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Carol finally had a chance to defeat Jessica, she wouldn't give up so easily. And she thought Amy dissuaded her just because she was shy.

She patted Amy's hand, and said in a considerate manner, "Amy, Mr. Howard is here. What are you afraid of? If you continue to keep such a low profile, there will only be more and more mistress like Jessica who pestered him shamelessly!"

Every time when Carol said a word, Ryan's look became colder. His eyes were covered with frost and he glanced at her coolly.

His gaze was so oppressive that Carol noticed it soon. When she turned her head, she happened to meet his sullen eyes and was startled.

But she became happy secretly soon. As expected, Mr. Howard really cared his girlfriend Amy, and he was not happy now. Jessica this bitch was finally snookered!

Clara's face darkened already. She said angrily, "Who is mistress? Jessica is Mr. Howard's sister!"

"You dare to lie in front of Mr. Howard. What a nerve!" Carol crossed her arms over her chest and her eyes were full of disdain. She really didn't know how Clara had become the chief editor with her dull brain!

Jessica turned to look at Ryan. He still stood coldly in the same place, and his face looked cold. And it seemed that he didn't want to speak up for her at all.

She pressed her lips together, and her heart was filled with bitterness. Between her and Amy, her brother had chosen Amy without the slightest hesitation as expected.

"Well, Clara." Jessica stopped Clara, who had rolled up her sleeves and wanted to beat Carol. She did not want to stay here to ask for an insult. "Let's go. I'm tired."

She turned to leave.

When Carol saw that she gave in, her eyes were full of pride. She took a few steps forward and grabbed Jessica tightly. "Jessica, don't you always say that Mr. Howard is your brother? Now Mr. Howard is here, so you can..."

"Shut up." Ryan's cold voice interrupted her.

Carol did not expect to be scolded, so she was stunned all of a sudden. "Mr., Mr. Howard?"

She was helping his girlfriend. What was he doing?

"Noisy." Ryan frowned indiscernibly, and his sullen eyes were on her hand which was grabbing Jessica tightly.

He couldn't bear to make Jessica feel sad. How did this woman dare?

Carol was not quite at ease. Before she realized that, her first instinct was to let Jessica go. The look in Ryan's eyes made her feel afraid of being swallowed up.

Then Ryan's eyes fell on Jessica, which looked darker. "Dumb? Why not to talk?"

She didn't even know to strike back when she was being bullied? Did she forget everything he had taught her?

"I'm sorry to interrupt my bro...Mr. Howard's date with your girlfriend, but I'll be leaving soon."

When other people bullied her in front of him, he didn't help her but yelled at her?

But yes, she was not a pleasant sister, so how could she compare with the woman he loved, and the friend of the woman he loved?

Listening to that, Ryan's face became gloomier. His eyes clouded over with anger. He was dating other woman, and instead of feeling unhappy, Jessica was afraid of disturbing him.


His thin lips curved with sarcasm. "You are considerate. Do I need to thank you?"

"...No, I'm supposed to." She just didn't mean to disturb their date, but he was so angry. Now she knew that this girlfriend Amy was so important to him.

Jessica's heart seemed to be weighed down by something so heavy that she could hardly breathe. She bit her lip and turned into the hotel, without looking at Ryan, the man with an aloof face.

Clara was confused about the squabbles between siblings. She bent lower after she carefully glanced at Ryan who had an air of coldness.

"Mr., Mr. Howard, we leave now, good...goodbye."

She stammered and hastened to catch up with Jessica.

God! The look of Mr. Howard was frightening!

Looking at those two people who avoided him like the plague without expression, Ryan's eyes clouded over with coldness. Jessica was so close to the actor named Chris, but she was anxious to get away from him as far as possible.

Seeing that, Carol thought Ryan hated Jessica in particular because of Amy. Her eyes were full of schadenfreude. She hastened to add.

"Mr. Howard, you are not on set, and you're so busy that you may not know. Jessica told everybody on set that you are his brother. She wants to profit from the name of the Howards!"

"But it is a well-known fact that the Howards don't have a daughter. And Jessica is telling a stupid lie. Her last name is Rosen, so how could she be a member of the Howards. She's making a fool of everybody, but we don't believe it."

Carol did not pay any attention to Amy who kept winking at her and said contemptuously.

Amy couldn't help swallowing when she looked at Ryan's frosty look. She tried not to let Ryan notice her presence and swore at Carol inwardly.

Couldn't this fool read her eyes?

"Really?" There was only one word, but it accompanied by a chill, which was extremely cold.

Amy consciously contracted her neck, and moved a few steps aside. Even her breathing became light unconsciously, and her forehead kept sweating.

However, Carol was fearless and more excited than before. She involved Amy in it. "Yes, yes! Amy also told me on the way that the people on set still keep mentioning this matter and laugh at Jessica! Isn't that right, Amy?"

Jessica could provoke anybody except Mr. Howard's girlfriend. According to Mr. Howard's look, he should probably kick that bitch out of the entertainment industry.

Thinking of that, in the depths of her eyes was full of pride and resentment.

That was the price that bitch should pay for robbing her of her part!

Amy was called by name suddenly. Her face turned pale and the cold sweat ran down her forehead.

"You're on the set, you know better than she does, right? Everyone on the set made fun of Jessica?" The dim light fell on Ryan's straight and tall figure. His handsome face was lost in the darkness.

But his voice was piercingly cold.

His beloved woman was laughed at by everybody.

Ryan looked at Amy with a tilt of his head.

His fair face appeared from the shadows, and his eyes looked cold.

His gaze made Amy's blood run cold. Her palms were sweaty and her heart beat as fast as it would burst out of her chest.

She swallowed, lowered her head, and said softly, "It was the others who laughed at Jessica. I didn't mean to laugh at her. In fact, she used to be a paparazzo, which was quite pitiful."

"It's understandable that she was anxious to find support for herself after she became an actress. She's probably too desperate, and that's why she told such a lame lie."

But she couldn't help clenching her fists.

Jessica that bitch was brainless, didn't come from a privileged background, and her character was not pleasing. She really didn't know why Mr. Howard would take a fancy to her.

Listening to this, Ryan's cool and thin lips were pressed together tight. His eyes were filled with coldness and rage. He gave a sneer. His frosty eyes swept over Amy and Carol, and his face even became more sullen.

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