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After saying it, Lily's tears uncontrollably slips out of her eyes, one drop after another. Soon, his shirts on the chest are wet.

The scorching temperature is as hot as a fire, Rex's eyes slightly red too, "Do you miss me?"

How could it not be?

Lily's heart bursts out the answer almost immediately, but she fails to say it. No, it should be said that she couldn't say it.

She really wanted to just forgive him, since he has taken thousands of miles journey to come here and must be fatigue after a long journey. It makes her heartbreak, just forgive him.

However, once she closes her eyes, she could recall the photo of Jade that is sent to her, also her sharp voice, which she couldn't help!

She was never one

Thinking of which, she still freed herself from his nostalgic embrace.

Looking up, she meet his serious gaze, the hollowness in Lily's heart is exposed. Eventually, she still breaks the seemingly quite atmosphere, "Rex, do you have anything to tell me."

His eyes are deep, he can never easily reveals any emotion of him, but this time, he can't cover it, the sharpness is on his eyes, "What do you mean?"

'What do you mean? '

These four words fall into Lily's eyes, with endless satire, shattering her last inch of hope.

How can he still ask such a word now? What qualification did he have, what position does he have to question her this way?

Lily's expression completely cools down, the warm atmosphere from just now has disappeared, "Since there is nothing to say, why are you here?"

The man only stares at her without moving, his tone seem to be gentle yet with a little threat in it, "To take you back."

"I won't go back with you." Lily replies without thinking, before he made it clear, she won't stupidly go back with him.

It's fine to say that she's noble and virtuous or anything else, but this is her. As for the matter of feelings, there is absolutely no sand in her eyes.

However, this sentence falls into Rex's ear as a decisive rejection. All his worries, concerns, anxieties are defeated by her without-hesitation-rejection.

His firm heart is hurt by this sentence. He then recalls what Joe said before he went upstairs, he doesn't want to force her, there is not benefit in forcing her.

Reaching out a box of cigarette from the belt of his suit, he draws out a rot and put on his lip to ignite. The movement is consistent and natural. He has repeated for countless time these days.

The white smoke rises between them, which make his expression is a little blurry. Lily's head crooks a little, and her eyes looks into his clean yet expensive black leather shoes.

For a while, her chin suddenly feels dull. The man lifts his hand to squeeze her chin, forcing her to look up at his appealing face. Before speaking, he couldn't help but cough twice, which seem very uncomfortable, "If you don't come with me, where are you going, huh?"

Lily barely feels pain in the place he pinched. She then raises her hand to cover his big palm and stubbornly refuses to ask for mercy, her voice unconsciously raises up, "No matter where I go, I won't go back with you!"

He doesn't even explain a word about Jade. Why did she have to go back with him?

His angry attitude is really unreasonable!

Rex only feels that his final instinct has collapsed with her words, she won't go with him anymore?

She's so fully fledged!

But no matter how hard she is, he can also beak it with his own hands!

Lily only feels that the temperature around her body suddenly lowered. A steady stream of coldness and anger emanated from the body of the man on her side. She feels like she has been nailed in the place, her heart is beating frantically.

He suddenly leans closer to her lips, his big palm still pinching her chin. Despite her struggle, he still conquered with all his strength, slightly lifts it up and brushes the corner of her lips, "There is always a reason behind this. Why, now that the lawsuit is over, you don't want to be with me anymore?"

Lily's eyes widen, her whole body is trembling with his sharp language, even the tears in her eyes trembles, which make her uncontrollably fall out a few times. With her extreme madness, she suddenly laughs, "Am I this kind of person in your eyes?"

After the lawsuit....

About why she left, did he really not know why?

Or is it the matter of Jade and him are nothing at all that he doesn't even bother to explain?

Lily doesn't know, really doesn't know. The moment she opened the door and see him, she is afraid, frightened, panicked but also delighted and moved. However, the conversation from just now makes her have a misconception. As if she has never really understood the man in front of her.

Rex stares at her eyes that are full of disappointment and madness. The tight feeling makes his bone hurt, "If not, then explain it to me."

Explain to him why she wanted to leave, why he couldn't find the reason himself.

Lily laughs even more after listening to it. She shakes her head while smiling, it is too vulnerable that people won't be able to take a second look, "Rex.... Rex...."

She shouts his name loud and clear, as if calling him but also murmuring, her emotion changes a few times in a few second and finally attempts fiercely, "What do you want me to explain, hah? Explain...Let me go!"

Rex looks at the petite woman in front of her who are laughing and crying. The tears that are almost dried are re-contaminated again. She is so sad and hurt, but the one who leaves is her, not him.

Lily couldn't break away, she seems to be imprisoned, just like her emotion at this time that are desperately trying to breakthrough. However, she's like a headless fly that can't figure it's way out.

All the negative emotion has reached the limit in an instant. She couldn't endure it anymore, she has lost all her patience, which make her shouts out regardless of anything, "Do you want a reason? Okay, let me tell you, because in my eyes, you're now no difference than Tim, which make me feel useless and disgusting and lose my pride! You're right. I will leave you once the lawsuit is over, what can you do? When the first time we're together, you told me, you'll help me win my case, that for you, we're only in a business. Now I'm just fulfilling your desire, is it clear?!"

The man just stands there without a trace of expression, the bottomless eyes has lost all their radiance at once.

Just now, his beloved woman with her small mouth that is always smiling said all of those words. She said he is nauseous and compares him with her ex, and also said that their feelings are just a business. He begins it and she ends it.

How ironic.

All his efforts have become so cheap and worthless because of her words.

His heart, really, really pain, like being torn little by little. The least he wanted to hear, the least he wanted to see, still happened just like that.

"Business...?" He provokes sarcastically while frowning the eyebrows, and retreats in just one second.

He holds her arms and turns around, almost falling down. Regardless of her messy place, he directly half-dragged her to the side of the bed and presses against her mercilessly...

Lily is shocked, as watching the man standing at the end of the bed, one knee presses against her weak legs. With his gloomy face, he unbuttons his shirt, then belt and then his pants...

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