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After listening to Joe, she couldn't forget everything. Just thinking about his life for these past few days and also his current condition, she couldn't help but worries.

No matter what, body is the most important, nothing else.

Rex doesn't expect her to say that. Thinking for her attitude before and after, he guesses someone must have explained something to her. His heart pauses for a while. With a warm tenderness, he raises his hand to caress the woman's smooth cheeks, his eyes is burning, "I miss you so much."

"Me too." Speaking of which, she couldn't control help but emotional, "After leaving the city, I always missed you in every moment."

Rex only feels a sourness in his heart, afraid that her tears will fall and apologies.

"It's my fault to misunderstand you. I forced you to do those things, I've really regretted it, baby, could you please for me?" his voice is low and also his posture, begging seriously for forgiveness.

Lily doesn't want to, she feels that she's been tortured, she wants to punish him for a few more day, yet after hearing his words, she can't say any refusal words.

She is not firm enough to spurn her position, but there is no way to stop the distress for this man.

No matter how hard she suffers, so is he.

The man's slightly rough thumb touches her lips and lingers it over and over again. The deep eyes stares at her momentarily, filling with dark tide and passion. He might swallow hard for another second.

Lily doesn't know how to answer him, her head is hot, and then leans closer to kiss the man's dry lips.

The soft pieces touch, neither one of them closes their eyes. They look at each other in close proximity, confirming that this is not an illusion.

After a few seconds, the man's hand slips from her cheeks to the back of her head, fixing her posture for him to break into her territory. The posture is gentle, tasting, tempting and last, their longing desire.

With the familiarity, their body quickly ignited a flame. His other arms wraps up, his wide palm presses against Lily's waist. The size of her waist makes people want to hug immediately.

In the air, there is a sound of tangled saliva. Lily half-declining yet half-accepting, but in the end, she still cooperates with this sick man. She lies in his arms like a cute kitten, occasionally stretches out it's paws to scratch without pain.

A few days of missing have been fulfilled at this moment, the temperature around them gradually rises. Lily clearly feels the changes in the man's body and leave before he lost control.

After a kiss, both of them are breathless. His acute pneumonia is still bad, which make him a little difficult.

Lily looks at his unstable breathing and asks in with a blushing, "Are you okay?"

Rex randomly puts his hand on the head, his tone is burning, "Not really."

Now, he wishes he could immediately strip her off and presses her underneath. But unfortunately, the timing is wrong, he could only watch it and suppress the longing desire in his body.

He is really yearning for her, thus makes him so difficult to control.

Lily notices the scorching sight of him wandering around her body, which make her shrink her body and persuades him in a low voice, "You're not in a good state, take a rest."

"I can't sleep with you beside me."

Lily aware the meaning behind it, which make her bites her lips shyly. Both of them stay silence. After a few minutes, he finally eases up and speaks, "How have you been in this city lately?"

Lil recalls it and finds out that for these few days, all of the sigh-seeing and the scenery have never truthfully been seen by her, all of it are only the thought of missing him.

Besides Ryan's accident, Lily tells him every single thing. At the end, she couldn't hide her emotions. She then raises her hand to touch the side of the man's cold face, her eyes slightly lowers, "Actually, I didn't want to leave you. What I said in the hotel is to vent my anger, about disgusted by you, comparing you with Tim, that our feelings is just an business, all of it were to irritate you. At that time, you forced me too much, and I also misunderstood you and Jade, I'm about to be mad, so I lost control. To be honest, I never thought that way."

"Oh?" The man listens quietly with a little teasing in his eyes.

By watching his reaction, Lily's head goes numb and nods stiffly, "Really, from being forced at the beginning until willingly, now, you're the most important person in my heart."

"Lily...." Rex only feels that the only chill on his body has driven out from her sentence. He is so happy she said so.

Lily seems to be immersed in her own small word. By watching his excited look as if is inspired, she says shyly and also difficult to open her lips, "I think, I've fallen in love with you."

If she doesn't leave him, not being framed by Jade, not leaving H city, maybe she will not have found her sincerity. She thought at the most is like it, when he doesn't need her anymore, she could leave him happily.

However, life gives her the most realistic blow, she couldn't not care him, couldn't leave happily. He has already become a part of her life, lingering around her body.

The man's eyes widens for a while. Suddenly, a light fills the entire eye socket. There is a tremble in his magnetic voice, "Say it again."

Lily blushes on his words. No matter what, the shyness is hard to tell, but the girl in his arms looks up and repeats every single word, "Rex, I've fallen in love with you."

No matter what the future will be, no matter what will happen in the future, she chooses to give it away today, chooses to face it frankly. She puts her love in front of him, without hesitating, without any mistrust, letting him see her strongest feelings.

As for the future, she is willing to accept it. At least, she doesn't want to see a gap between them that can make any misunderstanding.

Rex looks at her shy yet firm figure, which make his heart soften. His thin lips fall on her smooth forehead, and stays for five seconds then slightly sit upright to fix his gaze one her. There is a deep reflection in her eyes, "I can't promise anything, but as long as I stay alive, I will not fail your love, Lily, would you believe me?"

He assures her to the utmost. Lily knows that he doesn't mention about how long he will live in this life. He said that as long as he alive, he will not fail her, which is more than a romantic word.

Lily slowly closes her eyes and touches his hot lips. Beside her ears, she seems to hear the man's rapid heartbeat, her body is still in his arms. The loneliness, daze, fear and wandering, all of it melts in this warm embrace.

All feelings are back on track at this moment.

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