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Joe looks at the cold light in his eyes, his heart shivers, hesitate again and again, but still daring to say carefully, "Rex, Lily may have her own reason, don't be too angry, listen to her first."

He says tactfully, which Rex has fully understood about it, he just doesn't know how to express it. The man slightly pauses and nods then enters the elevator without a word.

The room number is 1603, they live on the 16th floor.

The elevator closes, and he watches the number in the display rising one by one, his heart also beat faster. Soon, after a 'ding dong' sound ring in his eardrum, he has a sense of powerlessness.

This is the first time Rex experiences it. After a few days of tense, he finally can be relaxed, but he still couldn't calm down.

With a 'ding dong' sound, the elevator stops at 16th floor.

The man strides forward and follows the instruction to room number 1603.

Separated by a door, which make him couldn't see anything, but he seems to be able to look through the door to see the petite figure, he keeps on staring at it momentarily.

Four days and three nights in a row, countless hours, after a moment of searching, from J city to H city, across thousands of miles, across two seasons, he finally found her.

Rex's eyes feel red and hot and swollen, his handsome facial feature shows a hint of emotion, but soon he suppressed it.

He takes a deep breath, raises his hand to knock the door for three times. There is no sound inside.

One second, two seconds, five seconds......

"Hello, who are you looking for?" a very familiar voice come across the door panel, small and soft voice. Even though he couldn't see her face, he can imagine her gesture now.

Really... like right in front of him.

Rex moves aside, cleverly avoiding to some distance that only cat's eyes could see. He is afraid, afraid that once she knows it's him, she will avoid him.

No one answer, Lily frowns and asks again, "Hello, who are you looking for?"

Outside the door, it is still quite, only a sound of knocking again. Abby sees her stand still and come over to asks, "Who?"

"I don't know. No body answer."

"What?" Abby, who is a little careless, raises her eyebrows and doesn't think much and unscrew the doorknob.

And also at this moment, there is a huge force pushing the door from the outside. A long and slender figure appears at the door.

Lily looks at the familiar face in front of her, which make her completely nailed in the place. All of the voice stuck in her throat, her sight condensed. Except for him, everything around her seems to be gone.

The heartbeat soared to the extreme within a second, as if she's riding a roller coaster. She couldn't feel anything. The only thing she could feel is the strong smell of the man's scene.

He is wearing a white shirt with cuffs around his arms. His straight legs are wrapped in trousers, his shoulders are broad with a narrow waist. Even if he doesn't say anything, she could know his existence.

The man lowers his eyes and fall on the woman's pale yet tense face. There are no emotions in those deep dark eyes, not even a single fluctuation.

However, Lily knows that he is very angry, because he has come here. In this man's world, there is only two options, he cares or not care. If he doesn't care, he wouldn't appear here.

All of the breath is deprived, even Lily forgets to respond. It is obviously only ten more seconds, but it seems as if a century has passed.

In the dream, the man who appeared countless of time in the fantasy, really stand in front of her at this time. His appearance is so sudden, so confident, as if she has been expected in here, which can be captured easily!

After coming back from her sense, Lily's first reaction is to close the door!

She strikes the door panel quickly, but is just forced to be stop in the halfway.

No matter how fast, he will always be faster!

The spot where the pulse is beating on the wrist is held by him. It is quite strong, which make her feels pain. As if she is stepped on her tail, she desperately fights back and shouts, "Let me go!"

The man doesn't loosen but only grip tighter. As if he can feel her real existence in this way, not an illusion!

Their confrontation is all seen by Abby. Seeing Rex's persistence and also Lily's reddish eyes, she either doesn't care of anything else and uses both of her hand to break his finger.

However, it's a pity that no matter how hard she tried, she can't even break it. Instead, she is ruthlessly being pushed out of the room.

With a bang, the door almost knocks to Abby's nose.

She looks at the closed door in a daze, and then smashes her hands frantically again and again. "You Rex get out! I won't allow you bully Lily! If you have any problem, say it in front of us, do you dare?"

Rex's mood suffers from pent-up frustration by her shouts and even the woman in front of him doesn't want to cooperate. He then simply bent down to carry the person in his shoulder and strides towards the bedroom in a big step and directly locks it.

Lily's head is full of blood, even her face has blushed. When she is put down, she wanted to run aside, but when she just takes a step, she is pulled back again.

Rex's vision keep on staring at her, as if the flames are roasting her, he couldn't resist it, there are a lot of hatred to tear her apart.

However, he doesn't do it. Instead, he reaches out to lock her body into his arms.

The strength of his arms are very strong, with a kind of determination and an extreme force, like trying to embed her into his bones and merges together.

Lily forces to raise her head. Her body is unable to move, since it is held tightly by him. There is a familiar scene around her instantly. The resistance from just now gradually pulls away from her limbs. She smells a pungent smoke and feels distressed.

"Four days and three nights, Lily, why did you leave me?" His hoarse voice is not like a word, which make her feels uncomfortable. This voice unexpectedly could make her tremble.

Did he... cry?

She can't see the man's face, but can feels his trembling body.

Lily closes her eyes tightly, forcing herself not to continue thinking. Since she couldn't bear it, she couldn't bear all of it.

She is heartbreak. Only a few days past and he has become thin, the stubble isn't scraped clean, his eyes are covered with a trace of blood. She sees it all, but she is also sad, she has a lot to ask.....

Lily forces herself to shut her mouth and shrugs her shoulder aside, "Let me go first."

He keeps silence and hugs tighter.

Lily could hardly breathe and wanted to strengthen a little. Thus she repeats her sentence again, but couldn't help choking, "Let me go....."

Only a few words, but it seems to have exhausted all of the strength of her body.

'Let me go. To be honest, 'I' don't want you to let me go at all. '

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