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Amelia William noticed the difference on Bella's face and asked anxiously, "Bella, is there any problem?"

Bella muted her mobile phone and put it back in her bag. "Nothing."

"Okay, you have to help me find out a good man. Now you are an expert in psychology. If you like him, I will be very relieved." Amelia William said happily.

Amelia said a lot of things, but Bella didn't hear them, she was in her deep thoughts.

James Grayson asked Amelia about their past.

According to her understanding of Amelia and Amelia's response, she estimated that Amelia must have told him a lot.

Bella knew that Amelia was kind-hearted, but most of the time her good intentions went wrong. Bella was used to it.

She estimated that James Grayson asked her to have dinner, it must be 'Feast at Swan Goose Gate'. She recalled the lies that she had told before and felt particularly anxious.

She needed some space and wanted to have dinner with Amelia.

"I liked a man before. He is a lieutenant colonel in the special military region. He is responsible for training wolves. He is very handsome, brave and has a good figure.

He came to see me. I liked him at a glance. Later, he often came to give me gifts, and I dated him.

His father is the captain of a Navy, a colonel. His mother is the dean of a primary school. His family conditions are very good. I think he also likes me very much.

After dinner, we went to see a movie. When he sent me back, he kissed my face, but suddenly, it all ended." Amelia William said regretfully.

"Either, he has good EQ, with high IQ, knowledge, and cultivation, even if he didn't like you, he still maintained the perfect lover's appearance, or, because of some hidden fact, he ended his relationship with you." Bella analyzed.

Amelia William raised her eyebrows. "Does his family disagree?"

Bella smiled. "There can be many reasons. It depends on whether you want to be with him or not."

"Of course, I want. He is the only one I liked in so many years. He has a good figure, good growth, a good character, and a good family background. Shit, I think he just doesn't like me." Amelia William said sadly.

"Then find out the reason, solve the reason. If it's the reason that can be solved, you can be together. If it's the reason that can't be solved, then give up." Bella's eyes darkened, and she looked out of the window and stopped talking.

They reached their destination. It was not inside the military area. It was in an activity center outside the military area, in a club.

The blind date was organized by the literary and Art Troupe. There were many people, at least 500.

The organizer was very good and prepared a buffet dinner to familiarize everyone.

Amelia William swept around and was a little disappointed.

"You are sad because he didn't come?" Bella guessed.

Amelia William shrugged, "Forget it, if he doesn't want to be with me because of family reasons, it means he doesn't like me much."

Bella nodded, "obstacles can arouse one's feelings to a certain degree, can also stable it to a certain degree, and it can also cool down the feelings. It moves in circles and continues to become bad.

Even the advantages once in the eyes of the other party can also become disadvantages. Feelings are the most vulnerable thing."

"It's very reasonable, so I must find someone who loves me more than I love him, who can love me to the end and never compromises on me. At worst, I will proudly grow old, ha ha." Amelia William laughed.

Bella also smiled, "You will find the right one."

They finished their meal and went into the auditorium. When they went in, the staff person at the door gave them two roses.

Men and women were sitting together.

The way of dating was very simple. The host invited people on the stage to give their brief introduction.

The introduction included the following: love history, family members, hobbies, prospects for the future, and requirements for the future partner.

After the introduction, the person has to show a talent he or she can show any talent like dance, singing performance or anything else.

And after the performance, the person from the audience who likes the person on the stage has to stand up and come to the stage to present the rose.

If more than one person wanted to give flowers to the same person. Then the person can ask them to answer any questions or to show a talent, and then he or she can choose the one they like.

Bella found it very interesting.

Amelia William also actively participated.

At the sixth number, it was Amelia William's turn.

Amelia William came on stage to introduce herself, "my name is Amelia William. I'm a doctor and a lieutenant. I am very straightforward and lively.

I am the only daughter in my family. My father is a doctor and my mother works in a state-owned enterprise. When it comes to love history, or any affair, or a blind date, my history is really blank.

Handsome guys think that I'm more suitable to be a friend. In fact, I'm really a pure woman. I don't want to be tested." Amelia William finished saying it and the audience laughed.

Amelia William didn't care about the laughter, she continued, "I like singing, dancing, I love China, and hope to have at least two babies with the future one.

My requirements for my future partner are, no distractions, no blind play, strong sense of responsibility, filial piety, good for me, and handsome. Hahahaha."

After speaking all this, Amelia William felt a little embarrassed. After all, she was a girl who attached great importance to a person's appearance.

Amelia William finished and presented a particularly unrestrained and provocative dance.

The host announced, "The one who likes Miss Amelia can come to stage to present a flower to..." and before he could complete his sentence, Bella watched a group of men running towards the stage, there were at least 50 men.

Amelia William was also shocked. She pursed her lips and smiled happily.

She was amazed that her market was still good. Why she has been single till now?

At the door, a shadow flashed by. There was a cigarette in Luis Taylor's hand, and its smoke covered his handsome face.

"Your Highness, the president is calling you back." Luis Taylor's men lowered their heads and said.

Luis Taylor's dark eyes flashed a sharp edge, and he put down the cigarette.

Three years ago, he was a rebellious young man. Now he was very stable, introverted and domineering. He walked towards the door.

A group of men followed.

He looked at the front sharply and ordered, "Guard her and check how many people try to have a love affair here. After the election, I will put her in order."

"Yes." The men lowered his head with fear.

Bella's mobile phone vibrated.

She was also guilty and a little afraid, she took her cell phone out of her bag.

James Grayson has made three calls, but she hasn't answered any of them.

As one can expect according to James Grayson's fierce temper, he must be very angry now.

She was about to put back her mobile phone when she received his message.

"Call me back within three minutes, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences."

Bella read it, she didn't call him back and put her cell phone back in her bag and just after a minute she saw several tall and powerful men standing in front of her.

"Miss Bella, the chief is very angry. You must have called back," Lieutenant Colonel Walker said.

Bella, "..."

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