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Layla pulled Vivian out of the office and secretly said, "Vivi, he seems to like you a little."

Vivian was shocked and immediately countered, "Don't talk about it, Layla. We are just ordinary workmates."

Layla reached out her fat little thumb and shook it in front of Vivian. "I see. The look in his eyes is very different."

"Layla, you'd better teach me something practical." Vivian didn't really care about it. How could Alexander like her?

Seeing Vivian was unwilling to continue the talk, so she nodded and said, "OK, there will be a divorce lawsuit in the afternoon. Then you can follow me."

"Well, I'll see the case first." Vivian pointed to a pile of documents in her arms.

Layla said a meaningful sentence before leaving, "OK, Remember to look at the intranet, you will enjoy an unexpected surprise."

"I see." Vivian nodded to show that she knew. She was still thinking about the case she had. How long would it take for her to finish reading so many cases?

So Vivian didn't have time to surf the intranet when she went back to her seat. She focused on the cases and found that the people who sorted out the cases were very attentive. They noticed many points that others didn't notice.

They also made detailed remarks. Looking at the powerful font, she could know that the person who wrote it had excellent skills. The person who recorded it was undoubtedly a man.

She was curious about the person in the office. Who could write such beautiful fonts?

A cold face suddenly appeared in her mind. Would it be him?

She was not sure, but her intuition has made her sure it must be him, William.

Two hours later, Vivian found that she was absorbed in watching each case. Each case was written in detail and vividly, unlike the stereotyped and boring case broadcasted on TV, which made people unwilling to watch at all.

"Vivi, what are you doing? Don't you see the message I sent you?" A fat round face appeared in front of her.

Vivian was shocked by her. Seeing that Layla was in front of her, and she suppressed the shock. "I'm sorry, I was reading the cases."

"Come on, let's go. Here comes the woman." Layla didn't care about it, and asked Vivian to leave.

"Well." Vivian put the case together and put it carefully, and then went to the meeting room.

Before the two of them went in, they saw a woman in a professional dress with a big sunglasses sitting in it with a dignified manner.

Layla took the lead in pushing the door open, and Vivian followed.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, Miss." Layla said with a very professional expression, which was unlike the behavior as usual.

"It's OK. I just came." Yvonne's voice was very soft.

Vivian poured a glass of water and put it in front of Yvonne and said, "Miss, drink some water and moisten your throat."

She could hear that the woman in front of her was not as calm as she seemed, and her voice was dry and dumb.

Yvonne couldn't help but look at Vivian more, and said, "Thank you."

Layla looked almost the same, and should enter the main topic and said, "Yvonne, please tell me the whole thing completely, so that we can easily record it to the lawyer, including some important details."

Yvonne nodded her head. There was no wavering narration on her calm face. It seemed that she was talking about something unimportant.

"My husband cheated. He stays with an art school girl who has not graduated yet. Now I have a picture of them."

After a pause, she seemed to have some difficulty in speaking, restraining the vibration of her body, and she said slowly, "There are also some chat records. Now I want to divorce, I want my company shares, and property."

"Yvonne, do you mean that the chat records mark the names of your husband and that girl? Is the photo a common photo or an indecent one?" Layla asked politely.

"They chatted without a name, but I found it on his mobile phone. The photos were taken by two people who were dating outside. That girl took photos and post them on the Internet. I saved them." Yvonne was still calm.

Layla also had some trouble. These pieces of evidence would not be included in the evidence in the court. It could be said that the photos were taken together by ordinary friends.

Vivian saw a case which happened to be a divorce case today. She hesitated and asked, "Yvonne, may I ask how you know your husband?"

Layla had a strange look at Vivian. Is this problem related to the case? Although she was puzzled, she still chose to believe that there was her own reason for asking.

When Yvonne mentioned the man who cheated, her fingertips were buckled inside unconsciously. Vivian also noticed the details. She didn't continue to ask, but waited patiently for her to say.

Yvonne seemed to have prepared enough, then she said, "My husband and I are schoolmates in the same college. After graduation, we worked hard together. With the support of my parents, we had our current career. Later, I was pregnant. In order to let me have a good rest, he advised me to go back and have a baby. I thought I met the best man in my life, but it was just a joke."

"In fact, he was already with that girl at that time, just because I still have 40% of the company's shares on hand, he dare not to let me know that. Later, after I gave birth to a daughter, he tricked me into expanding the company and asked me to sell some of the shares."

"He slowly swallowed up the shares from my pocket. Although I was still in the company, I had no real power. He also arranged that woman to the company. Everyone in the company called her the boss's wife behind my back, and he had no scruples to appear with her."

"I can get a divorce, I can have nothing, but I have to get back what the child should have. I heard that the woman is pregnant and may be a son."

"He's such a jerk!!" Layla couldn't help cursing. Seeing Yvonne's gaze, she said with some embarrassment, "Miss, I'm sorry I lost my word."

"Nothing. That's the truth, isn't it?" Yvonne said in a soft voice.

A woman is weak, but a mother is strong.

Vivian had a deep understanding of this sentence. She probably understood the whole process of the whole thing, that was, the man, relying on the support of his wife, had a wild heart and wanted to get rid of his wife and marry a beautiful young woman.

The conventional plot was also the real, cruel, and frequent thing.

"Yvonne, are you sure that woman is pregnant?" This was an important piece of evidence, isn't it?

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