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Qin Xiaobao was so anxious that she didn't know who to find to listen to her complaints. A call made her see the hope instantly.

She felt that the weather was suddenly not so hot, all the people were still so lovely, even calling her, Mr. Pei, seemed more handsome than before.

Mr. Pei must have been sent by heaven to save her monkey. Otherwise, how could this call be made in time.

Mr. Pei asked her to eat seafood. Qin Xiaobao readily agreed.

More than half an hour later, Qin Xiaobao arrived at Shengshi seafood restaurant, the destination of the date.

Today, Mr. Pei is wearing a suit with clear hair. It looks better than before. It's formal and looks like a beast.

Qin Xiaobao looked at him and joked: "Mr. Pei, you're dressed like a dog. You don't want to pursue me, do you?"

Qin Xiaobao knows that she is excellent and wants to pursue a lot of men. However, she has been attached to her for a long time. These men who love her and secretly love her are doomed to be sad by her.

It's not good to hurt other people's hearts, but it's also a matter of no way. Who let her be so single-minded.

"Eh..." Mr. Pei exclaimed, "I thought I was already pursuing you, and you promised to let me pursue you."

Qin Xiaobao stared at the beautiful Danfeng eyes, shocked and inconceivable. Wen Z

in the middle of the May 8th movement, she always felt that her face was thick enough. She didn't expect that someone else's face was thicker than her. Is this to compete with her for a job?

Misunderstood by such a cheeky person, she can't wash herself even if she jumps into the Yellow River. Why can't she remember when she agreed to his pursuit?

Mr. Pei put Qin Xiaobao's shoulder on one hand, hugged her and walked to the tavern, saying: "don't look at me like that. It's easy to want people to commit crimes. "

Qin Xiaobao smiled smugly and said, "don't flatter me, I can forgive you for talking."

"It's my fault. Miss Qin, you have a large number of adults. Don't worry about me as a man." Mr. Pei smiled and shook his head, sighing in his heart that it's really hard for such a lovely little girl to make him dislike her.

What's more, just after she was born, their parents set a baby parent for them. She is her fiancee. Why can't he like her?

He is the most qualified person in the world to like her.

"For the sake of your helping me, Miss Ben won't mind with you." Qin Xiaobao also reached out to hook up with Mr. Pei's shoulder, but because she was a head shorter than him, she didn't hook it.

"Help?" "What can I do for you?" Mr. Pei asked

"I'm in a bad mood. I'm looking for someone to relieve my boredom. You've come here. That's a great help to me." Qin Xiaobao took his hand off her shoulder and patted him on the shoulder. "Man, call me some other day and promise to call."


What do you call it?

The education of Qin family is not like this. How can we educate a wild child like her.

But as long as Qin Xiaobao is happy, so are you.

He smiled and said, "it's a great honor to help Miss Qin so much. How about a drink with Miss Qin? "

"Would you like to give me medicine in the wine again?" Qin Xiaobao looks at him, and I have seen through your proud expression for a long time.

"The first time I met you, it was a pure misunderstanding. I will never do anything to hurt you again." Mr. Pei seems to speak easily, but he is serious again.

The reason why Qin Xiaobao was drugged that time was that his idea was simple, rough and direct. He is going to directly lay down Qin Xiaobao and forcibly bring her back to country a, so that he can recognize his family.


Later, I thought, if Qin Xiaobao didn't know his life experience and didn't accept his real identity, even if he took her back, what could he do?

She is a grown-up. No one can decide her affairs except herself.

So he changed his strategic policy, first approached her, made friends with her, and then tried to let her know her life experience.

Let her accept her original identity, and then take her back to country a to recognize her ancestry.

"You have no chance to hurt Miss Ben any more." Qin Xiaobao stared at him and said, "find a private room. I don't feel at ease if I want to eat. "

"Miss Qin, this way, please." Mr. Pei immediately pretended to be a waiter and led Qin Xiaobao to the room he had already reserved.

As soon as Qin Xiaobao was seated, he asked, "Miss Qin, can you tell me why you are not happy?"

Qin Xiaobao threw him a big white eye: "women are not happy is not happy, do you need any reason?"

"That's right." Mr. Pei nodded and agreed with Qin Xiaobao, "if you want to get drunk, I will accompany you."

"You want to do it to me when I'm drunk?" Qin Xiaobao's face is the same as your idea. I know it very well. Don't be paranoid.

Mr. Pei smiled and didn't contradict. He had been with her several times, and he also transferred her previous information.

He can't say that he knows her character 100%, but he also knows that she is so proud and confident that she never hides it.

As a member of the royal family of country a, she was originally noble, proud and confident, which should be inherited from her mother.

"Mr. Pei, I know I'm so popular, but it's not my fault." Qin Xiaobao took out a mirror and looked at me. He sighed, "I just sympathize with you, but I can't get my response."

Mr. Pei: "..."

It's too proud.

Qin Xiaobao smiled at himself in the mirror and said, "but if you think about it again, you are secretly in love with me. That's also your vision. Later, take it out and say, "such and such a superstar is my goddess. Others will think that you are not blind, and know what kind of talent is beautiful."

Mr. Pei: "..."

It's not only proud but also stinky. Did you learn it from the Qin family?

Mr. Pei doesn't speak. Qin Xiaobao is not satisfied. He glares at her severely: "are you acquiescence or disapproval when you don't speak?"

Mr. Pei looked at Qin Xiaobao and fixed his eyes on her. He said softly, "Xiaobao says beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like you. You are more beautiful in my heart than Xishi. I don't know if I don't like it. "

Qin Xiaobao said with a smile: "I love to hear this, and I have a reward"

this sweet mouth can be sold. Qin Xiaobao's heart is full of joy.

Today, the sullen stomach that was blocked by Jianran and grandpa Qin disappeared in an instant.

People should be optimistic.

Because one thing is not happy, you can't feel that the whole world owes you the same.

This is Qin Xiaobao's motto

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