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After he took her to the door of the house, he might use a particularly strong force when pulling the handbrake. The sound of the "creak" handbrake was harsh in the quiet compartment, and it was annoying.

He said, "Get off."

Alice turned her head to look at his cold face and asked him, "Aren't you going home?" Even if he was angry with her, didn't he miss his son?

His answer made Alice sad, "This is your home."

Alice drew a breath and glared at him, but he didn't look at her at all. "Get out of the car. I'm busy."

Alice stretched out her hands to the sleeves of his black shirt and coquettishly, "Don't go to find Dr. Ran."

Benjamin was finally willing to turn his head to look at her. He knew that her coquettishness meant that don't ask for troubles when troubles don't ask for you. But there were something that he let go.

Deep eyes fixed on her for a moment, and the hurt on her face made him distressed. "He asked you out, right?"

Therefore, he didn't discuss this matter. He had to go to that person to settle down this.

"But ..." Alice still didn't want to let him go. John Ran was clearly prepared this time. Regarding for age and experience, they were not John Ran's opponents at all.

Benjamin looked at her cheek with an angry look. "I can't bear you being touched a little bit, how could he make you look like this? Shouldn't I go to him?"

His words and expressions protecting her made Alice's eyes red, she looked at him with tears and smiles, and stretched out her hands against his sturdy chest, "When did you learn to say such nice words, I never found out that you would touch me so much. "

Benjamin was speechless. He was very angry now, and he was telling the truth, not to please her, but at the moment he saw her hurt, he could not wait to kill John Ran.

He Benjamin never allowed anyone to hurt her at all, and didn't ask him why he can bully her, it was because of love. Few people can understand.

Benjamin's big hand was gently clasped behind her neck, and touched her earlobe, which seemed to be saying to her, 'Be calm. He will be back soon. '

Alice still didn't want him to go to John Ran. After all, thinking carefully, as if everything had been inseparably related to John Ran.

Whatever the cause of the start, if things continued, they will only lose out, and even involve more people.

Alice stood at the door and watched Benjamin's car drive away. Even if there was no injury on her face, he and John Ran would meet sooner or later.

She thought Benjamin would come back at night, but she waited all night and he hadn't returned yet. She lay in bed all night and tossed and turned around, and wanted to call him, but she was afraid she might wake him up.

She didn't know how she stayed up all night. The little guy woke up early, and she fed him a little milk, and asked the nanny to take care of her baby. She anxiously called Benjamin.

The phone was quickly connected, and the person over there was drowsily teasing her, "You miss me so early? Wouldn't you stay up all night for missing me, would you?"

Alice's last night's worries had instantly turned into anger. She was worried about him last night and didn't close her eyes overnight. In total, he was very fine.

"Benjamin, are you neurotic. Can't you just call me? Do you know I worry about you?"

Alice's roar had made Benjamin sleepless. Her voice made him sober than the alarm clock. It's been a long time not having heard this voice.

The early morning sun shone on his handsome face. He was very charming. He opened the car door, got out of the car, stretched out a long lazy waist, and looked up.

He called her, "Alice ..."

Alice was still angry. "Stop calling my name, I'm angry."

He was facing the sun on his back, and the smile on his face outshone the morning sun. He said, "Go to the window, open the curtains and look down."

Alice complained, "Why listen to you, I don't want to do anything now, I want to sleep, I want to sleep, I want to sleep."

Benjamin smiled and said, "Then you may regret it if you don't do it. You missed such a beautiful scene in the morning, such a pity."

Alice, who was standing by the window, was already curious. The curtains were still co-authored, and she was still thinking, what beautiful scenery can there be outside the window? Did it snow in autumn?

Well, she was really too curious, so she did what he said just now.

This lunatic. Hadn't he been downstairs since last night?

She asked him with joy and distress, "What are you doing so early?"

He looked up and looked at her in front of the window with a smile and didn't tell her that he stayed here last night, "I miss you."

He remembered that when he had dinner with a friend, he heard that if there was a small child in the family, the adult will not go home after midnight. What was the reason? He forgot and didn't know, but he still did so, although he was not superstitious.

After going upstairs, he looked foolishly at Alice who helped him open the door and smiled. Alice glared at him blankly, "Fool."

He smiled. "Did you feel bad?"

"I'm still angry because of you. I didn't close my eyes overnight."

Someone's face thickened instantly, with his long arms around her shoulders, "That's right, e can sleep together."

"..." Who wanted to sleep with him and what was their relationship now? Most ex-husband and ex-wife lived separated.

At breakfast, he laughed at the little guy, and had to leave before dinner was finished because of a phone call.

Alice said, "You're not tired driving now, or you should find a driver."

Benjamin reached out and pinched her small nose. "I'm not that delicate, I'm leaving."

Before they could say a lot of words, he left again.

She didn't know if he saw Dr. Ran or not yesterday. What did they say? Did Benjamin know the request made by Doctor Ran? What did he think?

Where did Doctor Ran and the two of them come from?

There were so many questions. They should have sat together and talked about it. Maybe, Benjamin was deliberately avoiding talking.

Alice had some time to meet with Penny. What she wanted to determine most was whether that person was really John Ran? So whose heart that was donated to Benjamin?

Benjamin's heart-changing operation was taken by Penny. If Penny knew everything from the beginning, then why conceal the truth?

Penny finished writing the surgery report, put down the brand-name pen, closed the case, and then looked up at Alice who had been sitting on the floor of the desk waiting for her for almost two hours.

She knew exactly why Alice was here to find her. She did not want to participate in this matter anymore, but Alice's stubbornness made her wonder how to deal with it.

Penny said, "John and I were first love, but because his family bankrupted overnight and I dumped him. At that time, I was proud and felt that he was not worthy of me. But only later, we met again ... Long-term reunion for lovers who once fell in love was a disaster and there was nowhere to escape. "

"It was only later that I understood that he treated me well in revenge for my departure. I have always been a pawn in his hand and a pawn that he played in the enemy camp."

"The opponent who made his family bankrupt overnight was caused by your father and Benjamin's father."

Alice sat in the taxi on the way home, and repeated those words that Penny said in her mind. She believed that what Penny said was true. She also noticed that every time she said the name of John Ran, Penny' eyes were full of sadness.

They had loved each other so much.

What made Alice uncomfortable was that the love that was deeply will become desperate one day.

Many unsolved mysteries over the past four years have suddenly been cleared, all of which were not accidents, all of which were under the control of a doctor alone.

Alice still couldn't understand, even though he hated her and Benjamin's entire family so much, he still tried to destroy her and Benjamin being together. Why? He had saved her regardless at the expanse of his life? Why on earth? He obviously could not save her.

Alice thought that she had clearly asked about this matter, so Benjamin must have known it last night, so she said, haven't they missed too many beautiful things that they should have over the years.

Alice left Penny's office on the front foot, and a dark shadow appeared in front of Penny.

The man reached out and lifted Penny's delicate chin, and the temperature less voice instantly filled the entire office with low air pressure. "Good job. How can I reward you? "

Penny, who was sitting on a chair, was forced to look up at the man who was making her more and more unfamiliar. She was sad, but in order to stay with him, and be happy, she would do anything no matter what method was used.

She smiled slightly, "Let's accompany me for dinner."

John Ran smiled arrogantly. He lowered his voice and ridiculed wickedly, "Okay, I'll eat you by the way."

Penny's originally relaxed body was tense. She knew that he could do it.

Beside such a person, don't let yourself be too timid, or he'll be harder on you.


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