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The two enter Starbucks hand in hand, Lina steps forward and greets, "Hi, Karin, why are you here?"

"Oh, I'm here for shopping. I'm tired. Just for a break."

"Well, take a seat."

The two sit in the corner and couldn't see the other places clearly. After a while, the waiter bringing two cups of coffee and a large plate of delicate fruit plates comes over. Karin fixes her eyes on them and finds that they are the most expensive coffee in the store, and she hurriedly says, "We have ordered nothing!"

"It is ordered by table 8."

The voice of the waitress is a bit strange, and Karin is shocked. She is too sensitive to table 8.

When she gets up to see what happens, she sees Charlie, and she feels embarrassed. She doesn't find him here when she comes in. It must be fate...


Billie raises her eyebrows in confusion, and Karin keeps silent, and the waitress says, "Charlie. It turns out the Karin and Charlie know each other."

"Charlie?" Billie seems to not trust what the waitress said, and she stumbles briefly. She slams the table, "Charlie! I know him well! I know him very well!"

At first sight, the waitress misunderstands the the person, and the expression on her face softens a lot, "Since he pays for you, please enjoy yourself."

As soon as she leaves, Billie gets up.

"What are you doing?" Karin grabs her.

"I want to thank him. He pays us this. Shouldn't I?"

"No, he's so rich, he doesn't care about these two cups of coffee."

"Then I have to go, he is my life-saving benefactor. I want to invite him to dinner!"

"What? What are you going to invite him to eat with you poor money."

Billie lowers her voice, "Karin, rich people have eaten much delicious and expensive food, and they may be interested in some cheap food."

Karin is speechless and pats her shoulder, "Just don't do that, OK?"

"No. I just want to invite him to dinner!"

Billie has determined to go over, and Karin doesn't let her go.

"Let me go!"


Between them, a magnetic baritone suddenly comes to their ears, "What are you doing?"

"No, it's okay, we are playing..."

The atmosphere is stiff for a moment, and Karin's face is flushed with shame. She glances at Billie.

"Mr. Charlie... hello."

Billie is so nervous that she doesn't know where to put her hands.


Charlie smiles elegantly and says, "I don't know if the two have time. I want to invite you to dinner."

"Dining?" Billie glances blankly at Karin, "I am just going to invite you to dinner."

"Oh. Why?"

"You saved me last time. I have never had the opportunity to thank you in person!"

Karin keeps silent all the time. She knows that as long as she doesn't say, Charlie wouldn't tell the two that they have known each other. He is such a gentleman.

"You're welcome, but it's not necessary to invite me to dinner. I'm not used to letting girls pay for the bill."

The two eventually get into his car and follow him to an Italian restaurant.

In the gorgeous box, while Charlie goes to the bathroom, Billie says excitedly, "Karin, I feel I am having a dream."

She bangs her head hard, and Billie screams, "Wow, are you going to kill me?it hurts!"

"Then you can distinguish between reality and dreams." The mobile phone in her pocket rings twice, and she takes out a look, and she is stunned.

"Some fate cannot escape."

The text message is sent by Charlie. Karin's heartbeat is fast.

After dinner, she finds a reason and drags Billie away.

Back at school, Billie wraps her hands around her chest and asks her, "Karin, tell me honestly, what is your relationship with Charlie?"

"What..? I don't know him at all."

"Don't lie to me, I saw him look at you all the time."

"How could it be, I guess you made a mistake."

"Don't you admit it?" Billie seems a little angry, "Well!"

Karin doesn't expect that she is really angry this time. She ignores her for a few hours. This is unprecedented. She thinks over and over again and finally takes the initiative to calm her.

"Billie, don't be mad. I will tell you everything" She pauses, "But you have to promise to me that you will keep the secret."

Billie raises her chin, "You can rest assured, I promise not say a word."


Karin tells her about how she met with Charlie two years ago, and Billie is shocked. She thinks it is unbelievable.

"Oh my God, so you sleep with Charlie?"

"No. It doesn't count. It is unreasonable."

It is difficult to tell the story at first, and she is even more embarrassed by Billie's understanding.

"It's too surprised. I can't believe it. No wonder Charlie looks at you differently."


Karin shouts angrily, "Don't mention this again. Nothing important happens between us!"

"Did I say that?" Billie rolls her eyes, "Look how embarrassed you are!"

"I really regret telling to you."

She lies down on the bed in depression, picking up a book and reads it.

"Dear, I think Charlie likes you."

Billie comes over.


"He is affectionate when looking at you. It's very gentle, caring and different."

Karin throws the book in her hands, and asks, "Have you ever been in love?"


"Then don't say that."

"Well. You do what you like!"

The next week, life is as calm as usual, but one day, Karin notices that something is very strange, and the colleagues in the cafe looks at her strangely.

When she asks what happens, they all say nothing special. So she just lets it go.

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