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It's easy to prove who is related to Qin Yue and Qin Xiaobao. O

Qin Yue asked people to take the old man's hair and do DNA pairing test in the fastest time. Now the comparison results are in his hands. The as like as two peas in the face of

, which is almost unfortunate for Qin Yue, is not the real grandfather of


And the grandfather who loves him, has always taught him that the Qin family man must stand up to the sky, love his wife, conquer the vast starry sky, and must first keep one side of the sky in his heart, which has already disappeared from his life.

More than 20 years, more than 20 years But he didn't even realize that grandpa was alive or dead. He didn't know

"Grandpa" - " almost came out of the chest of Qin and Yue. It was so sad.

Standing at the top, overlooking the international metropolis of Jiangbei, Qin Yue has no pleasure in conquering.

Things will soon come to an end, and one side of his heart seems to have collapsed.

His grandfather was replaced by others. As the most beloved younger generation of his grandfather, it took him 20 years to find out the abnormality.

He stood upright, and after a long time, his figure suddenly moved, and his fist hit the glass window in front of him.

He hated, hated the old man who pretended to be Grandpa, but hated himself even more.

I hate why I didn't find any abnormality. I don't even know if my grandfather is alive or dead.

Liu Yong knocks on the door and comes in, saying, "President Qin, everything is going well according to your plan."

Qin Yue still looked at the distance and said, "Lingfei, if you can arrange more people, you must guarantee her 100% safety."

Liu Yong is a little proud of lingfeiyu, because he came up with the idea.

He smiled and said: "President Qin, you can rest assured. Miss Ling's side is very cooperative. As long as we deal with this matter, she will never come out and let no one doubt the identity of the kidnapped "Lingfei language"

It's not that there are undercover agents around Qin Yue, as Jane thought, but that they noticed when Qin Yue sent someone to pick up Qin's hair last night.

Qin Yue suddenly sends someone to take the old man's hair. They can surely guess that Jane has handed the evidence to Qin Yue.

At that moment, assistant he once again proposed to use Lingfei language to threaten Jianran, and immediately informed people to catch Lingfei language.

The process of catching lingfeiyu is very smooth. It's like a game played by someone waiting for their people to enter the urn.

However, the men who arrested "lingfeiyu" did not find any abnormality, and took away the "lingfeiyu" that Qinyue wanted them to catch.

After hearing Liu Yong's report, Qin Yue was silent for a long time, and then said, "did you look for those two old rings?"

Liu Yong replied respectfully, "those two rings are two chips in themselves. If Xiao Qinghe didn't make people disorderly, we could read the data in the chips faster. Now it will take some time to repair."

Qin Yue looked out into the distance and said without looking back: "hurry up. In three days, I want an answer to everything."

Xiaobao, fake old man

Qin Yue asked Xiaobao to come back to make another DNA comparison between her and the fake old man.

The DNA comparison between Xiaobao and the fake old man should be able to match.

Now Qin and Yue still need to prove how the fake old man turned into grandpa?

Is his real identity the father of Xiaobao, who should have been executed a long time ago?

Or Qin Xiaobao's grandfather who can't be found so far?


I don't know why. After hearing what Jane said at noon, Qin Xiaobao's heart has been uneasy.

She chose to believe in Grandpa Qin, but she was worried that her favorite Grandpa would become a cruel man.

Thinking of these things, Qin Xiaobao is not standing, not sitting No matter what you do, you can't calm down.

Not long at home, Qin Xiaobao decided to go to the farm to find grandpa and talk with him about the interesting things that happened recently. Maybe she would not be confused.

When he came to the farm, Qin Xiaobao saw that his grandfather was lying on the couch, resting. He closed his eyes tightly, breathed evenly, and seemed to sleep soundly.

Qin Xiaobao took a stool and sat beside Grandpa, taking a fan and gently fanning for him.

Grandpa's hair is almost silver, the wrinkles on his face are deeper and deeper, and his voice is not as loud and powerful as before.

Although she said every day that Grandpa looked younger and younger, she still had to admit that time left too many traces on Grandpa.

Grandpa is old, especially in recent years. He seems to grow old very fast, as if he has something in his heart. As his granddaughter, she can't help him.

"Here comes Xiao Bao."

Hearing grandpa Qin's voice, Qin Xiaobao knew that Grandpa Qin woke up, and found that he had just looked at Grandpa, and even thought deeply.

"Grandpa, Xiao Bao will accompany you. Talk with you, talk with you. " Qin Xiaobao gathers up and gives grandpa Qin a big hug.

"Xiaobao, all right." The old man patted Xiaobao on the back and smiled kindly, "Xiaobao, when Grandpa sees you, he has no worries. As soon as I see you, I will feel that all things are not so important, as long as you are well with Grandpa.

Qin Xiaobao said sweetly, "Grandpa, Xiaobao will definitely spend more time with you in the future."

"Xiaobao." Grandpa Qin felt Qin Xiaobao's head and said softly, "Grandpa is old, and I don't know how many years he will live. If Grandpa is gone and our Xiaobao hasn't found a satisfactory object, what should we do? "

Speaking of the object, Qin Xiaobao must think of Zhan Nianbei as the first one. She whispered, "Grandpa, what do you think of Zhan Nianbei?"

Grandpa Qin thought for a moment and said, "Zhan Nianbei was very young, so he was able to sit in the first position in Jiangbei military region. Naturally, he had no words about his ability."

Hearing grandpa Qin praising and reading north, Qin Xiaobao was very happy and nodded: "Grandpa, Xiaobao is the same with you. So Xiaobao will work hard to make zhannianbei your grandson-in-law. "

"Xiaobao, it's not good to fight in the north." Grandpa Qin suddenly snapped, and Qin Xiaobao was scared by him.

"Grandpa, do you disagree because he is my little uncle?" Qin Xiaobao bit his lips and said wrongly, "I'm not my mother's own child. I have no blood relationship with Zhan Nianbei. Why can't we be together? You used to want to make do with me and brother wood. "

Grandpa Qin said seriously, "you don't need to know why. Just remember that he can't. No matter how good he is

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