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Think too badly of him? He had cuckolded her for so many times. He had harassed her and made unfounded countercharges. And now he actually had the nerve to say that she thought too badly of him?

Jessica took a deep breath, trying to speak gently, "Fine. I am now at the exit of the set. Come and meet me. And delete those photos in front of me."

But it was not easy to handle Alex.

"After all, we had been in love for years. Jessie, I am so sad that you are so anxious to get rid of me." Alex's voice dropped, and his words were tinged with sadness.

He also knew that they had been in love for years? Then why didn't he think about their relationship when he was making love with those women?

Jessica was so angry that she gnashed her teeth, but she had to take responsibility for her own folly. "Then tell me, what do you want?"

Alex did not answer directly, but sighed. "You're good in all aspects, but you take things too seriously. I was merely playing with those women. In fact, I still love you."

"Think how much I did for you when I chased you. How could you break up with me for such a trivial matter?"

Trivial matter?

He had gone to bed with other women. Was that a trivial matter?

She took a deep breath, refrained from swearing, and said impatiently, "No? Then you don't have to!"

"You can put those pictures on the Internet, and then I'll expose all the nasty things you've done. None of us will be all right!"

Come on, just hurt each other! Did he think she's afraid of him?

Alex was afraid when he heard her words. He was just the child of an ordinary family, so if the dirt was exposed and he couldn't be an actor anymore, how could he get the money to buy cars, buy houses and play with women?

His eyes were filled with malevolence, but he had never been so gentle when he spoke. "Don't worry, Jessie. You are my most beloved woman. How can I release these photos to destroy your reputation?"

"Well, let's have dinner together tomorrow, and I'll delete the photos in front of you, okay?"

Alex had such a good attitude suddenly, so Jessica felt a bit nervous. What the hell was he up to?

She frowned and said, "No, what if you set a trap for me in the restaurant?"

Alex seemed to have anticipated that she would say so, and he answered without hesitation. "Then I'll go to the dressing room to meet you. Is that all right? But I'll only meet you. If there is anyone else, I won't delete the photos."

The set was her home field. He couldn't play tricks. So she agreed directly and hung up.

But he asked her out so suddenly. What was he doing? Was he really remorseful, and he only wanted to see her ?

After hearing the story, Clara frowned tightly. "Jessie, I think something is wrong. Why don't you talk to your brother and let him deal with it."

If it was before yesterday, in order to prevent Alex from playing a dirty trick, she would ask her brother for help. But the thought of his saying, 'I never said I wanted you to be my sister,' made her heart ache and her lips pale.

He originally did not like her as his sister. Now, because Amy was stirring up trouble between them, he hated her more. How could he help her?

"What's wrong? You look so upset?" Clara pinched her cheek and lifted the corner of her mouth upward, who was kind of worried.

"I'm fine. I'm just so angry with the scum!" Jessica slapped her hand away, hid the gloom in her eyes and said with a big smile, "Don't worry. I'll meet him on set. He can't reach that far!"

"That's true. Besides, Alex is a brainless coward. I don't think he can do anything!" Clara also thought she was making a mountain out of molehill.

"..." It was this brainless coward who had fooled her when they had been in love.


They went back to the hotel by car.

When she got off the car, Jessica saw a Rolls-Royce parked on the left of the hotel gate. The car looked dignified and deep, like a dormant beast in the dark night, with a frightening air.

According to plate number, it belonged to her brother.

Jessica pressed her lips together, ignored it and walked straight to the hotel.

Obviously, he was here to see Amy. Why would she be the third wheel?

But Clara didn't know what had happened between them. After seeing the car, her eyes lit up and she waved at Jessica, "Jessie, Mr. Howard is here! Come on, he must be looking for you!"

She was afraid of Mr. Howard, but it did not conflict with her wish to see him! He was such a handsome and stoic CEO that he was an inspiration for her novel!

"..." Jessica stiffened and looked pale. How did she forget the time bomb Clara?

At this moment, the Rolls-Royce's door was opened and a tall man got off.

He was wearing a dark blue suit with slender and straight legs wrapped in it, and his handsome face showed no emotion at all. He was aloof and dignified with an oppressive air.

He stood by the car, expressionless, looked at Jessica with dark staring eyes, and nobody could know what he was thinking.

Jessica's palms were covered with sweat under his gaze. She felt a little nervous, but she bit her lip and didn't say anything. The word 'brother' like a fishbone stuck in her throat, it could not come out and could not go down, which made her feel uncomfortable.

That saying 'I never said I wanted you to be my sister' occupied her mind.

Clara did not dare to breathe heavily because of Ryan's aggressive manner. She regretted now. If she had known, she would have pretended not to see!

"Mr., Mr. Howard. What a coincidence. Are you waiting for Jessie?"

As soon as she stopped, the door of the BMW beside them was opened, and Amy and Carol got off.

Amy was wearing an orange down jacket. Her curly hair fell over her shoulders. When she faced him, her beautiful face flushed red.

She had seen him many times, but every time when she saw him, she was still dazzled by him.

She had never seen such a handsome man. Every line of him was like the perfect curve carved by a sculptor, which was impeccable.

"Clara, you must have misunderstood." Carol looked sidelong at Jessica and said proudly, "Ryan's girlfriend is Amy. He is waiting for Amy. How could it be Jessica?"

Amy did not expect her to say so. Thinking of Ryan's warning to her, her face turned pale immediately. She unconsciously looked at Ryan who looked aloof. When she found his face fell, her heart was in her mouth instantly.

He had warned her not to make a show of authority in front of Jessica!

"Carol, stop it."

If Mr. Howard was dissatisfied with her because of this stupid person, she would never let her off!

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