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That day, she sits alone until late at night, so that later she has a severe cold.

It has been some years since she comes to Zurich. Karin has never been sick for a dozen days. She thinks that she can resist the cold, and she will be cured in three or five days without medicine.

But this time, she seems that even taking the medicine for a week, she doesn't recover, but she vomits.

Her life has returned to normality. There are several times when she is working in the cafe, staring at the place where he often sits, thinking, maybe this is what she wants.

Just when Karin thinks that maybe she would never see Charlie again, he appears at noon.

The cafe is naturally exciting again and with joy, she bows her head and tries to suppress the shock in her heart.

Charlie doesn't come alone. He is accompanied by two Germans, who are talking softly in English.

"Karin, I have a bad stomach at noon. Could you help me get coffees to table eight."

Karin is shocked. Of course she knows that the guests at table 8 is Charlie and his friends. She blurts out, "I don't have time."

"What? You're not busy right now, please. My stomach hurts. Do you know who is at table eight? That's my dream lover..."

"Then you ask someone to help you." She just doesn't want to do it anyway.

"No, in our coffee shop, only you can resist the charm of Charlie. You have to help me..."

The waitress covers her belly, and sweat rushes out, "Come on."

Karin is indifferent and has to agree, "All right."

Holding a tray in her hand, she takes difficult steps and slowly moves to Charlie.

"Mr. Charlie, please enjoy yourself."

They haven't met for many days, but he is already like a stranger. She calls him Mr. Charlie, but he doesn't even look at her.

With the coffee putting on the table, she turns away.

Charlie is sitting here in the afternoon. At four o'clock, Karin changes her clothes and is ready to go off work.

Out of the cafe, she goes straight to the nearest bus stop. It is the rush hour at four. Every car passing by is full of passengers. She waits for a long time until a limo stops in front of her.

Charlie motions his eyes to her getting on the car, and she does not do as he intends.

Several cars in the back start to honk the horns. Obviously, the limo has affected the traffic. People around look at her, making her creepy. She feels like she did something wrong to the public, and then she gets on the car .

The car is very quiet, and neither of them speak. Karin thinks that Charlie would drive the car to the school. As a result, she discovers that the route is not the way to school.

"Where are you going?"


"Are you uncomfortable?"

"You." He says.

"I'm not uncomfortable..."

"Your voice is almost dumb and you still pretend to be strong."

Karin moves hr eyes out of the window, her elbows against her chin, "Did you forget what I said that night?"

"No." He pauses, "Even as a stranger, I won't watch you like this."

Is he talking about her? "I just had a cold."

"And you need to see a doctor when you are sick."

"How do you know I haven't seen a doctor?"


She is silent. After a while, she turns around, saying something inexplicably, "I gave you coffee this afternoon."

"Well, I know." He glances through the mirror, "What's wrong?"

"And you didn't look at me. I thought you didn't see me."

"I didn't look up, but my ears are listening."

Karin sighs, but her throat is so dumb that she couldn't even hear her own voice.

Soon, they arrive at the hospital.

He gets out of the car and pulls the door for her, but she sits still.

"I don't want to see a doctor."

Charlie frowns. She explains, "I almost recover."

"It's safe to have a check."

"I just had a cold."

"If you don't want to go in, I'll ask the doctor out."

After he says it, he is really ready to call the doctor. Karin hurriedly stops him, "Alright. I get in."

It is the most common cold. And he asks the expert consults her. The doctor prescribes some medicine and tells her to have more rest. She goes out of the hospital and says, "I've already said it just a cold."

Sitting in the car, she frowns and rolls the medicine prescribed by the doctor. She wants to vomit.

"Why frowning?" Charlie asks with concern.

"I'm afraid of taking medicine."

After hearing that, he drives to the city center and stops, "You wait for me."

Karin blinks in doubt, without paying much attention, and closes her eyes.

After a while, she is awakened by the sound of closing the car door, and Charlie hands over her a large bag of things.

"Don't give me another gift, I won't take it."

She stares at the exquisite box without thinking about it.

"Not curious of what it is?"

She is not curious at first, but now she is when he asks such a question. His eyes narrow into a seam, and she leans forward slightly, raising her eyebrows in amazement, "Puff?"


Unable to describe her messy mood, she stumbles for a long time and says, "How do you know that I like puffs?"

"You ate a lot at the birthday party."

His face is flushed to the neck, not because Charlie has observed her carefully, but because she feels embarrassed, as if she is a foodie.

"Take it, take a few pieces before taking the medicine, and you would not feel uncomfortable when eating medicine."

There is a faint warmth in his heart, and Karin quickly turns her head.

The more careful he treats her, the more panicky she feels. When she gets used to his kindness, she is afraid of losing him.

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