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Benjamin's big foot was deliberately put on Alice's little foot, "To fell the happy life."

Alice didn't speak. Since he was feeling, just let him feel it well. She was a bit sleepy and wanted to sleep.

She heard him say, "I won't marry Molly, anyway."

Alice was half asleep and awake, and her eyelids were too heavy. She couldn't open her. "That's your thing. You don't need to report to me."

"When you are forty years old, and no one wants to marry you, I will marry you." Benjamin swore to Alice, who was about to fall asleep.

Alice smiled bitterly, and her eyes were still closed, but her brain was sober. "Don't, I swear, I will love you in my life, but I don't stay with you."

Benjamin turned her head to look at her, and her low voice was mixed with too much resentment to her. "Then you must tell me when you miss me."

Alice nodded, but still said, "I will try not to miss you."

The corner of his mouth was slightly tilted, which meant that, "When I miss you, you have to see me."

After a long silence, Alice opened her eyes. Under the dim light, his deep eyes were fixed on her momentarily, and their eyes met, she called him, "Benjamin ..."

"Huh?" He was still staring at her, really reluctant to look away.

Alice rebuked him and said, "You are an asshole, an irresponsible asshole. If you do not take responsibility, God will punish you."

Right, he should stay with Alice and the baby anyway, but he was really afraid she would be more painful.

He pouted and smiled, "Alright, let God punish me. I will be a cow and a horse for you in this life.

That night was calm on the surface, and only they could feel the turbulence in their hearts.

Later, for a long time, Benjamin did not appear before Alice's mother and son. He hired her a good nanny to organize her life in an orderly manner, but he was missing.

Janice went to the place where Alice lived, brought a lot of gifts to her child, and bought a good postpartum repair cream for Alice. However, the pride of the young lady did not allow her to say what was in her heart, and she always spoke something wrong.

"I'm here to see the little guy. I'll see you by the way."

Alice nodded and smiled, "I know, but I miss you a little."

"I can't see it, and, finally, I found out why I always hate you."

"Let me know, so I can change it."

"You know it's impossible to be with him. You gave birth to this child. Are you stupid?"

Alice thought for a while, turned to look at Janice who was helping the little guy to stack clothes, and asked her meaningfully, "What about you? Do you want the love that would make you lose everything?"

Janice was stunned by her words for a moment. "Did you hear anything?"

"Maybe." Alice didn't deny.

Janice knew that some things were impossible to hide for a lifetime. As long as the people around them find a little clue, all things will be quickly involved.

"Yuna came back. She found Jim was with me, so Yuna left."

Alice didn't expect she could hear this. "You mean, you and Jim have already arrived ..." She thought it was just as simple as mutual affection.

Janice dropped the freshly washed diaper on Alice and said, "What do you think about you, you can have a baby with someone and you are a single mother."

"He is still my ex-husband now."

Alice's words had not finished, the door opened, and then Ben came in.

Janice gave a narrow smile, and said, "Well, your ex-husband is here, then I'll go."

"Are you not here for dinner?" Alice asked casually, and she wanted to know everything about she and Jim.

Janice grinned, "I'm afraid you think I'm unnecessary."

Benjamin had already walked in, holding a lot of things in his hand, and glanced at Janice, "Just leave after the dinner."

Janice sneered, Alice glared at Benjamin, and Benjamin only looked at the baby who had not seen him for a long time.

Janice would not stay to be a light bulb, Alice sent her to the door, "Then you drive carefully on the road, and you and Jim ..."

Janice suddenly reached out and held Alice's face.. "Close your mouth, believe it or not, I'll stop you with my mouth."

Alice smiled cheerfully, feeling that her body was pulled by another force, and then someone's low voice appeared. "This kind of thing doesn't need to bother Miss Janice."

It's really speechless. In this case, you can smell the sour vinegar.

After Janice left, the auntie took away Janice's juice glass and gave Benjamin a new one.

Alice sat on the corner of the sofa to clean up the clothes that Janice had just helped. "Why does Mr. Chief always have time to visit me?"

Benjamin then shifted his gaze to Alice, smiled and walked to Alice, and said very earnestly but unruly, "I was always waiting for you missing me. But I waited so long that I had to come and tell you, I miss you. "

Alice rolled his eyes at him, "Well, you have a sweet mouth."

Benjamin approached brazenly. It was estimated that his handsome face was almost stuck to Alice's face, and the warm breath splashed on her face.

Alice turned her head and wanted to push him away. It was really life-threatening. He ran to her house suddenly, and looked like a rutting wolf.

As a result, she turned her head, which just happened to be in the best posture for him. And then he didn't let her go and kissed her.

"Hey, oh, Benjamin ..."

Should he be so anxious? There were others in the house, hearing other footsteps, Alice's face turned red, and the free hand pinched him in his strong waist.

The babysitter covered her mouth and grinned, and pushed the little baby to another room, leaving time and space for the pair of newly married ex-husband and ex-wife.

For a long time, the lips were divided.

Benjamin's contentedly gazing at Alice, who was annoyed and panted by him.

"Suddenly full of energy, I can fight monsters outside by myself."

Alice then glared at him. After hearing what he said, her heart was still astringent. After staring at him for a while, she smiled lightly. She was stuffy and speechless.

Benjamin leaned his head on Alice's shoulder, and asked her complicatedly, "If I have nothing, can I still protect you?"

Alice didn't know what he wanted to say or how to answer him, but intuitively she felt that he had been very tired and hard.

Not long after, Joan came to Alice. This time, she was very calm, and said a lot calmly. Alice also listened quietly for a long time.

Afterwards, Alice met Molly, and Molly's attitude was obvious. It didn't matter. As long as Benjamin nodded, of course she would not refuse. On the contrary, if Benjamin didn't nod, she would not force him.

Perhaps from the sudden death of her father four years ago to the uninterrupted accident that followed, it had been a long-planned plot.

In the headline news, the son of the former mayor George and the former executive Joan of Joan Group', Benjamin, illegally obtained vital body organs a year ago. At the time, the family of the so-called brain-dead donor had already sued him

When Alice saw this news, she felt very funny. The heart was obviously Dr. Ran's, and Dr. Ran signed the donation consent long before the car accident.

But who can tell her that the Dr. Ran, who was on the TV screen at this moment, was a man or a ghost?

Why was he the guardian of that donor? Why was he now confirmed that he was threatened by Benjamin's family?

Was this person really Dr. Ran who saved her life at the expense of his own life?

So, when Alice received the call that she was familiar with, she answered, but she didn't understand why the voice was so familiar with Dr. Ran's?

In the coffee shop that she used to visit in the past three years, sitting on the seat that she used to sit before, even the smile on the corner of his mouth was as gentle and elegant as before.

He said, "It's been a long time."

For the first time, she felt that these four words were not beautiful at all.

Alice smiled complexly and looked at the man who was really familiar in front of her, "So, then?"

The other party can still accept Alice, who was now indifferent. The smile on the corner of his mouth was always there, making people wonder what was he thinking?

He looked at her without hesitation. "Let's get married."

Alice seemed to listen to a joke that was not funny at all, and said, "You are so funny. I don't even know who you are. Do you think I will promise you?"

The man on the other side looked at Alice straight and smiled. The sound of him seemed to come from the ice cellar, "You will agree."

Alice was not his opponent after all. She asked him, "Who the hell are you?"

The other side smiled deeply, "Don't fool around, Alice. It's me. All I can tell you now is that you must marry me, otherwise Benjamin may have a hard time."


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