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Under Ryan's gaze, the sweat in Amy's palms flowed out through her fingers and her body trembled indiscernibly.

Even Carol, who was slow in reacting, sensed something was wrong. The smile on her face stiffened and she dared not speak again.

"Pitiful?" A hint of light flashed across Ryan's dark eyes, and his voice was like the winter icy snow, chilled to the bone.

He would show them who was pitiful soon.

Amy shivered with fear. He did not say anything cruel, but she was strangely uneasy and terribly frightened.

"Mr. Howard, I..." She forced a smile and tried to defend herself. But when she met his cold and frightening eyes, her throat seemed to be blocked by a lump, and she couldn't say anything.

All that remained was rampant unease.

Carol didn't face Ryan, but she didn't dare to speak and her limbs couldn't stop feeling weak by the cold air around him and his piercing manner.

But she really didn't understand. Wasn't Mr. Howard angry with Jessica that bitch? Why he still looked so angry after the bitch had gone?

Ryan gave a cold snort and didn't look at them again. He walked to the front of the car on his long legs, opened the door and got in the car.

She would be dead. Mr. Howard seemed really angry! When the thought ran through Amy's mind, her face turned paler. She ran to the Rolls-Royce on a few steps and tapped on the window.

It was Carol the idiot who stirred up trouble and abused Jessica obliquely. She didn't do anything, or say anything, so Mr. Howard shouldn't have blamed it on her!

But Ryan did not give her a chance to explain. The car suddenly started and sped away, scraping against her body. Her face changed in horror and she stumbled backward, and then she had her heels twisted and fell to the ground, which made her look so embarrassed.

"Amy." Carol hastened to help her and said worriedly, "Are you all right?"

Thinking of that scene a moment ago, Amy still had a lingering fear. She pushed Carol away, and said sharply, "How could I be all right? You've screwed me up! Why did you laugh at Jessica in front of Mr. Howard just now?"

She was furious, so after she stood up awkwardly, she gave Carol a slap across the face with hate.

It was this stupid woman that annoyed Mr. Howard!

Carol's face was slanting to one side because of the slap. She was confused and said with grievance, "What I did is for you. The paparazzo always bullies you on set. We can let Mr. Howard help you vent your anger. What did I do wrong?"

Listening to this, Amy had a lump in the throat that she couldn't throw it up or swallow it and made her feel really uncomfortable.

If she was really Mr. Howard's girlfriend, it would be fine, but Mr. Howard just let her pretend to be his girlfriend. And he warned her not to provoke Jessica!

But she would never let Carol know about it.

"After all, Jessica was his mistress. You belittled her like that. Isn't that an indirect way of belittling Mr. Howard? If you annoy Mr. Howard, do you still want to stay in the industry?"

It turned out that Amy was concerned about her, and worried that she would offend him.

The little grievance and resentment in her mind vanished. She touched her painful face and said, "Thanks for your concern. But don't worry."

She looked around, walked up to her, and whispered, "Do you remember that explosion on the set?"

"Of course I remember. Didn't you do that?"

"No, I didn't. Mr. Howard did it. I was made the scapegoat for it. Otherwise, how do you think I got all these great resources lately? Mr. Howard wanted to kill that bitch. How can he care about her?"

Little did Amy know that this was the truth of the matter. It took her a long time to get over the shock. The corners of her mouth couldn't stop rising.

The reason why Mr. Howard warned her not to provoke Jessica was just to test her feelings and make her jealous.

Eyes downcast, she looked a little shy. He really cared about her.

Originally she was worried about how to get rid of the suspicion if the thing was exposed tomorrow. Now it seemed that she didn't have to think about it at all.

The woman that Mr. Howard cared about most was her.

Clara followed Jessica into the room and couldn't help asking, "Jessie, they laugh at you like that. Can you stand it?"

"What if I don't stand it?" Thinking of Ryan's impassive and sarcastic look, Jessica smiled bitterly. If only her eldest brother were here. He would never let her suffer from injustice.

Clara jumped on the bed and put an arm around her neck, "Mr. Howard is your brother. You should let him help you prove your identity to make them eat crow!"

It was so unfair to endure.

Jessica heaved a heavy sigh, and said in a low spirit, "My brother was beside us, but did you see he was going to help me?"

Not really.

Mr. Howard could solve the problem with a word, but he didn't help Jessica after Amy and Carol had provoked them for such a long time.

Clara looked at Jessica sympathetically.

"That's reason." Jessica shrugged and hid the desolation and self-mockery in her eyes. She was asking an insult if she continued to argue with them.

She didn't want to continue to talk about it, so she opened her suitcase and put some defensive stuff such as the pepper spray, alarm buzzer and electric baton in the small backpack she used to carry with her.

Tomorrow she would have to go to meet Alex. If he dared to do anything wrong she would treat him with these stuff!

The next day,

They were shooting Amy and Jessica's scenes the whole morning. But perhaps Amy was afraid of being scolded by the director; she didn't make any trouble for her. The shooting went smoothly.

Just during the shooting, Amy looked at Jessica from time to time, with a meaningful smile. That kind of malicious look made Jessica feel very uncomfortable.

However, her brother was now partial to Amy, so she did not dare to provoke her again, in case her brother would be offended.

Therefore, she ignored her proud manner which was like a small man intoxicated by success.

After the shooting, Jessica went through her mobile phone and found that there were dozens of missed calls, all from Alex.

She pinched her eyebrows irritably and called him back.

Before she spoke, Alex said aggressively, "I have made so many phone calls, but why didn't you answer? Jessica, are you fooling me?"

"I'm shooting on set, not going for sightseeing. Do you think I'm wandering around like you?" Jessica said grumpily.

If he didn't have those pictures in his hand, she wouldn't want to see this scum at all!

"Don't be angry. I was worried you wouldn't see me. I've been waiting in the third dressing room for over two hours. When will you come here?"

Alex seemed to be afraid that she would regret it, so he softened his tone immediately.

"I'll be right there. Don't hurry me!" Jessica was disinclined to listen to him. She hung up the phone directly and looked down to tidy up the stuff in her backpack.

"Alex?" Clara leaned over and said worriedly, "I'll go with you."

Clara wasn't at ease about it after she thought about it again and again.

Alex was a real villain. What if he had any evil idea?

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