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A bloody reason.

"You can find any woman to make you feel comfortable." Bella angrily raised her eyebrows.

He couldn't tell why but he really hates her pushing him to others. There was a fierce light in his eyes, "I found you."

He was a domineering mad guy!

She had no choice, he kissed her lips, entered her mouth forcefully, and put his big hands in the hem of her clothes.

Her skin was too cold.

Pity flowed in his heart.

This woman has some health problem? Why is she too cold?

He subconsciously covered her body with the warmth of his hand, which was not as rude as in the beginning. He kissed her on the lips, untied the clasp on her back, and opened her clothes.

He bowed his head.

Bella gave a light snort with his kiss.

The temperature in his mouth was very high, but this kind of warm temperature can make people feel very comfortable.

At this moment, she vaguely found a little shadow of the old James Grayson in his body. Her eyes were stained with water mist, and there was a little more emotion in the hazy.

James Grayson first tested her, when he was sure that she was ok, he slowly...

Bella saw that he didn't use a condom and quickly reminded him, "I'm not in a safe period."

"Humn." James Grayson answered with a deep voice and looked at her eyes.

Bella was not unrestrained, on the contrary. She was very shy, even her breathing was light and oppressive. She opened her lips and twisted her eyebrows, and he thought she was beautiful.

He wanted to see her face changing expressions at different rhythms and sat on the sofa.

His eyes were so focused that he seemed to be stuck on her.

Bella was embarrassed to look at him, lying on his shoulder, and the breath fell on his ear.

His heart was touched, and he held her chin so he can see her face.

Her eyes were very attractive as if shrouded some mystery, blushing, charming and fascinating.

"We used to do the same, didn't we?" James Grayson asked hoarsely.

Bella did not want to be completely controlled by him. She grasped his chin and her lips fell on his lips. His lips were hot, like the sun.

Once in order to keep herself warm, she kept approaching him. This time, she can't be greedy.

Just after a moment, Bella let go.

James Grayson was not satisfied, he pressed the back of her neck, continued to kiss her and he couldn't control his mind. He changed his force from passive to active, surged up violently and coerced her.

He went to the bathroom to take a bath, and Bella lay down on the sofa to rest.

Every time after doing it, she felt too insecure. What if she has a baby again?

She cannot make such mistakes again.

She decided to go to the hospital to put on a birth control ring.

Her cell phone rang, she saw it was Amelia William's, she got up to take a bath in her room and answered it.

"Bella, where are you? I went backstage to develop an understanding with my boyfriend I just met. When I came out, you were gone." Amelia William looked around and said.

"I have something to go first. Did you get a good date?" Bella put hot water in the bathtub.

"Yes, I picked one. He is not bad, we have a little understanding. I'll have a look later and bring him out tomorrow. Give me some advice." Amelia William said in a good mood.

"Well, I'll take a bath first and contact you tomorrow." Bella hung up and lay down in the bathtub.

Warm water touched her body and relieved her muscle pain.

She was a little sleepy. She closed her eyes, and in a daze, she heard James Grayson's voice, "You are used to sleep in the bathtub?"

Bella opened her eyes and did not answer him.

James Grayson handed her the bath towel. "Your body is cold. It's not good for you to take a bath for a long time. Now you're young and can't feel it. When you get old, you'll be sick. You used to be a gynecologist. You don't even understand it?"

Bella took the bath towel in his hand, put it on her body, came out of the bathtub, and replied, "You know a lot about women."

"This is basic knowledge. My mother pays attention to health preservation, so I know a little about it." James Grayson added the last two sentences.

He also didn't why, but he didn't want her to misunderstand his relationship with other women.

Bella's heart trembled. She cleared her throat and deliberately ignored it. She changed the topic, "Have you eaten?"

"What do you think?" James Grayson asked, his eyes were gloomy, it was obvious that he was repressing his anger.

Bella didn't expect that he had been waiting for her. "I'll reheat it for you."

"There is a person to do it. You can eat with me." James Grayson walked towards her.

"I've already eaten." Bella refused.

He put his arms around her waist and looked down at her. "Do as what I told you to do, ok? You're too thin. You don't have any meat."

"You said you felt comfortable, have you forgotten?" Bella threw out what he had said and deliberately stopped him.

"I meant I felt psychologically comfortable."

He said it and he was also stunned.

Bella also heard that she was a little flustered. She felt the heat of his hand around her waist and pushed away his hand. "I'm going to change clothes."

James Grayson didn't go out.

Bella took the clothes and looked at him.

"What are you looking at? Change it." James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella looked at the door. "Go out."

James Grayson, with his hands around his chest, leaned on the door, and his eyes were quiet. Because of his serious expression, he said seriously, "Which part I haven't seen or touched on your body. Tell me, I will make it up now."

Bella was angry, but she smiled.

"When did the chief become a rascal?" Bella said, turned her back and untied the bath towel.

James Grayson walked to her, lifted her hair to the right side of her face.

Put his chin on her shoulder and rubbed it, a little itchy.

Bella looked up at him.

He looked down at her with deep eyes and asked seriously, "have I never been a rascal to you before?"

Bella didn't dare to recall the past.

She took back her eyes and immediately put on the clothes. "The present is beautiful, and the future will be better. Don't always fall into the past. Some things can't be forgotten even if others want to. The chief is very lucky."

She always called him Chief, and he felt very indifferent, "Change a title, what you used to call me? James?"

Bella thought that James Grayson still has some same likes and dislikes, "James Grayson."

He was not satisfied with it.

"Full name? Call me James, babe." James Grayson raised her chin to make her see his face.

Bella pushed away his hand. "I don't like it"

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