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Ling Feiyu is Jane's best friend, and Xiao Ran is Jane's only child. The importance of them to Jane can be imagined.

Jane would rather trade her life for the safety of another, but it is impossible to trade one of them for the other.

Such a simple thing in Jane's heart is very thorough. He assistant who called her followed the fake old man. How could he not understand this truth.

Jane also understood that assistant he didn't really want her to exchange lingfeiyu with him, but wanted to revenge her.

If she really foolishly sent Xiaoran to exchange lingfeiyu, then none of them would come back completely.

They kidnapped Feiyu to threaten her and revenge her to make her understand that she made a wrong decision from the moment she didn't listen to them.

"Give me a good service to Miss Ling"

in the mobile phone, the bleak voice of assistant he reached Jane's ear again, and then Jane seemed to hear the fist sound and the scream of Ling Fei's words.

"Don't touch her. We can discuss something." Jane grabbed the phone, bit her teeth and tried to speak in a calm voice.

assistant did not pay attention to Jane, but said directly, "I heard that Miss Ling is pregnant. Has the final say that you can keep this child?"

"What's his surname and so on..." "Don't touch her, I'll replace my daughter," she said

"Ha ha..." Assistant he chuckled grimly. After a long time, he stopped and said, "Miss Jane, do you really think we are fools? Would you trade your daughter for this woman? "

"But baby, where are you? The little aunt is back. Can't you come out to pick up her? "

Jianran is trying to say something. Qin Xiaobao's loud voice suddenly comes from the outside of the room. Jianran and he assistant at the other end of the phone hear it at the same time.

"Miss Jane, I'll play here with you today. We'll continue some other day. Don't talk about it to the young lady, or you will be responsible for the consequences. " If you leave, assistant he hangs up.

Listen to the busy tone of the beep of the mobile phone, and Jane is in a hurry to smash the mobile phone in her hand.

Lingfei's words are in their hands. He hangs up the phone, which makes Jane feel that her only contact with Lingfei's words is broken.

Just as Jane raised her hand to smash her cell phone, she suddenly got a flash of inspiration and thought of the last sentence that assistant he had just said.

Why is assistant he so worried about Qin Xiaobao knowing this?

Jianran just replied that using Xiaoran to exchange Lingfei's words was just a slow move. She wanted to buy time to inform Qin and Yue to find a way together. Wen Z

in the middle of the May 8th movement, Xiao Bao suddenly appears, which makes Jane think of another possibility. Is it related to Xiao Bao?

Jane remembers that the old man tried desperately to bring Qin Yue and Qin Xiaobao together. He remembers grandpa Qin's love for Xiaobao and assistant he's respectful and meek when he saw Xiaobao.

Jane didn't spend a long time with them, but she can still see who is good to whom from the heart and who is good to whom is pretending.

Qin Xiaobao is lively and hateful -

they want Qin Xiaobao to live in her own pure world all the time, and they want her to live happily all the time.

They certainly don't want to leave such unclean things as kidnapping threat in Qin Xiaobao's memory, so they are afraid that Xiaobao knows what they have done.

According to the care degree of the fake old man to Qin Xiaobao, if it can be confirmed that Feiyu was caught by them, then let Xiaobao to save people, is the effect better?

"But baby, let my aunt hold me. I think you can't eat any more these days."

"Little aunt, a thousand dollars for hugging."

"My little financial fan, isn't it five hundred yuan? I haven't seen you for a few days. You've raised your price again. You're getting more and more money making

Qin Xiaobao and xiaoranan are talking outside the room. Just listen to xiaoranan's tone, you can hear it. Xiaoranan likes this aunt very much.

Jane listened, clenched her mobile phone, and wanted to go to Qin Xiaobao.

But Jane didn't do anything to let Xiao Bao know the dirty work done by those people. In order to cover up the traces, they are likely to kill people.

At the moment when Jane hesitated, the mobile phone in her hand rang again. She picked it up and looked at it. On the screen of the mobile phone was a number that she could not be familiar with any more.

Seeing this familiar mobile phone number, it's easy to see Qin Yue's beautiful face, as if Qin Yue is watching her tenderly.

"Hello?" A "hello" word exit, Jane found that his voice trembled, not look like, long ago did not face the kind of calm and self-reliance when he assistant.

"Just don't be afraid. No matter what happens, you should remember that you have me. I will deal with the affairs of Feiyu, and I will not let her have any problems. "

Or the familiar old saying, or the familiar low sexy voice.

As if he could always predict, whenever she did not know what to do, Qin and Yue would appear in various ways around Jane.

"Qinyue --"

"well, I'm here."

Cold, fear, panic

When hearing Qin Yue's low and sexy voice, all the disturbing factors leave her simple body little by little.

She took a deep breath and smiled, "Qinyue, thank you really."

"I'm your husband." When hearing the words "thank you" from Jane, Qin Yue repeated the answer many times.

After a pause, he said, "Xiaobao is home?"

"Well, just arrived." Jane nodded and said, "how do you know she's back?"

After asking this question, Jane found out how silly she was. Their brother sister relationship was so good. When Xiaobao went home, Qin Yue knew it was not strange.

At the moment when Jane was chagrined at her silly question, she heard Qin Yue's very serious answer: "I let him come back."

"Oh..." Even though the person across the phone couldn't see her movements, Jane nodded.

"Jane ran..."


"You use your cell phone to call the old man and let Xiao Bao talk to him."

"Do you want Xiaobao to help save Feiyu?" Jane shook her head and said excitedly, "he just warned me not to tell Xiaobao. I immediately asked Xiaobao to call them, in case they were annoyed -- "" in short, lingfeiyu would be OK. "

"She's pregnant, she's beaten, she's going to be in trouble at any time, and I'm not going to risk her life." At the thought of lingfeiyu, Jane was worried again, completely forgetting what Qin Yue had just said to him.

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