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Lily lowers her eyes and shakes her head uncontrollably, she chokes on her voice, "I don't know..."

The man has never mentioned a word, even if it is merely an explanation, he doesn't say anything. He seems arrogant, but has willingly done everything for her, even afraid of her guilt, he choose to hide it.

"Lily, apart from you. I've never seen Rex so torture from any other woman. For Rex, nothing is more deadly important than your missing." Joe has been with Rex for many years, which make him has a deep understanding.

Before Lily appeared, he is a workaholic. But now, he doesn't want anything, no matter how big the meeting is, he still postpones it just to find her as soon as possible.

Joe who looks at him, feels very sad.

"Rex doesn't know how to express his feelings. Lily, I hope you can be more understandable, and don't mind about..."

"I won't." Lily gently cuts him off and exhales, "thank you for telling me, if you didn't tell me, I might still blame him."

Their communication is too sacred. He is not good at expressing feeling, while her heart is too fragile.

"That night was indeed an accident. But Rex will definitely not going to be like that with Jade. I've found her, you can ask her in person later." Joe afraid that she will continue to misunderstand and explains it hastily.

How can Lily still misunderstand it, she just wanted to go back quickly to the ward to check on his fever.

After their deep conversation, Joe leaves some space for Lily.

In the ward, everything is quiet, only the humidifier makes a subtle sound. The man who is on the bed is pale, his lip is also chapped due to lack of water. The doctor said that he can't drink water now, infusion will relieved it.

Because of the pneumonia, his breathing is a little dull. Even though he is just lying down, there is a heavy exhaustion.

Lily stands by the side of the bed and looks at him. The more she looks, the more she can't bear it. It seems that his physical condition has not been very good recently. It has not been long since the last fever and this time, it is more serious.

The incandescent lamp above his head fall on his face. The man's eyebrows slightly twist even when he falls asleep. Lily thought it is because of the light, she then turns around intended to turn it off. But unexpectedly, when she just takes a step back, her wrist is being gripped.

"Don't leave."

A cracked voice comes from behind, which make her slammed her footsteps and turns her head to look. His eyes slightly close, only his hand with the needle pinch hold her.

Lily is startled, afraid that it will affect the needle, which makes her put his hand back on the bed quickly. And when she is about to leave again, he holds her five fingers tightly, "Don't leave....."

Lily's heart as though has been hit hard, the sour feelings spread to the whole atrium. So... Is he this insecure?

She squats down and leans her head against his hand. With a soft voice, she coaxes, "I won't leave, I'll wait until you wake up."

She says again and again patiently by his side. Her soothing seems to work, the strength of the big hand gradually relaxes, the blood vessels are not so tight anymore.

Lily sighs in relief and pulls the chair over with one arm difficultly. Just by this pull, she sits by his side, waiting.

Time passes minute by minute, her several days of insomnia also torture her, it doesn't take long for her to lean over and lies on the bed to sleep soundly.

After receiving the news, Abby rushes to the hospital twenty minutes later. She is too anxious that she gets the ward number from the nurse ward, which Joe also couldn't block her. She's Lily's friend after all, he doesn't dare to offend her.

After running to the door with one breath, when Abby just wants to pull the door open, her vision inadvertently looks through the glass strip of the ward door.

The hand that is about to pull, stops immediately. At this moment, Joe also runs over, "Abby, you can't..."

Abby raises her hand to stop him without turning her head. her eyes are fixed on the overlapping figure of man and woman in the ward. Joe follows her vision to look at it, and also surprised.

In the ward, the woman's petite body is lying on the side of the bed, her head is next to the man's shoulders. Both of them sleep soundly, but their hand are holding tight together. This scene makes people feel very warm.

Joe lets out a sigh of relief and looks at Abby, "Abby, Rex has been looking for Lily for some time. Now that the misunderstanding has been solved, leave some space for them."

"Misunderstanding?" Abby finally turns around and points at the man inside the door, "Is it a misunderstanding that he slept with other woman?"

Joe has no choice but to repeat the situation again. Seeing her suspicious, he adds in, "You can rest assured. If there is something fishy, Lily will not forgive Rex that easily."

This words make Abby believe him, Lily has a pure love and she's not blind. She will never look with an eye. However, by looking at this situation, it seems that the misunderstanding has been solved.

Thinking of her absent-mindedness for these days, Abby says nothing more and waves away to leave.


When Lily wakes up, it is already the next morning.

Once she opens her eyes, it is not the bed surface, but a highly comfortable pillow and hot temperature chest...

She looks at the handsome face in front of her eyes. It takes a while for her to remember what happened yesterday. But... she remembers that she is asleep in the chair, why is she in the bed now?

They are very close. In the blink of an eye, her eyelashes accidentally sweep over the man's chest, causing a light tickle.

Rex has wakes up once in the middle of the night. Despite the fever, his body still has some inflammation that is still there. Seeing her lying awkwardly on the side, he simply takes the person to the bed.

The bed is not spacious, he has been holding her until dawn.

Their gaze meets each other. The warm sun in the morning spills into the wards. The two figures look at each other through a layer of light and mist. The illusion is somewhat unrealistic.

"You've woke up." Apparently, he breaks the silence first and hugs her more tightly.

Lily buries her face in his chest and responses in a low voice, "Yes."

"Last night, I saw you slept uncomfortably and hugged you up." The man explains softly, afraid that she will resist again. After a while, he still couldn't help but asks, "I've explained everything, are you still mad?"

After hearing this sentence, Lily's face somehow feels a little hot. She clears her throat and speaks in lack of confidence, "Yes."

"Well." The man replies her generously, "Today, I'll let you ask Jade personally. You can kill her or do whatever you want to ease you up."

Lily hears his childish language and unconsciously raises the corner of her mouth, pretending to be angry in her voice, "Is it all right then?"

"What else do you think?"

When he asks this question, Lily doesn't know how to answer it. After thinking about it, she looks up at the man's sexy chin and murmurs a few words, "I hope you get well real soon."

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