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In the hospital ward, the baby suddenly burst into tears. The two grown-ups didn't know how to keep him from crying. The nurse came over and said that the baby might be hungry. Because there was still no milk, give the baby some milk powder.

Sure enough, when he drank the milk, he really stopped crying. Benjamin and Alice couldn't help but smile at each other. How the two of them were at a loss right now. It was really funny.

For many years, they have been like this, knowing that some things had not been resolved and they will always be there. Even if they broke out, they were likely to be out of control, but every time they laugh at each other, they didn't want to break this calm.

When he was discharged from the hospital, the doctor said that he needed the relevant information to help the baby with a birth certificate in recent days. This problem made Benjamin and Alice reconciled because they were divorced.

Finally, under the circumstances, Alice was very unwilling to live in Ben's villa. There was an extra resident in that villa, Joan, Benjamin's mother, who used to love Alice.

So when Alice had just returned home, there was a voice of disappointment from Joan in the room, "I really don't understand, you are divorced, but you had to give birth to this child. You want to do everything to entangle my son for life. "

Alice actually cannot bear these cold words, so she felt it necessary to explain it, but Benjamin stopped her. So words explained by him In front of her mother would be better.

"Mom, don't you see that, it's your son who begs her for staying. Someone gave birth to a grandson, so you can't give a smiley face."

Joan didn't listen to her son, and kept saying that. "I only know that she must take revenge of us."

Alice really wanted to laugh.

Alice was holding her child and wanted to leave. She shouldn't come home again, just like when the past had passed, it cannot come back.

Joan argued with her, "Don't you know how to respect the elder? You can go, but you have to give us the child of our family."

How can this person be so unreasonable? It was she who didn't want this child at first.

Benjamin said he was very tired, "Mom, can you give your son a way to live?"

Benjamin's words not only failed to relieve the tension, but also touched the time bomb in Joan's heart. "Ben, it was she who reported your dad. Now she made me live like a street mouse in front of my former friends, is she ..."

Benjamin couldn't hear her, and her mother's mood had become more and more unstable recently. At the beginning, the doctor said it was menopause, and later the doctor said she was anxious. She was always emotionally unstable.

"Mom, what's the cause of this thing, both you and I know it, don't you?"

Benjamin helped Alice prepare to go upstairs. Alice reluctantly held her child. She thought that Joan would calm down because of what Benjamin said just now, but unexpectedly she said to Benjamin loudly, "I don't care. You promised me that you would marry Molly after you were released from prison. Only if you marry her, the company that I founded from scratch may return to my hands. "

Alice's feet seemed to be filled with lead. Every step was difficult. She could feel that Benjamin had only slowly tightened her hands on her shoulders.

When they reached the bedroom on the second floor, he didn't explain what Joan said just now, and she didn't ask, there was another invisible wall between them.

After returning to the room, Alice first laid the little boy on the cot with bedding on it, and then lay down on the bed.

Neither of them spoke. When Benjamin was about to leave and walked to the door, he suddenly turned around and strode back.

Without saying a word, he bent and held her face, staring straight.

Alice was energetic, turning his head to avoid his sharp eyes without a look of regret.

As soon as she turned her head back, he turned back overbearingly, still watching her momentarily, but not speaking.

Alice frowned impatiently. "What? Let go of me."

He was unhappy, "Don't you have something to ask me?"

Alice closed her eyes, "No."

Benjamin touched her head, helpless and weak, "After all, you still don't love me."

Alice opened her mouth to refute his statement, but when she was sad, she didn't know what to say.

She said she loved him, but he didn't, but why everyone seemed to think only he loved her, and she never worked hard for this love.

Alice took a nap for a while, but the child disappeared when she woke up. She ran out to look for the child, but found that Joan was taken to her room.

Alice thought that Joan was totally unreasonable. She was not allowed to take care of her child. Why?

She must have trouble with Joan. When Benjamin came back from the outside, he heard the cry of the baby and the roar of the two women.

When Alice heard the child's crying, her heart hurt, but Joan just refused to return the child to her. Alice could not bear her, and grabbed the child. But she missed, and almost put Joan down the stairs.

If Benjamin hadn't returned in time to catch Joan, the consequences would be disastrous.

Seeing her son returning, Joan would definitely fuel her anger at Alice. Alice only cared about her child, and she had no time to discuss with her who was right and who was wrong.

Seeing this, Benjamin said tiredly and helplessly, "Mom, she was also a child you watched her grow up. You are clear what kind of person she is, aren't you? "

"You mean, I bully her as a mother." She also liked her grandson and wanted to hold her for a while, but she had made a mistake in her handling.

Benjamin shook his head. "No, the only mistake between us is that I love her. If I don't love her, everything can be over."

It was too hard not to love her.

Late at night, the child fell asleep, Alice was sitting on the bed leaning against the pillow, Benjamin was sitting on the sofa next to her, and the room was quiet.

The two have decided to have a good talk, or maybe he shouldn't have brought her here today.

There was only a dim wall lamp in the room, and they could not see each other's expressions. Alice whispered to him, "Are you tired?"

Benjamin's tightly pressed his lips corner bitterly ticked up, answering resolutely and without hesitation, "But I don't want to give up."

Alice's helpless wry smile was not loud, as if she had relieved a lot of things. "Try it, maybe you will succeed."

Benjamin got up, walked to the bed, and stared down at the little guy who fell asleep in the stroller, "Don't you want to give your child a complete home?"

Sure she did, but there were things that can't be helped.

After Alice thought about it, she smiled lightly, "He's still so young, what did he know? I told him who his father was then, that's it."

Benjamin glared at her angrily, "Do you want to piss me off?"

"This is reality." It was also the only choice between them.

Even if they were now stubborn together, they may not be able to give children a harmonious and perfect home.

When the child grew up one day, will he ask grandma, "What about my grandpa?"

At that time, will Joan told him, "He was reported by your mother, so he is still in prison."

Or one day the child asked, "What about mother's parents?"

How did they answer?

So being together may not be good.

The eyes of the two met in the dim light, probably because they thought of the same thing. He stroked a few comforting strokes on her head.

"I will leave tomorrow." She didn't want to mess with it anymore.

"Do you blame my mother?" Benjamin.

Alice, "Don't say that, she loved me very much when I was young, and you, don't make her angry."

Benjamin smiled comfortably. His Alice seemed to have grown up a lot ..."

Alice gave him a disdainful look, "What?"

Then Benjamin wanted to say anything, "You can't refuse my right to see my son, anytime, anywhere."

She had no objection. Even if there was deep hatred between them, it had nothing to do with this newborn child. "You have that right, but you must not disturb my private life."

Benjamin carefully looked at her again. She had not washed her hair for at least a week. She was a new mother who got up many times in the night.

"You are not beautiful and you don't have good shape either. You also have a child. It is estimated that you will have no private life in the future."

Alice refused to accept, "In case I meet a rich old man, and he desperately wants me to marry him."

There was really no bottom line, she also loved old man, but she just intentionally angered with him.

"Don't you dare?" Benjamin frowned.

Alice's head twisted, "You can't control it."

See, as long as the two of them don't talk about love and the future, they would be happy.

Benjamin arbitrarily carried the little guy to the big bed. He also went to bed, and the child slept in the middle.

"What are you doing?" asked Alice.


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