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"Yes, why didn't you just say that?" Layla also joined in.

Yvonne said with a wry smile, "What's the point of saying it or not? I'm sure she's pregnant, but she said that she was staying with her boyfriend on the phone. My husband also specially found a man to act. What can I do?"

Vivian looked at the sunglasses on Yvonne's face that had not been removed. Two lines of clear tears fell down her cheeks. She knew how bitter the woman's heart was.

In order to protect another woman, his beloved man was indifferent to their love for many years.

"It's disgusting. What's his attitude towards divorce?" Layla gnashed her teeth. She couldn't believe there was such a disgusting man in the world.

"She's only five years old. He doesn't want to give a cent of her daughter's alimony." This was the most chilling thing for her. Although he didn't love her, he was so heartless that even didn't care about his children.

Vivian was also angry and trembled, but they were just recorders. They couldn't do anything substantive. They could only comfort Yvonne for a few words, and let her go back first. For the specific progress, they should first communicate with the lawyer, and then contact her.

Yvonne said thanks and left with a sad back.

Layla waited for her to leave, and then said angrily, "I was really angry sometimes when I deal with such a case."

"Who is in charge of Yvonne's case?" Vivian felt sorry for Yvonne, but she couldn't do anything.

Layla said helplessly, "Originally, Wendy was in charge of this case, but now it may come to Amy."

"Why give it to Amy?" If she paid too much attention to this case, Amy might got in the way.

"As Amy's gold lawyer, she certainly didn't have to take this divorce lawsuit, but William has already arranged. Unless she is willing to change her mind and give the case to Wendy." Layla was also worried about this.

Vivian bit her lips and said, "Layla, what do you think is the possibility of winning this lawsuit based on your experience?"

"Less than 40 percent. If that jerk is willing to step back, Yvonne can try to get an alimony for her children, but all Yvonne and her parents have paid may be in vain." Layla also wanted him to suffer what he deserved.

But this society is evidence-based. You can't convince judges and people if you have no evidence.

Vivian was also silent. This society is really cruel to women.

"Vivi, don't be too guilty. When you work in the office, you will see more cruel things in the future." Layla patted Vivian's shoulder as if she had overcome much.

"I understand." But she couldn't calm down for a long time. He who can't punish bad guy is not a true lawyer. What's justice?

"I'll get the paperwork sorted out and see you later." Layla knew that Vivian needed time to calm down, and she took her notes out of the reception room.

Vivian would like to help Yvonne do something, and fight for the five-year-old child.

With this idea in mind, she was eager to have a talk with William alone, but she couldn't find the opportunity in the afternoon. She was going to get off work. If she didn't go in, she may have to wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the case would be transferred to Amy.

Vivian took a deep breath and planned to go in and talk to William. Before she got up, a familiar figure appeared.

"Vivian, how shameless you are. You still dare to work in the office of William."

In the face of Angie's resentful eyes, Vivian replied, "Angie, I need a job."

That's it.

Angie lowered her voice and glared at her fiercely and said, "Don't call my name. If you just want a job, why do you come to William?"

"I'm sorry, Miss. I can't tell you why." After all, she was still guilty. In the face of aggressive Angie, Vivian chose to be patient.

Angie bent over to Vivian's ear and slowly said in her most vicious tone, "Oh, what's the reason? It's because that you're crazy about what doesn't belong to you, isn't it? Don't think I will forgive you. Let's see."

After she confirmed that Vivian could hear clearly, she still had a smile on her face, and slowly straightened up. Her graceful back gradually disappeared behind the heavy office door.

Vivian felt so cold in her heart. It seemed that she had no chance to find William.

Alexander saw Vivian sitting in a trance, still holding the case in her hand, and said with concern, "Vivi, it's almost time to get off work, these cases can be taken back to see."

"Well." Vivian nodded and suddenly thought of something. She opened her mouth and asked softly, "Alex, who dealt with so many cases?"

"Ha-ha, I know." Alexander suddenly approached, smiling with pride, "these cases are all made by William."

"How could he be a recorder?" Vivian guessed it was him, but she couldn't believe that he would still do these things.

"Of course, it can't be now. At that time, when the firm was just opened, the staff was not enough, the reputation was not high enough, and the money was not enough. For a long time, these were completed by him alone. What I had was only part of it, so that I could show it to later people."

Alexander seemed to be still feeling that hard time.

Vivian was a little worried. She remembered how hard it was for William when at the beginning. He often went out early and came back late. At that time, they didn't live in a community with good facilities, but they just had cheap small apartments without study.

She could always see him sitting alone in the dining room, under the glimmer, he was always buried in copywriting.

Because of her concern, she sorted out some documents for him quietly. When he was tired, she would make a cup of coffee and put it in front of him.

The past was clear in the eyes. Now everything was changing.

"Vivi, William is a very powerful man. Everyone is willing to follow him." Alexander had work for a long time the office, witnessing the start and brilliance of the office.

"Well." Vivian nodded slightly.

"I have to work hard." Alexander said that he began to have a headache again. Before he left, he looked down and found that his sleeves were pulled by someone.

"Vivi, what's the matter?"

Vivian looked at Alexander anxiously. "Alex, I recorded a divorce lawsuit with Layla in the afternoon. How many benefits can the law win for the injured party without definite evidence?"

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