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Alice still didn't understand, "If you are Dr. Ran, shouldn't you marry Penny? You love her so much."

Dr. Ran in front of him turned his head and looked out the window, chuckling softly, "It doesn't matter who I should marry. The point is, I'm marrying you now, Alice."

He turned sharply and surely at her, as if he had fully grasped her biggest weakness, and he was determined that no matter what the process was, she would eventually marry him.

Alice looked deeply at the familiar and strange man in front of her Except that he was exactly the same as Dr. Ran on the appearance. She felt that he was very strange. Especially he did not have a temperature look.

No matter who he was, there must be a reason for his appearance, "I want to know why you marry me?"

He smiled, and smiled very ironically. He squinted at Alice, who was puzzled by his eyes. "Of course, marriage is to live, and I want to live with you."

His answer was easy, but Alice was obviously not convinced.

Alice knew that if she asked him more, he wouldn't tell her the real reason, and this man, she was still not sure. Was he Dr. Ran?

Alice thought of the crisis now facing Benjamin, calmed down, and decided to talk to him regardless of who he was.

"Was Benjamin's heart transplant your trick?"

He pouted a deep smile and said nothing, and silence was almost the default.

Alice continued to ask him, "Why? He didn't have grudges with you."

Alice's sentence of innocence seemed to infuriate Dr. Ran's resentment at once. His original, unwavering eyes instantly became sharp.

Alice's tentative test continued to ask Dr. Ran, who was about to explode, "So what about me? Is it part of your revenge plan? Why do you have to wait so long? In those three years, you have the opportunity to retaliate against me. Why don't you do it? Say, you are ..."

"Bang" He threw the coffee cup against the floor-to-ceiling window beside him, followed by the fragmentation of the cup scattered on the table, sofa, and floor.

Alice did not expect his reaction would be so great. Even so, he was still clenching his fists, his forehead was bruised, and he was under extreme depressive control.

For a moment, the bright red blood quickly dripped down her cheeks on her beige sweater. .

She took a paper towel and pressed against her cheek, which was scratched by the pieces of glass, without a panic. She looked at the indifferent Dr. Ran sitting opposite and pouted and smiled, "In those three years, we were friends, and I still remember that if I suffered even a little injury, Dr. Ran will be nervous like a major operation. At that time, you must be very hard for pretending like that. "

After speaking, Alice had already stood up. She didn't want to pass out here because of too much blood loss. Before leaving, she said to Dr. Ran, "I will consider the matter of marriage, if this life is destined not to marry Ben. But what is my condition, you should know better than me. "

Alice left the cafe with her coat and bag. The guests and waiters inside just saw the scene where Dr. Ran dropped the cup. Some people whispered quietly, and some simply pointed at her.

These were nothing. She can listen and ignore, and what she wanted most now was Benjamin's health.

As soon as she walked out of the cafe, she found her cell phone in her bag and dialed the number that she knew so well and would never forget.

After Benjamin answered the phone, he sneered at her. "What's wrong? Do you miss me?"

Alice's nasal soreness was obviously, and said, "Yes".

When he heard her voice was not right, Benjamin put down the work at hand, got up, and took the car key to leave the company. "Then I will go home right away."

If it had been before, Alice would have laughed at him, 'Benjamin, you stupid guy. '

Alice controlled her emotions and said to him, "I'll wait for you at the gate of Left Bank Coffee Shop."

Benjamin had already entered the elevator, his eyebrows twisted slightly. "Why to run over there..."

There was a complaint in her mouth, but her heart began to worry, at this time on weekdays, she would take care of the little guy at home.

"Hurry up. I am waiting for you."

As soon as Alice finished talking, Benjamin hurriedly stopped, "I'll be right there, but don't disconnect your phone."

Alice was sitting on the curb on the side of the road. She covered his bleeding face with a kerchief in one hand, and held the mobile phone in the other hand. She stuck the mobile phone to her ear, and nodded.

He called her, "Alice ..."

She replied, "What do you want me to do?"

"Did you watch the news?"

"No." She was lying. In fact she was afraid that he was worried about her.

Benjamin smiled bitterly, "I'm fine."

"Oh." Just fine.

Suddenly another intruder broke the rare spiritual communication between the two of them, "Why didn't you go to the hospital and didn't you feel bleeding?"

Alice looked up at John Ran, who was standing in front of her. Hadn't he left yet? Was he nervous now?

Benjamin, who was coming by car, heard the other male voice, and could not help tightening his hands on the steering wheel. He had a bad feeling in his heart. He stepped on the accelerator on his feet to the end and was very nervous.

Alice said softly to Benjamin on the phone, "Slow down on the road and don't worry, I'll wait for you."

When looking up at John Ran again, his two standard eyebrows were almost pressed together, and she politely and distantly said to him, "Go ahead, I'll wait for Benjamin."

Dr. Ran stared at her half face like a joke, "You're not afraid that you will faint away with too much blood?"

"It's just a scratch on my face. It won't be too much." It's really a trivial matter.

If he was really Dr. Ran, she seemed to found it difficult to accept it. No matter what happened, at that time he did save her life. Was that also a fake?

Seeing that Alice didn't seem to want to go to the hospital right away, he had to hold her wrist and prepare to take her to the hospital.

Although he was sober at this moment that the woman's life and death had nothing to do with him, but he could not turn a blind eye.

He said to himself that the wound was scratched because of him, and he said to himself that it was just a doctor's instinct.

Benjamin rushed in front of Alice. He said nothing and strongly pushed away Dr. Ran's big hand on Alice's wrist. He pulled Alice in the direction of parking.

Dr. Ran turned to look at Benjamin's back with a stubborn look, this self-righteous kid.

After getting in the car, Benjamin didn't ask a word, and hurriedly stepped on the accelerator to drive towards the hospital.

His speed was too fast. Alice said angrily, "You drive slowly. This is a car, not an airplane."

Benjamin didn't slow down a bit because of Alice's words, but just angrily ordered to say, "The farther away from that person, the better."

Alice turned her head to look at Benjamin, who was constantly overtaking in the bustling streets. Even if she had something in mind, she couldn't say it now.

She nodded obediently, "Yes."

The doctor in the hospital frowned after glancing at the wound, and then took a closer look at Alice before saying, "You need a stitch. If you are afraid of pain, you can use anesthetic."

Alice herself didn't expect it to be so serious. Benjamin had a somber face and gazed straight at her. She reached for his hand and he held her little hand in turn, saying angrily, "You deserve it."

Her cheek was stitched with eight stitches. Alice had no courage to look in the mirror. If this was not covered by gauze, can this face still be seen?

Benjamin quickly betrayed his earlier thought, and impatiently asked the doctor, "Will she leave a scar? When should she change the medicine? Are there any precautions?"

"..." The doctor answered his questions one by one.

Benjamin then felt relieved and took Alice away. They both were silent in the car. Alice kept her head down and her fingers crossed, like a child who did something wrong, although she didn't know why she was like this. The injury on her face was not caused by her.

After a while, Benjamin reached out and held Alice's two small hands in his. The deep voice seemed to be extremely depressed in the closed compartment, "Don't pinch yourself."

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