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Layla was also very anxious, "Vivi, I can testify for you."

"Are you serious, Vivi?" Alexander also reminded that for the newcomers, this was a devious act. What's more, she may be dismissed.

"Alexander, Vivian has admitted that she has nothing to say." Amy was happy in her heart. She could easily drive an assistant and now she could drive away Vivian too.

When Alexander was in a dilemma, the people around looked at a direction as if they were fixed.


They didn't know who shouted. All of them seemed to react. They all backed away from the middle road and watched the cold man walk in little by little.

The surrounding temperature also dropped, the original noisy sound also disappeared.

No one could no match for William.

He just frowned, and everyone lowered their head and did not dare to look at him, as if they had made a mistake.

"Alexander, what's happening here?" William's eyes stopped for a second on Vivian, and soon turned away like seeing nothing.

Alexander simply reported the story to William.

When hearing William, Vivian's eyelashes trembled and she lowered, as if everything around her had nothing to do with her.

He must be regretting in his heart, regretting that he brought her to the office. At least she has fulfilled a condition, wasn't it?

But why she still felt a pain in her heart, was it because that she was framed by her?

Amy said to William and pretended to be delicate and weak, instead of being arrogant, "William, you should make up your mind for me. I just let her buy something. This is how a new assistant treats me."

"When did the assistant become a dogsbody?" William said loud enough for everyone to hear, but also for everyone to understand the meaning of his words.

Amy looked at William's cold face with some consternation, and she stuttered, "But, but, everyone has seen Vivian pouring me."

This is undeniable.

William didn't pay attention to Amy. He just ordered, "Alexander, get the video out."

When hearing this, Amy was not afraid of it. On the contrary, she was a little complacent. Fortunately, she had foresight.

Alexander said hesitantly, "William, from the perspective of Amy, even if we got the video we could still not see what happened."

William's deep dark eyes are cold. "Don't forget that there are hidden monitors in the office."

Alexander suddenly realized. In order to prevent unnecessary disputes among some customers, he also asked the logistics department to install several hidden monitors and he said happily, "I see."

Vivian looked up at the cold man, was he defending for her?

"William, I don't think it's necessary. It's just a small thing. What do you think?" Now Amy's face turned pale. She didn't even know that there was a secret monitor in the office. By the way, how could William tell other people about such a confidential matter?

But for a small assistant, she exposed such an important thing, she began to panic.

She drove away last assistant. No one had any opinions. Unexpectedly, she just taught Vivian a lesson, which attracted William's attention.

Is there any subtle relationship between Vivian and him?

Actually, she had admitted what she had done in another way, but she was a gold lawyer. William should not choose to fire her for an assistant.

Unfortunately, she seemed to overestimate her position in the firm.

William looked at Amy, who was pretending to be calm, and he pursed his thin lips.

When Vivian saw William's action, she immediately understood that someone was unlucky.

Sure enough, William said, "It seems that you haven't memorized the law. First, follow other lawyers to the grass-roots level, and then recover after being familiar with the basic principles of lawyers."


William denied her three-year efforts with a few words. He asked her to pick up those low-level civil disputes.

What would her peers think of her?

"William, I......"

"If you're not satisfied with such an arrangement, you can look for another job."

William looked around like a cold sword. His tall figure gave people invisible pressure. Under this, they're all in danger.

Everyone knew that William was not joking, but punishing someone as a warning to others. Amy didn't expect that things would go against her. She looked at Vivian with a resentful look. It was the damned woman who caused such a result.

Grassroots lawyers? It was better than the apprentice lawyer. But she didn't want to leave.

Not to mention that her three-year efforts had all been in vain. This office was also the largest one in this city. Even a grass-roots lawyer, his treatment was much better than that of the ordinary office outside.

And she was demoted, but she still had the capacity, it was only a matter of time.

She would not let Vivian go. At present, she could only tolerate this. She said with a smile, "William, I understand that I will make great efforts to return to my original post."

William didn't speak any more. He turned and left. Everyone was relieved.

However, William did not take a few steps. Suddenly, he stopped. Everyone was stiff again. His voice sounded from behind.

"I hope everyone can respect their colleagues, and I don't want to hear some gossip at work. In the future, our office will never tolerate anyone who causes trouble."

"And don't forget the duties of an assistant."

After the sound of his footsteps slowly disappeared, people finally breathed out. Because of the previous things, they secretly took a look at their own back to make sure that he had gone.

"My god, it's hard to describe his aura."

"I'm suffocating."

"Let's go, let's get to work."

In order to avoid embarrassment, other people went to work again as if nothing happened, and they returned to their own posts, and knew that things were over.

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