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Karin is really curious of what Charlie would say next.

"I remember you have a cheongsam your mother makes for you?"

"Yeah." She asks with a grimace, "You want it?"

"I don't want it. I want you to fulfill your promise and wear it to my birthday party."

Karin is startled, and never expects that Charlie would make such a request. She did promise to wear it in front of him, but she was just joking.

But now, Charlie take it seriously, "Can you?"

She smiles and nods, "Yes, I can. But the gift is still to be given...

"No, that's the best gift for me."

His expression is sincere and there is no trace of fun. For a moment, Karin wants to tell him what his mother has said.

"Okay then."

She has to be responsible for what she said.

In the evening, Karin returns to the dormitory after the night shift, and quietly pulls out the suitcase from the bottom of the bed. Looking at the elegant cheongsam, she is in a maze.

Does she really want to wear it to Charlie's birthday party?

She takes her clothes to the balcony and stares at the starry sky outside the window, feeling that her behavior seems to be off track.

After pondering for a long time, she decides that this would be the last time to close to Charlie, and she would return to her life in the future.

Time flies. The news about the birth of Mr. Charlie's birthday is covered by the media, especially the female colleagues in the cafe. They are all chattering about it.

Even Billie is think whether to buy a gift for Charlie's.

Wherever Karin goes, his name is lingering in her ears, and her world is occupied by him...

The night before the birthday party, she receives a call from Charlie.

"Just go off work?" He asks.

"Well, how do you know?" she looks back confusingly. She does just leave work and is on her way back to school.

"I have omnipotent, not only can I see where you are, but also what are you thinking?"

"Oh? What am I thinking?"

She smiles unconsciously, and likes to hear Charlie's warm voice.

"You are wondering if anyone will laugh at you in cheongsam tomorrow."

A dazzling car light comes in front, and she instinctively reaches out to cover her eyes, "What if I say no?"

"Then I was wrong."

Charlie's lips are raises, "Can you see me."


She hands up the phone and walks straight forward. He has gets out of the car and stands by the door, wearing a white shirt with a slightly open neckline.

"How do you..."

"I have something to deal with, and just passing here."


He pulls the door and says, "Get in, I'll give you a ride."

Karin doesn't refuse, she just wants to ask him some questions.

"Are there many people attending your birthday?"

Charlie smirks and says, "So, I was actually right just now."

She is a little embarrassed, "You answer me first."


"And it will be on the newspaper?"


"Then I don't want to go..."


"I don't want people around us to know we know each other."

He holds out his hand suddenly, and when she thinks he is going to touches her chin again, but he just pats her on the shoulder, "Relax, with so many people, the reporter will not be interested in you alone."

Karin is stunned. Yes. The more people appear, the lower the rate she would become the focus. So she could relieve.

"Then I wish you a happy birthday in advance, and I hope that all your wishes can be fulfilled."

"Why say it so early?" He gives her a playful look.

"I'm worried that there will be too many people tomorrow and I won't have the opportunity to talk to you."

At the University of Zurich, before Karin gets out of the car, she still has some worries, "Charlie, do I really have to wear the cheongsam tomorrow?"

"Don't worry about it, it's just a piece of clothing."

"But I'm worried that everyone wears formal gowns. If I wear the cheongsam, I will make you embarrassed..."

Charlie smiles warmly, "I really don't expect that you would protect my image like this."

She blushes and waves, "Forget it, it doesn't matter, just leave it alone. See you tomorrow."

The next day, the weather is surprisingly good. At four in the afternoon, Robert calls and says he has arrived.

Karin doesn't know how much courage she has, so she put the blue and white porcelain cheongsam on her body. The clothes are not as bad as her mother said.

"Karin, you are going to a birthday party, not a funeral. Don't look so painful."

She squeezes her stiff cheeks, trying to squeeze a sweet smile.

When she is about to leaving, she suddenly thinks of something. She turns back, takes out a delicate jewelry box from her backpack, takes out the shining hairpin, and wears it on her hair without hesitation.

She doesn't have any beautiful jewelry. The only decent thing is the hairpin that Charlie gave her. Wearing it is not to attract the attention of others, but she just want to wear it.

When Robert sees her, he almost doesn't recognize it, "Miss Karin, you..."

"It's ugly, isn't it?" she asks. When she comes out of school, many students have looked at her in surprise.

"No, it's beautiful," He pauses, "It's special too."

The car is heading towards Charlie's Mansion. The closer it is to the destination, the more nervous Karin feels. Robert seems to see her uneasiness and laughs, "Karin, in British cheongsam, you will definitely be able to outshine others. It 's amazing."

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