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"Amelia, he may ask you about his and mine past. Just reply 'don't know' whatever the question is, got it?" Bella explained.

"Impossible, why he would ask it now?" Amelia William didn't believe it.

"I hope he won't ask. But if he asks, you just say that you don't know anything." Bella said again.

"Oh. Now, they're going to confiscate our cell phones." Amelia William said, hung up the phone and handed it to James Grayson's man.

She was taken to James Grayson's office.

James Grayson was sitting at his chair, looking at the empty space and thinking something.

"Chief, Dr. Amelia William is here." Reported by Lieutenant Colonel Walker.

James Grayson calmed down. "Come in."

Lieutenant Colonel Walker opened the door, Amelia William walked in and looked at James Grayson in surprise.

However, James Grayson's face was expressionless, and his eyes were unfathomable. She couldn't understand why he called her here.

"Sit down." James Grayson spoke a simple sentence but full of oppression.

Amelia William sat down on the opposite side of James Grayson, lowered her head and twisted her fingers.

"Don't be nervous. I'll ask you a few questions. How much do you know about me and Bella?" James Grayson asked directly.

Amelia William widened her eyes to look at James Grayson, and her eyeballs immediately turned to see something else.

Bella really guessed it right. James Grayson was asking about the relationship between him and Bella.

Amelia William raised her eyebrows, "Just a little."

"Why did we break up?" James Grayson asked.

"Bella is a very good person. She doesn't talk much about her personal relationship with others. I just know that in the beginning, your feelings were very good. You loved Bella very much. You were stuck together as by glue.

Once, Bella disappeared for a week. In the week of Bella's disappearance, you and Anna Wilson got engaged. The day after your engagement, Bella came back. She doesn't have her little finger, and you also cut it off.

Since then, Bella has changed. She even gave up her job, left me and joined the Discipline inspection commission for no reason.

She left this city and went to some other place. I don't know what happened after when she left this place." Amelia William didn't want to talk about Bella's suicide. Even this thought made her heart ached.

"I loved her very much?" James Grayson repeated the five words and squinted his eyes.

"Of course, you loved her so much. When you met Bella, Bella was David Wilson's wife. You wanted Bella to be with you. Your love even crossed all limits, moral and ethical." Amelia William exclaimed.

"When I was with her, she was David Wilson's wife?" James Grayson was shocked.

He could not be so unreasonable. How could he be interested in a married woman? There must be some secret in it.

"Yes, I'm sure that when you two first had a relationship, Bella wasn't divorced. In fact, I'm the one who should be blamed for this. David Wilson used me to blackmail and threatened Bella to not ask for divorce, otherwise, you would have been married.

By the way, there is another thing that you may not know. Bella and David were never real husband and wife. David William never made such a relationship with her." Amelia William spoke clearly.

She was a little upset. She didn't know much about Bella and James. Otherwise, she would have given a lot of examples of James Grayson's love for Bella.

"Not real husband and wife?" James Grayson lowered his eyes and covered them with a strange emotion.

"Yes, you often came to see Bella at that time. Bella lives with me. Every time in order to make room for you, I made an excuse to go out to play mahjong, so that you can stay with her for a whole night. What would you have done in the whole night with her? You can imagine." Amelia William hinted.

James Grayson cleared his throat.

What does a lone man and a woman can do for a night? He can well imagine.

"What else do you know?" James Grayson asked.

"Originally, the special recruitment of doctors by the military region was set up for Bella. Unexpectedly, Anna Wilson and I came in.

On the contrary, Bella became an investigation officer. I don't know anything else. Bella likes to hide everything in her mind. Chief, why you are asking all this?" Amelia William asked in bewilderment.

"Just want to know the things that I don't know." James Grayson said in a deep voice.

"Oh, chief please don't tell Bella what I told you. She just told me to not tell you anything, and let me pretend that I don't know anything." Amelia William said.

James Grayson's eyes flashed a fierce look, "She asked you to pretend that you know nothing?"

Amelia William saw that James Grayson's face was not good. She was afraid of harming Bella and quickly added, "I think Bella still loves you.

She is just a person who loves her reputation so much. In the past, she loved you so much. She hovered between life and death for your love.

She asked me to not tell you. You think by yourself if she doesn't love you, why she wanted to hide these old memories."

James Grayson's eyes were a little heavy, but he didn't speak.

Amelia William asked tentatively, "Does the chief likes Bella? After all, you two used to love each other so much?"

"It seems that you like to inquire a lot." James Grayson said coldly.

Amelia William looked at his attitude and regretted saying so much.

She thought that he liked Bella and that's why he asked about their past...

But... It seemed different!

Amelia William looked at James Grayson, she was worried and thought if... he killed Bella to erase the past?

She was really regretting her words.

"Don't worry, chief. Bella really acts tactfully. I think she really wants to move on." Amelia William changed her way again.

James Grayson looked at her. "Get out."

"Yes." Amelia William hurriedly walked out.

James Grayson felt his little finger. It turned out that he cut it off for her.

He used to love her!


Amelia William went back and was informed that those who wanted to attend tonight's party can leave two hours earlier.

She hurried to pick up Bella.

In the car-

"What did James Grayson ask you?" Bella asked uneasily.

"He asked me about his past, how do I know about his past, right?" Amelia William's heart was guilty, her eyes were twinkling, and she didn't dare to look at Bella.

"You told him everything, didn't you?" Bella said definitely.

Amelia William knew that she can't hide from Bella. "After some questions, he asked why you broke up. I answered, I don't know, but I said that you used to love each other very much."

Bella frowned. "Amelia, you shouldn't have said that. It would be better for me to not have any more contact with him."

"I know it's wrong now. I won't say a word later. I promise, I swear, if I don't do it, I'll marry the one I hate the most. How about poison?" Amelia William begged for mercy.

"Don't say a wrong word in the future." Bella was helpless.

Her cell phone rang, and she received a text message.

She took it out and saw that it was a text message from James Grayson, "tonight I live in blue sky Villa and we will have dinner together."

It was a declarative sentence and it was completely imperative, without any room for refusal.

Bella, "..."

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