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"I know what you are talking about. That case has been delayed for a week, but there is still no substantive progress. Although I also think her husband is a bad man but everyone is equal before the law, we lawyers should talk about evidence rather than emotional matters."

Alexander also sympathized with the woman, but this kind of sympathy couldn't be used as evidence, and he had been in the office for a long time, and had been numb after seeing this kind of thing.

Just as doctors, they could only do their best to treat them even when they meet cancer patients, and as lawyers, they could only do their own duties.

Vivian let go of his hand dispiritedly. "I see."

So even if William handled the case, he could do nothing either.

"Of course, if William is willing to handle this, the situation may be different. After all, he is a miraculous man." Alexander wanted to appease Vivian.

But Vivian seemed to know it. She said cheerfully, "Thank you, Alex."

"Oh? I just..." Alexander looked at Vivian's excited face. He couldn't tell the truth. Although William was excellent, he wouldn't care about such a small case.

"Alex, I understand. I just want to try it once." Vivian also understood what Alexander wanted to say, but she just couldn't forget the busy figure in the restaurant.

Seeing Vivian's insistence, Alexander didn't say anything. He hoped William would show mercy to the little girl like flowers.

In the office.

Angie looked at the man's straight body and clear features in front of her with admiration. If the man in front of her also loved her as much as he did at the beginning, how nice it would be.

Unfortunately, all of this had been destroyed by Vivian.

Angie put down the cruelty in her eyes, but changed a poor expression, and said sadly, "William, are you still angry? Why don't you answer my phone? "

The man at the back of the desk seemed to have not heard it, and continued to do his work.

William's indifferent reaction made Angie very sad. She persuaded her father to agree with them, but there was a problem here.

"William, are you blaming me for hurting Vivi?" Angie said sadly, "My best friend is staying with my favorite man. Don't I even have the right to be angry?"

The tip of the man's pen paused for a while, and his dark eyes penetrated the heart disguised by Angie straightly with a cold light. "Don't forget that we broke up at that time, and I have nothing to do with you."

"William, I didn't mean it. I did it because I was so angry. Isn't it OK for me? How can I hurt her with such a little strength?" Angie's voice became lower and lower in the face of the man's insight into everything.

William must not know how Vivian was beaten that day.

William suddenly tightened his hands, the hard pen was almost breaking. His mood was well controlled, and he didn't release chilling cold at all.

It was just that his voice was a little more indifferent. "I don't want to hear it anymore. You can go out."

"William, don't do this. I'm really sad. I know. My parents forced you to break up with me. I only know now. I'm sorry, William. I didn't expect that they would do this."

Angie almost cried. She didn't want to lose William, and she didn't want to see Vivian stay with William too.

William could only be her man.

The air in the room suddenly fell to the freezing point. His tall figure stood up from the chair, and walked step by step to the trembling Angie, looking at her coldly with dark eyes like ink.

It was like looking at an inanimate object, just when Angie was about to scream.

William said, "I don't want to talk about the past. I wanted to give you a chance. It seems that it's unnecessary. Angie, don't come here again."

Finish saying, William did not look at her again, turned around and returned to his own desk.

For a moment, Angie felt that the man in front of her was very strange, and the terrible feeling seemed to linger in her mind. She did not even have the courage to move.

This feeling made her extremely afraid, but when she looked at it, the cold man was still handsome and charming.

How could she let him go?

"William, I know I'm wrong. I'm capricious. I promise I won't do it again. I know I shouldn't hurt Vivi, but I really care about you. Did you forget how well we got along in college?"

Angie really didn't want to mention Vivian, but she had to mention that.

William was still unmoved. His brows were slightly wrinkled. He seemed to be a little impatient.

"William, can you forgive me? You don't know how sad I am when you are with her. I'm mad. Do I care if you are wrong?"

At last, Angie began to shout, "Or you really can't forget her."

This was the thing that she was most afraid of and unwilling to face. William shouldn't have loved her.

"It's none of your business." William didn't want to hear her voice. He got up and took off his coat. He walked around her to the door indifferently.

When Angie saw William open the door and leave, she was worried for a while. She followed him without thinking. After opening the door, she immediately changed into a smart and soft expression. She was trying to catch up with William.

She couldn't help but look at the direction he was watching.

"Vivi, I have come to pick you up. This flower is for you."

Vivian took over a big handful of beautiful roses in his hand and said awkwardly, "Thank you. You don't have to spend so much money..."

John blinked at Vivian and said, "Because you're my girlfriend."

Vivian also found that those colleagues who didn't leave looked curiously over, and found that Vivian had a boyfriend, who was a gentle and handsome man. Then they began to gossip.

"Wow, you already have such a handsome boyfriend."

"It's over. Some men are going to be sad."

"It's just that it's so romantic. I want my boyfriend gave me such a bunch of roses too."

"You'd better work hard and don't envy here."

Vivian wanted to explain. When she saw the Angie beside William, she chose to be silence.

Acquiescence equals Recognition.

William's eyes were darker.

John was very happy. Angie was there too. She tentatively held William's arm and found that he didn't refuse. Her heart was excited.

She said hypocritically to Vivian, "Vivi, John's so romantic. Why don't you just agree to his proposal?"

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