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It's horrible!

At this time, the old man was full of these words.

That Qin Yue is a human being at all. It's a more terrible creature than the devil.

He tried his best to plan every step clearly and control every step closely.

He thought that even though Qin Yue knew that he was not the old man of Qin family, he could not find his real identity.

But Qin Yue found it, in a very short time.

What kind of means did Qin Yue use to find out his real identity in such a short time?

As soon as his identity is exposed, what he will face is a vast network. There is no place for him in the world.

Seeing the old man's weakness, assistant he comforted: "don't worry, old man, Qin Yue may guess who you are, but there is no evidence. As long as there is no evidence, no one can put a ** pot on your head. If you think about it, your appearance is quite different from before. The old man of the Qin family is dead. No one can do anything to you. "

Listen to what assistant he said. It's the same reason that the old man thought about it.

Qin Yue has no evidence to prove his identity, so he is the most respected parent of Qin family and the oldest elder.

Calm down, the old man can also think normally, he asked: "by the way, where is the child?"

Assistant he sneered and said, "I let people hide her very secretly. Even if Qin Yue had turned the whole Jiangbei City, he could not find anyone."

The old man added: "hide that child so that Qin Yue can't find it. Don't hurt her, or I'm afraid that Qin Yue will hurt Xiao Bao."

"Master, you should know more about Qin Yue's personality than I do. Miss is the adopted daughter of their Qin family and the sister Qin Yue has always loved. Miss, I don't know anything. Qin Yue will never hurt her. "

They have known Qin Yue for so many years, and they all know that Qin Yue is a person who attaches great importance to feelings, so they will start from the people around him.

"Then do it as you see fit. Don't overdo it. After all, it's a child who doesn't understand anything until he is less than four years old." The old man sighed. When he was old, he was no longer as iron and stone hearted as he was when he was young, and he didn't make any more mistakes. Maybe he could live a better life after his death.

Sometimes he would think, is it really necessary for him to do so?

Xiaobao has Xiaobao's life. When she grows up, she has her own world outlook. She can earn money and support herself It's not the baby who was still learning to talk.

Assistant he excitedly said: "old man, how could miss have been a child? If you had not arrived in time, she might have been executed. "

Old man: "..."

It is for this reason that he has dealt with all those people who hurt his relatives one by one, and failed to let them have a good ending, so he has a handle to be seized by Jane Zhengtian.

"Old man, I will pay attention to discretion. You can rest assured." It's not easy to catch Jian ran and Qin Yue's heart. If he doesn't do anything, he puts people back. What else does he have to do?

The old man is really old. His physical strength and energy are not as good as they used to be. Recently, he assistant is making arrangements for him.

He waved his hand: "Xiaohe, I want to be quiet alone. Go and do your work."

"Take a good rest, old man." He wanted to see the child for a long time.

Small Ran Ran and Lingfei language are in his hands, he still can't believe that he can't deal with Qin Yue Man.

Assistant he was thinking of one vicious strategy after another when a phone call came into his cell phone.

After staring at the number on the mobile phone screen for a long time, assistant he answers it by sliding. When connecting, he hears the voice of the other party: "the three princes want to see you. Now, the sooner the better!"

"Hum..." Assistant he gave a cold snort, and his eyes flashed impatient and cruel, "at that time, my young lady and I almost died in a foreign country, and we didn't see their royal family members come to us. If the old man hadn't saved us, we would have died. Now I see that we have a good life and are worth using. So the royal family members of country a have found us and want to take us back to China for reuse? "

The other side sighed and said: "Lao he, nobody knew that the princess family would be killed in Jiangbei. They were treated in secret, and you and the young lady were missing. When the royal family of state a suspected that the princess's family had sent a lot of human, financial and material resources, but they did not find any clues. After several years of searching, they had to settle down. "

"If we can't find it, then we should be dead. Why do we still need to find it now. Pei Shao, please tell the three princes that I, he Zhi, have not been from country a, and their royal family of country a is no longer the object of my loyalty. Only the old man and the young lady are my masters. " Leaving the cold words, assistant he cut off the call.

What about the royal family of country a? Now he has already obtained the ID card of another country, and he is not a national of country a.

In his memory, when he came to Jiangbei with the princess family more than 20 years ago, the president had only two sons.

The third son was born many years later. He didn't even meet him. Why does the so-called Third Prince want to see him? He wants to see him?

He is a dog loyal to his master, not someone who throws a bone to him, he will be grateful.

Now all his thoughts should be used to deal with Qin Yue. Qin Yue can't shake out the old man's identity. He must help the old man hide his identity and make both the old man and the young lady safe.


Xiao ran was carried away, Qin Yue immediately let people block the amusement park, no one is allowed to enter, but after checking all people did not find Xiao ran.

It's like flying in the sky to catch the little Ranran and disappear in a short time.

Jane is as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, but she can't do anything. Xiao ran stands beside her. She doesn't see her in just a few seconds, and she is carried away. Is that fake old man really so intelligent?

Why does the old man know what they do in advance every time?

When I think of it, Jane turns to look at the strong, silent voice. After Xiao Ran is taken away, he is away for a few minutes. I don't know what to do?

Would it be that he went to inform the news and let go of the person who grabbed Xiaoran?

Jane didn't want to be suspicious, but it happened so suddenly that she was worried about little ran and could not help thinking more.

Perhaps Jane's gaze was too direct and strong. She noticed her gaze and turned to look at her.

They collided in the hollow of their eyes, with a strong smell of gunpowder. After a fierce look at her, they didn't say anything. They turned around and strode out.

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