enemies, including her.

Penny went to the supermarket after work and bought the ingredients for his favorite dishes. Coincidentally, she met a colleague in the hospital. The colleague said that she wanted to give a tie to her boyfriend tie, and said Penny had a good taste, so they went together.

Penny was not able to refuse, so she accompanied her colleague to go upstairs to the man shop to choose a tie there. Maybe she still had a fantasy about John. When she saw a tie that was very eye-catching, she thought of the face that had never smiled sincerely at her.

"Doctor Penny, how do you think this one?"

Penny looked at it. It was really good, very young and fashionable, "It's good."

When she got home, it was a little late, standing downstairs and looking at a window without light, he hadn't come yet, or he would never come.

She smiled bitterly, and went upstairs with some heavy ingredients, stood at the door and looked for the key in the bag. In the big the ties wrapped in the bag stung her again. She didn't know what she was thinking when buying the tie..

But at this moment, the mind was full of the cold words of that person, "Don't try to leave any existence of you in my life."

Including every sex, he walked into the bathroom the moment they finished, and he even didn't want her trace to leave on her body.

Standing down at the door, forgetting that she was to open the door, she staring at the exquisite tie wrapped in the bag, and wet her eyes aggrieved.

"Click." The door in front of it was opened inside, and even though it was dark in the room, she could still clearly see that the person standing in front of her.

He's always indifferent, disdain, "Don't tell me you forgot to bring the key."

Of course not. Even if she really forgot to bring the key, she couldn't tell him even she slept at the door all night.

She knew herself and knew that he would never care about her life or death.

After entering the door, she turned on the light in the room and smiled slightly. "Why didn't you turn on the light when you came back? I saw that there was no light at home downstairs. I thought you weren't coming back."

She was like a gentle wife chattering with her husband, simply chatting, changing slippers, hanging the bag over the porch, and carrying the ingredients to the kitchen.

John Ran stared at the corner of the gift box that appeared in her bag. He knew exactly what was inside. He knew her well.

"You can't wait for me to come." He took the tie and went into the kitchen.

Penny was afraid of his cold eyes at the moment, and the tie in his hand was very dazzling. She quickly reached out to get it back, but did not succeed.

She restrained her panic and said to him, "It was a colleague who bought a tie for her boyfriend and buy one and get one free, and she gave it to me. I can't throw it anyway, so I took it back."

John Ran's sharp eyes stared at her, and now she was so ironic that she talked nonsense.

He stretched out her hands in front of her, and the chilling smile on the corner of his mouth made him shudder. He continued to ask the question just now, "I ask you, do you wish I would never appear in front of you??"

Penny raised her eyes and stared at the man in front of her who could do everything for her, but now he was a devil.

No matter how he looked down on her and ridiculed her, she still told the truth, "If you don't come, I will be very frustrated, you will never come, I will miss you, you will never come, I just want you to be healthy and safe."

Look, he laughed again, the irony of laughter.

"Penny, why are you so cheap?"

Penny also laughed, her tears blurred, and her sadness was bleak, but she nodded, "Well, it's pretty cheap."

His expressionless face had a rare reaction. He frowned tightly and stared at her with deep, angry eyes. If one's eyes can kill someone, now she was dead.

He suddenly lowered his head and bit her delicate lips, yes, not a kiss, but a bite. Since her betrayal four years ago, he had never kissed her again.

As he said, she was cheap, so no matter how he treated her, she will cooperate.

She lifted her head up and allowed his beastly aggression to her, and she could probably think of what he used to tie her hands.

She carefully selected the tie for him and even imagined what it would look like if he wore it.

He raised her tied hands and wrapped around her neck, and now she couldn't escape even if she wanted to escape.

When she was really unable to withstand his brute force, she couldn't hold back her tears, and she would do the same before, but she would wipe it away before he found out, and her hands were tied up by him today. Turning her head did not want him to see it.

His low hoarse voice was now mixed with a hoarse husky, "Why are you crying? Are you aggrieved?"

Even if she felt like she might die next second, she was at least awake. She shook her head and denied, "No, I didn't cry."

But the hoarse voice betrayed her.

In return was his bloodthirsty sneer and he asked her without temperature, "Did he treat you like this?"

After all, he still refused to believe her, so why did she explain it again and again. She smiled sadly, opened her eyes with tears, and stared at him.

If there was only hate left, wasn't there going to be any change even if she was begging him?

She smiled sadly, and said hoarsely in despair, "He is gentler than you."

The epilogue was still spreading in the weird room. His big hand had been ruthlessly pinched around her slender neck, bloodthirsty eyes staring at her angrily.

"Believe it or not, I'll strangle you now."

She believed, so she did not struggle or resist, and closed her eyes frankly, and a large teardrop fell along the corner of the eye, dripping into his heart.

Maybe he thought it was not the time to kill her, so when she had one last breath, he let her go.

He pushed her away as if he was throwing away trash, grinning his teeth resentfully, "It would be better to let you live when you want to die."

Before he left, he still had to wash everything she left on him.

By the time he came out of the bathroom, she had sorted herself out, as if nothing had happened just now, sitting on the big bed leaning on the bedside, smiling slightly at him, "Drive slowly on the road, Go back and rest early. "

She knew that even no matter how good-looking she was, he wouldn't take a look at her, she still wanted to treat him that way.

He was so angry every time he left, and he couldn't wait to smash her door when he closed it.

After making sure that he was gone, she could finally, and didn't need to pretend that it doesn't matter. She covered her head in the quilt, crying hysterically.

John Ran, who was about to walk into the elevator, found that his cell phone had been forgotten, and then turned back to get the cell phone.

He thought that after he left, she would be happy to celebrate with champagne. After re-entering the door, he didn't hear her happy laughter. On the contrary, it made him piercing that she cried bitterly.

Standing at the door of the bedroom, he stopped the heavy steps, and the hands on his side were already clenched into fists, and the brows couldn't relax.

He didn't know how long he stood by the door until the cry inside disappeared gradually, and his stiff body slowly relaxed.

He waited crazily like a mad man for her to stop crying. So now, was she too tired of crying and fell asleep?

Why were there so many questions in his mind?

What did cry mean? Maybe she knew he's out there, and she just crying deliberately. Wasn't it just to get his sympathy and to make him feel sorry for her?

He pushed the door of the bedroom anxiously, and Penny, who was finally quiet on the bed, got up suddenly. The instinctual response was to hold the quilt curled up on the bedside, and watch the person coming in alertly.

When she saw him, she was relaxed all of a sudden. With a thick nasal sound because she had cried, she asked him, "Aren't you gone?" Why was he back? When did he come back?

The next two questions she dared not to ask, because he would not answer at all.

He strode in, got his own phone on the bedside table, and said nothing before turning around and leaving.

Penny lifted the quilt and jumped out of bed to catch up with him. She forgot about his disapproval of her for a while and just wanted to explain to him why she was crying.

Just when her hand caught his sleeve, he said, "Let go of me."

Penny was afraid that he would leave as soon as she let go of him, so she was stubborn and did not give up. He didn't like her disobedient. He raised his arm and flung it disgustingly, and her hand automatically left. .

He opened the door and left, and Penny took a coat at his door and put it on his body, chasing behind him, "I'll see you of."

He didn't refuse nor disapproved, and she followed him, keeping a proper distance.


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