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His hoarse voice with several days of physical fatigue is combined with dramatic fluctuations in his emotion, making him a little unstable. But he still endures it, for his beloved woman, in order to clearly explain it.

Only he himself knows how regretful he is when he heard Abby's inadvertent confession. Thinking what he has done just now, he would not even have the courage to face her.

Lily's eyelashes blink for a few times, sobbing softly and hears his shattered heart.

"I was really socializing that night. After hanging up the phone, I went back to the room. But I didn't expect that Jade has set me up. Now after thinking about it, I think she has put some drug on me, then took the opportunity to answer your phone and sent the photo to you." His voice is very serious, "I can promise you, nothing had happened. I've sent Joe to investigate the hotel, you can ask Jade in person."

Lily gives a light sigh and finally speaks, "I don't want to ask."

At this point, she doesn't know what is right or wrong. She hates Jade and mistrusts Rex. But after recalling it, can she really believe him?

Deep in her heart, she believes that he will not cheat from her. But after receiving the photo, she couldn't help but feels suspicious. After waiting for his explanation, she doesn't realize that he has no idea either.

Now that she has hear it, she doesn't even know whether laugh or cry, or whether upset or happy.

As if he aware of her thought, his eyebrows twists heavily, "If I knew it, I will definitely explain it to you."

Lily raises her hand and wipes the tears on her face while saying in a deep crying voice, "I don't know anything, so I'm going to be crazy when I see you guys together. I'm afraid that it happened once again, and I can't handle it well. For me, you're far more important than Tim and Jade is like a nightmare. I'm really scared......"

Thus she escapes and leaves, choosing not to face it all.

However, after she left J city, she realize that she will never forget it. Whether closing or opening her eyes, he is still there. When she sees beautiful scenery, she thinks of him. When she faces a crisis, the first person who flashes in her mind is also him.

This man has long inadvertently penetrated her life and becomes part of it.

"I know, I know it all." Rex listens to her trembles voice, there is a twist in his heart," Sorry, my bad, it's my fault."

The arrogant man keeps on apologizing to her, he even kneels on the ground in order to get close with her, "Darling, could you please stop crying?"

Her tears are deadly weapons, which he couldn't ignore. Once she cries, all his pride will be gone.

Rex couldn't help it any longer, his long arms wraps around her shoulders, holding the person in his arms. His chin is on the top of his head, his movements are light and cautious, afraid that it might scare her again.

Lily doesn't want him to leave for the time being. But she still remembers his evil attitude from just now, which make her reaches out and pushes his chest. After several unsuccessful attempts, she pushes harder with a little effort, which unexpectedly pushing him to the ground.

By looking at the man half lying at the ground, Lily is stunned for a long time before she recovered. There is still a teardrops on her lashes, but still can't even bother to cry anymore.

"Re, Rex?" she tentatively calls him, the man doesn't respond at all.

Lily is about to scare to death. His palms are half-support on the ground. When she raises her hand over to put on his forehead, the warm temperature is scary, "Rex, what's wrong with you, wake up, don't scare me!"

However, no matter how she yelled it, the fallen man never opens his eyes.

Lily realizes that he not only has a bad complexion, but also has a dark circles under his eyes and also an unusual blush on his face. When she talked to him just now, his voice was also very hoarse.

Is he sick?

Lily takes out his phone from his body. The screen is locked with a combination lock, she tries for several times but still unable to unlock it. In the end, she tries to enter her birthday with an unrealistic fantasy.

The screen is unlocked, she pauses and tears burst out once again, "stupid..."

While crying, she finds Joe's number and dials it. After a few second, it rings, "Rex."

"Joe, it's me. I'm with Rex at the rooftop. He has fever and has fainted now. Bring someone here quickly..."


Twenty minutes later, Rex is taken to the nearest hospital.

After an IV drop, an overall check is performed. In addition of the forty degrees high temperature dehydration, he is also confirmed with an acute pneumonia.


Hearing the result, Lily is a little surprised, "Doc, is there any other big problem?"

"It's fine, as long as he doesn't smoke too much and pay attention to taboos, an injection for a few days and he'll be fine."

Lily nods complicatedly, "Thank you."

"Your welcome."

Lily sends the doctor away and returns to the ward. She then looks at the bleak man on the bed, which make her feels upset. The other people besides her whispers, "Lily, can I have a word, I would like to talk to you alone."

Lily freezes for a moment before nods and left the room.

At the end of the hallway, Joe looks at the woman standing on the side. She is petite and delicate, and soft yet calm. But from Rex's perspective, she is like a very tough woman.

"Joe if you have anything to say, just say directly, don't worry too much." Lily knows that the relationship of Joe and Rex has surpassed from work to private affairs, thus she has nothing to worry.

Joe smiles, "Actually it's nothing. I just wanted to tell you about Rex's condition for this past few days."

Lily stays silent and continues to listen to him quietly.

"When you left for the first day, Rex has been looking for your whereabouts. When he knows that you're in H city, he immediately asks his acquaintance to looks for you. During the day, when he is in the company, a cigarette can be found at his hand almost all the time, he is very gloomy. There is a day when I ordered your favorite food to the office, Rex only stares at it for a while without eating it." Joe pauses for a moment, thinking of the scenery back there and continue, "Two days later, he finally found your location in this city and canceled countless meetings to come here directly, only to find that you've change the hotel. I've persuade him to take a rest but he insisted to come here without stopping. His pneumonia is probably caused by his poor rest, overwork and over-smoking."

While listening, Lily's eyes turns red again, she raises her hand to cover her mouth, afraid that she'll cried out loud.

"Lily, as a subordinate, I shouldn't say about my boss' life, but I wanted you to understand Rex's feelings for you." Joe steps back, "If I said too much, I hope you don't mind."

"Have he... been looking for me these days?" Lily hardly questions him.

Joe nods without hesitation, his tone is firm, "Yes, Rex has never stopped."

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