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However, she never thinks that what she has been trying to hide is already known.

That afternoon, when changing shifts, she goes into the bathroom. Then several colleagues come in.

Then she hears some unpleasant gossips

"That Karin is really lucky. She even knows Charlie!"

"Oh, don't be jealous. If it were you, would you dare to undress in front of the gun?"

"Why not? Who is Charlie? How can he be killed easily. If I have such an opportunity, I might sleep with him."

"How do you know that she only takes off her clothes? Maybe she has the idea, but Charlie doesn't cooperate. Charlie is not a hungry man."

The laughter spreads, and Karin is furious.

Until now, she understands that there is no secret in this world.

Billie, carrying the food that she just bought from the cafeteria, runs to Karin with joy, "Dear, you are off work."

Seeing her sitting still, Billie asks, "What's wrong?"

"Billie, have you told others what I told you?"

Karin turns around, staring sharply at her friend, her expression never so serious.

"What thing?"

"The secret I told you."

"No!" Billie frowns, "What happens?"

"You really didn't tell others?"

It's not that she doesn't trust Billie, but that she only tells her about it.

"I swear to God!"

Seeing Karin still doesn't believe her, Billie is anxious, "What should I say that you can believe me?"

"Okay. That's fine."

She walks out of the dormitory, and she already thinks of another possibility.

Thinking for a long time, she dials Charlie's phone with trembling.


The moment she hears his voice, her nose is sore, and she almost cries.

"Do you have time?"

Maybe he hears that something happens to her, Charlie says softly, "Yes. What's the matter?"

Robert, who is driving, turns his head in amazement, and reminds him, "Mr Charlie, we will have to..."

He gestures him not to speak, and Robert has no choice but stops speaking.

"I want to see you."

"Okay, where are you?"

"I'll wait for you by the river at the school."


Hanging up the phone, he instructs Robert, "Go to Zurich University."

"We have a discussion with the American Omnimedia Company..."

"You discuss with them."

"It's not good for you not to come in person, as it is such a big case?"

"It doesn't matter, I trust your ability."

Robert no longer talks. As the guardian of the Charlie family, he is not only a friend of Charlie, but also his most powerful assistant in the business.

Charlie comes.

When she hears the footsteps, she turns her head, "Sorry to bother you."

"It doesn't matter, is there anything?"

Karin lowers her head, stares at the tip of her shoes, and remains silent for a long time before she says, "Have you... told someone about the incident we had two years ago?"

Charlie briefly stumbles and asks calmly, "If I say no, will you believe me?"

She lifts her head, staring directly into his bright eyes, and then nods, "I believe you."


"I only told Billie about it. I don't doubt her, nor do I doubt you, because you both are my friends."

"Are we just friends?" He pauses, "You know what I mean."

Karin panics, pretending not understand his words, "I don't know."

Charlie smiles, "I don't how to do with you. You remind me that we are friends all the time."

"We are friends..."

"Yes, you are my friend, and the only friend that makes me care about so much."

The atmosphere instantly condenses, and she shifts the subject awkwardly, "Who tells the story..."

"Does anyone know?"

"Colleagues at Starbucks," she says sadly, "Their words are so uncomfortable to my ears."

"Oh, what did they say?"

"I don't want to say."

"Well. I can guess what they have said."

Charlie gives her a playful glance at her, "Did they say that you approached me on purpose, and I despise you?"

She grasps, "How do you know?"

"Well. That is it."

"It's not what they think! I didn't know who you are at that time, why should I approach you."

He reaches out and pats her head, "Of course I know.."

"You don't know!"

"Why can't I know?" Charlie turns her face and look at her, "You know who I am now, and don't want to approach me?"

Karin sighs, "Forget it. Any way I will leave here soon. Just let them gossip"

Feeling relieved, the frustration disappears. She stretches her arms and shouts, "To hell with the gossips!"

"That's how you release your anger." Charlie smiles.

She retorts embarrassingly, "Or? Take a knife to kill the gossip girls?"

"At least you should explain the truth to them?"

"No. Why should I explain to them. The more you explain, the more they feel that you are lying."

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