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Chuck and Jim were cold, but Janice and Molly couldn't help laughing. The three men were also very funny.

Previously, because of Dr. Ran's affairs, Janice would be a bit angry with Alice, but it had been more than half a year. After all, they grew up together and slowly let it go.

"Alice, don't think I'm here to see you, I'm here for the baby," Janice said.

Molly followed Janice and said, "I also came to see the baby."

Jim talked up and gave a summary, "Women always said what they weren't thinking."

The three women glared at Jim at the same time. Jim pretended not to see anything, and stared down at Benjamin's baby son.

"Say, why is your son so ugly?" Jim, you talked nonsense again.

Sure enough, he got kicked by Benjamin, "Damn you. It looks like me."

Chuck rolled his eyes in disapproval, "I really don't think so."

Janice watched Jim like the child so much. She couldn't help but feel sad. If at that time, they were all like now, able to deal with the accident rationally, wouldn't all the results be different?

And Molly, in her world, she only knew Benjamin alone, and for five months in a row, she would go to see Benjamin, but he had never seen her once.

Unexpectedly, Alice's child was born. Wasn't the child gone at that time? But she don't know why, when she saw that he was so happy to see the baby, she felt happy with him.

If his happiness was destined to be Alice, then she had no entanglement.

After leaving the hospital, Molly left first, because she had been involved between Benjamin and Alice. She knew that she had been crowded out by everyone. At least she knew it.

Chuck knew the feelings in Molly's heart very much, because he had been in single love for many years and was too hard to bear these feelings. He was just not as brave as her.

Jim asked Chuck and Janice to live in his home together. Chuck refused without thinking, "No, we just need to go back to the old house."

"No one had lived there for a long time, nor had it been cleaned. It was better to live in my house." Jim thought otherwise.

Chuck was much smarter than him. He was a little careful, and he saw through him at a glance, "Jim, you and Janice are impossible."

Jim sighed, "It's impossible, she's unmarried, I'm not married, and why can't the lonely man and single woman be together."

"I won't object to you making a living with any woman, but Janice is definitely not the right person to live with you."

In this matter, Chuck's attitude was very firm. Jim's absolute playboy and he only loved Yuna. After Yuna left for no reason, he became a playboy who changed women all the time.

But exactly what happened that year, no one knew except Jim and Yuna.

Janice, who had not spoken, stated her position, "Brother, go back first, I have something to say to him."

Chuck didn't allow it. Even if the two of them had already started, they must be broken. "Is there anything I shouldn't know? Janice..."

"It was I who broke up him and Yuna. If it wasn't for me, he and Yuna would have been married already, and there should be a lovely child now."

Janice interrupted Chuck's words, but her words left Chuck speechless for a while, and all the questions seemed to have answers.

But four years ago, how did Janice break up Jim and Yuna? There was no stance or motivation at all. If it was because of love, it had been four years, and they have lived in the same villa for three years. How could nothing happen again?

Jim knew that Chuck was concerned about Janice, and patted Chuck's shoulder. "Come on, rest assured. Janice and I just talk something.

Chuck didn't know whether to nod or shake his head. He saw unhappiness in his sister's eyes, and he was happy every day without worry.

"After two hours, you must go home." This was the final warning before Chuck got on the bus.

Chuck drove away, Jim asked Janice to get in his car, and Janice shook her head. "Come with me."

Jim, who was standing in front of the car, looked at her for a while, and she rarely felt like she was now, inexplicably sad.

Closed the door again and pretended to say in an easy way, "Alright, let's go. It's been a long time since I walked with the woman on the street."

Janice gave him a bitter smile, and he had always been so stubborn. Therefore, you must not fall in love with such a man, and you were destined to not to be happy.

The two walked side by side on the sidewalk, and there was a small square in front of it. There was an adult playing with children there. Janice said, "Let's go over there."

Jim looked at it, nodded.

Silent all the way, maybe they were thinking about their own minds.

Sitting in the lounge of the square, a cold wind blew by. Jim took off his coat and put it on Janice. Janice refused, "No, I don't like the taste of other women on you."

The words choke Jim, but he soon recovered as usual, and wrapped his coat tightly around her. It seemed a little angry, but he still maintained his unruly style. "Rest assured, this coat is a new one. It hasn't had time to hug other women. You are the first one in this coat."

Janice turned her head to look at him, and took a serious look for a while before looking away, looking ahead, and said without warning, "At that time, I was pregnant."

Her voice was not loud, her tone was very light, and her expression was very calm. She seemed to be remembering things from many years ago, and she seemed to be just telling the story of others.

Jim stared at her perfect face. He could understand her, and he felt deeper in guilt for four years.

If he remembered correctly, so far, he hadn't even apologized to her, "I'm sorry."

He had owed her the three words for four years.

Janice smiled slightly and shook her head slightly. "It doesn't matter. It's all over."

Her tone was obviously very light, but it made Jim panicked.

For a long time, he never thought that it would be fine and never thought that he would let it pass.

Watching a mother teaching her baby to walk, Janice slightly smiled, "I saw Benjamin and Alice's child in the hospital, and suddenly thought of the child that I was given up. I felt so heartless, that's a life anyway. Benjamin and Alice have experienced so much hardship, they are working hard to persist, but I have never worked hard. Such a cruel person like me is not worthy of happiness."

Jim's mood was very heavy. He never knew that this girl who loved to laugh all the time was bearing so much alone.

"It's me who really deserves no happiness. It's my fault." Recalling the past, it had been more than four year. How time flies, as if it happened yesterday.

Janice smiled mischievously, "Can you do that kind of thing yourself? If you can solve it by yourself, Yuna would not fine you and me in bed."

Jim frowned and looked at her delicate and perfect face, never denying that she was a beautiful woman. That was her first time that night, and she still clearly remembered that the moment her tears fell on his palm.

"Janice ..." Over the past four years, he had become more and more aware of one thing. That was not an accident, because in his heart, he always loved her.

A football was kicked to their feet, and Jim had to withdraw the words he hadn't said. A little boy ran over and apologized to her. "Sorry, did I kick you?"

It is always easy for a child to be forgiven. Janice helped the little boy pick up the ball and smiled warmly to the little boy. "It doesn't matter."

The little boy's mother ran over, and she apologized to them. All of a sudden, except for the child, all three adults were stunned.


Three people were stunned for a while, which puzzled the little boy, and asked her mother curiously, "Mom, are you playing a still game?"

Yuna reacted when she heard her son's voice. And Yuna, who had always been calm, picked up her son and left quickly.

Jim was still frowning and watching Yuna, but Janice smiled. The world was impermanent.

"That child isn't he your son, right?" asked Janice.

Jim's eyebrows deepened, and he suddenly wanted to know the answer.

His silence was the least wanted answer by Janice. He would rather affirm or deny than hesitate.

She knew that this person was just a disaster in her life, but she didn't hope that this disaster would become her life's entanglement, and said sneer, "How many girls you have harmed? If you find a park, you may run into your own children. "

Jim could hear her cynicism. Of course, he understood her sarcasm of him, and shrugged uncontrollably. "Who knows? It seems that I have to work hard to make money; otherwise I can't raise so many children. "

Is there a man more shameless than this man in the world?

So, Janice, just forget it.


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