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Lily knows what this action represented, and also knows what he is going to do. They had done countless of time before, from rejection in the beginning to gradually acceptance, and to the integration with him from the body to mind, but now her whole body is trembling with fear.....

She screams silently and desperately fights back. However, the man at the upper of her body has lost his control. The thin cold lips don't kiss her, but gnawed madly along her white neck with mercy, leaving a red trace.

He basically just wanted to teach her a lesson. However, when he touches the sensitive part of her, the yearning for several days rise in an instant, the body unresponsive reaction gradually made him lose control.

The skirt on Lily's body is torn off by him. With a creak sound, the fabric shattered into pieces instantly. There is only thin underwear left. The air touches her skin which makes her chills. But all of this reaction only becomes disgust to him.

"Why, is it that uncomfortable for me to touch you now?'

The last clothes on her body is also torn off by him. The humiliation surrounded her which make her shouts angrily, "Yes, I would rather die than letting you touch, badass!"


Hearing this incomparably harsh word, the man pauses for a moment, but soon moves again. His force is even stronger, getting more ruthless as if intended to break her body, "Badass? Okay, since I'm that bad you won't be better!"

A warm breathing blows on the side of her neck. He refuses to be gentle. She has no room for maneuver except for being obedient.

Instead of kissing her again and again, he turns her body over, letting her lie on the bed like a string puppet.

Her legs are separated and Lily cried out, "Rex, don't be like this to me, I will hate you.... Ah!"

Before she even finished, he doesn't even care and invades her body regardless of her resistance. All of the language is sealed at her mouth. His body keeps on moving up and down. The spacious bed from just now seem to be so small right now, there seems to be an abyss under the edge of the bed. She might fall into it carelessly.....

Both of them keep silence, only Abby's shouted voice are heard from outside of the door.

"Rex, come out! Let me tell you, if you dare to do anything to Lily, I will not let you go!"

"Lily, are you okay? Tell me something...."

"Hello there. Is there no manager at such a big hotel?!'

The intermittent sound comes through the door, every words are so depressed. But the man is still naughty, with no tenderness, just like a vent.

Lily doesn't make a sound and Rex deliberately grinds her. He even beats down a little on the most sensitive part of her body.

Psychological resistance and reaction has tormented Lily. She is so ashamed to lift her head to looks at herself, the tears on her eyes keep on falling into the pillow and making it wet.

"Disgusted? Don't want me to touch?" His voice sounds like a hell, "is it because you have a feeling for me?"

Lily is bit her lip deadly that even her white teeth stained with blood from her lower lip. She closes her eyes slowly, feeling that she is so cheap and undesirable.

First, it is Tim that makes her lost her heart, but at least she has made a last defense. And as for Rex, she has given everything, but in the end, she is only pressed on this small bed humiliatingly.

What did she do wrong that God wanted to punish her again and again?

Lily has no idea, she only feels painful, her body is in pain, and every breath she takes is a great torment for her.

After he said that words, Lily has never made a sound again, like a rag doll that is lying there fragilely and asks for it.

After for quite some time, outside the door, Abby's voice is dumb and he finally stops.

There is still a trace of the man's scorching sweat on her white back, but her body is chilling.

With a click, it is the sound of the buckle on the belt, he has done. He doesn't even give her a warmth sense, let alone an explanation.

Lily's lip evoked a pale yet miserable arc. She endures the soreness on her body and wraps the quilt around her body.

She takes another long skirt from the closet and also another long-sleeved UV shirt, and then goes to the bathroom to clean herself and changes on her clothes. Except for some dark red marks on her neck, everything is covered well.

Without a word, she opens the door and goes out.

Rex doesn't block her. All of the people downstairs is on his side, she can't escape from this hotel even if she put on her wings.

When Lily opens the door, Abby's hand that is about to knock again fall down. She is anxious, "Are you okay....."

She plans to ask whether she is fine or not, but only halfway through, she could no longer make a sound after seeing the bruises on her neck.


Lily meets Abby's surprised look and opens her mouth, but couldn't say anything. She is so embarrasses that doesn't want anybody to look through it.

"Did Rex do it?" After Abby question her, she has the answer. There is only two people left in the room, beside him, who could it be?

Without waiting for Lily to answer, she spontaneously rushes to the room angrily and stops in front of Rex. Inside, it is still filled with an unspeakable atmosphere, which is the matter of man and woman.

She is too mad that her lungs is about to explode, she then waves her hand and wants to slap on to his face, but unfortunately she is stopped before she could even touch it.

The coldness in Rex's eyes is almost overflowed, "Get lost."

Usually, Abby will not say anything else, but when thinking of Lily's bruises on the neck, she could hardly breathe, "Rex, you fucking force a woman. Are you still a man?"

"Get out."

"I won't!" Abby steps forward, looking at the torn gown that is thrown on the ground and compare it with the man's unscathed shirt, she grits her teeth, "You Rex, why do you bully people like this?!"

Rex doesn't even bother to explain, he doesn't want to talk to outsider, but after hearing Lily's best friend saying those words. He couldn't endure it anymore, he then speaks out with a fierce voice, "The person that leaves is not me, it's her."

Abby is like hearing a joke. "You cheat with other woman and blaming her to leave you? You fucking think that people can't live without you?"

The fingertips of the man that is on the cufflinks freezes instantly because of her words. His delicate eyebrows are pressed together, "Cheating?"

Abby sneers, "Stop pretending! Jade gave Lily a phone call and send your nude photos. What else can you quibble about?"


Phone call?

Nude Photo?

These words flashes in front of his eyes, his head is spinning fast. Few second later, he grabs the collar of Abby's clothes and lifts her body up about half a centimeter, "Say it clearly, what is going on!"

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