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"It scared me to death, Vivi." Layla also slapped her chest.

Looking at William's disappearing back, Vivian was absent-minded. In fact, William didn't need to defend for her, did he? She was just an assistant. She knew Amy was quite well-known too.

Was it really worth it to defend her?

She didn't know how she felt in her heart, but William's last words hit her hard.

Duties of assistant? What duty? Why did she feel the burden on her shoulders suddenly became heavy?

"Why don't you talk? Are you scared?" Layla reached out her hand and shook in front of Vivian, but she still had no response at all.

"Layla, I'm fine. Thank you for speaking for me." For the colleagues who had been staying together just for several days, Layla could do this for her, and Vivian was sincerely grateful.

Layla pretended to be angry and said, "Come on. Don't stand on ceremony, don't you treat me as a friend?"

"No." Vivian shook her head slightly.

"Well." Layla smiled again.

"Vivi, come to my office, and I suddenly find that I'm also a little derelict." Alexander seemed to think of something to explain in a hurry and went back to his office.

"OK." Vivian responded.

There was only Amy left, who was silent and resentful.

"Vivi, it seems that it's about time for lunch. Let's go downstairs first." Layla said with Vivian's arm hooked up, she didn't want to stay with a woman who told lies.

"Well." Vivian also took a look at Amy and left with Layla.

Amy stared at Vivian's leaving figure, hoping to drill several holes. Her long nails were deeply broken. Wait and see, Vivian.

"Do you feel cool on your back?" Maybe because Amy held a deep grudge against on Vivian. Layla felt cold on her back even when she went far away.

"Yes." Vivian also felt that, but she also said that she would not offend others unless others offend her. Amy was merciless to her, and she didn't need to step back.

"I'll stay away from that snake and scorpion beauty later. You can't eat with your clothes. I've just brought an extra coat. You can wear it first." Layla said, shaking her round body.

"Layla, thank you. That's great."

Vivian also felt that it was not appropriate to have lunch with a dirty clothes. It was little drenched on her head. The key was that even the clothes on her body were black, the smudge could still be seen.

"You're welcome." Layla was embarrassed and touched her hair.

When they arrived at the canteen, Selina had already occupied a good seat and waited for them. When she saw Vivian, she beckoned for them to come.

"Vivi, you are so slow today. Who is this next to you?"

Vivian briefly introduced her, and they exchanged greetings. They found that they were very congenial and had a feeling of meeting each other late.

"By the way, Layla, you haven't said why you get down so late." Selina asked.

So Layla said to Selina what had just happened upstairs again. She wanted to show Selina herself.

Selina slapped the table with a bang, and she stood up and said angrily, "What? Take me up to her quickly. I'm going to peel off her skin. "

The people who ate at the nearby tables couldn't help following them.

"Selina, sit down first, and everything is settled." Vivian blushed and hurriedly pulled down Selina.

Layla didn't expect that Selina's personality was so hot, and there was some unspeakable worship in her eyes. "Yes, Selina, our boss has revenged for Vivi."

Selina was so cool.

Selina sat back and said discontentedly, "Huh, William let that woman go so easily, which is also called revenge."

Layla opened her single eyelid eyes, blinked at her. "Selina. You know our boss very well."

"Of course..." Selina was trying to say that they knew each other. Her clothes under the table were almost torn, she said, "Of course no, I don't know him. Who wants to get along with a big iceberg?"

Vivian was relieved. Although she appreciated what Layla had done for her, she didn't want to publicize what she had done with William, not only for her own sake, but also for Layla.

"In fact, I think it's good to know our boss in summer. I'll feel cool without air conditioning."

It was not cool in the heart, Layla didn't say this again, and said with envy, "I really want to know your boss."

Thinking of her boss, Selina immediately said to her, "Layla, you are still young and don't understand the gloom of the world. You can't just look at his appearance, but also know about his personality, way of speaking, knowledge, and so on. Do you understand?"

Her boss was really a pervert. What was the point of being handsome? She couldn't stand the blackness of his heart. She wanted to see whether he was a top or a bottom.

"Will you want to know his character and his way of speaking if he's an ugly man, Selina?" Layla repeated what Selina said to her.

Selina was silent, then she asked, "How ugly?"

Layla glanced at the canteen and immediately took back her eyes. Her fat fingers were under his elbows and pointed to the man across several tables. She said in a hurry, "It's just like him."

Selina just glanced at him and took a breath, then immediately took back her eyes. "Layla, I think men's appearances are very important too."

"I think so." The two said and shook hands.

Vivian wondered why the reactions of the two people were the same. She couldn't help but take a look and dare not take a second look.

The man sat there eating alone. His eyes were as big as sesame seeds. A flat nose was not the point. The point was that his nose was too big, like a garlic that sprouted.

His mouth was full of oil, and a few rice stuck on the face. A large mole grew on his chin, and several thick and long hairs grew on the mole.

It seemed that he noticed that Vivian and greeted her with his greasy hands.


Vivian was not good at all.

Selina comfortingly patted Vivian on the shoulder and said, "Vivi, you don't have to do that."

"Yeah, I feel like he's staring at you all the time." Layla deeply agreed.

Vivian covered up her mouth and said, "Don't say it. I don't want to eat it."

"Well, let's not talk about that. How is the thing that I let you ask for me?" Selina couldn't say William's name.

Vivian said with dim eyes, "I haven't asked yet."

"You have to ask today. I'm coming tomorrow." The editor in chief was about to roar.

"Well." Vivian nodded.

"What are you talking about?" Layla listened to their conversation as if she were saying something in secret.

"Nothing, we just talk about where to play in the evening." Selina made up a reason.

"Wow, I have a good place to go in the evening." When it came to playing, Layla looked excited.

"Good." Selina was bored recently.

The two just clicked right away.

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