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William came back, he just parked the car on the other side of the road and watched their intimate interaction indifferently.

Especially when John touched Vivian's ear, his hand was still behind her ear, and the two were looking at each other affectionately.

He saw it most clearly and frankly.

So Vivian had always resisted him because of John, right?

It was ironic.

William's cold eyes looked at the dark night, suddenly he hit the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator to the end. The car was like an arrow away from the string, which drove far away.

Suddenly, the car made out a long brake line.

Lying on the bed, Vivian suddenly woke up from the bed, raised her hand, and wiped her forehead. The palm of her hand was wet, and it was still dark. Did she have another nightmare?

She lay back in shock. She didn't know why she felt uneasy.

When she woke up the next day, Vivian looked at the empty room, and her eyes showed a trace of loss. She thought of going to work and immediately adjusted his mood.

To dress and wash to work.

Many colleagues in the office had been busy.

Vivian didn't go to work too early or too late. First, she put her things on the desk and began her morning routine.

First, before William came to the office, she made a cup of coffee and put it on his desk. Then she cleaned up the office and put all the documents and books in place.

After all this, she came out of the office and happened to meet Alexander, who had just come to work.

"Vivi, you finally come to work. Are you ok?"

Alexander was very happy to see Vivian. Originally, he wanted to visit her but he was refused.

He remembered that he didn't even have her phone number.

Vivian was stunned for a moment and replied naturally, "Well, much better."

"Why do I feel like you've lost a lot of weight all of a sudden?" Alexander asked with concern.

"No, I've always been like that." Is she thin? She didn't feel it.

"Really, your face was very lovely. Now it looks more like an oval face. But it is still very beautiful." Alexander reached out and drew a curve on Vivian's face.

But no matter thin or fat, they are reasonable.

"Go back to work." There came William's cold voice.

Both of them were shaking. Vivian pursed her lips and lowered her head. She didn't want him to see the grievance in her eyes.

Yes, she just felt aggrieved that he left without saying a word. He didn't even have an explanation. Was her small apartment a hotel?

"William, we'll go to work right away." Alexander didn't understand that his boss, who was always indifferent to such trifles, suddenly seemed to be so angry with it.

As an assistant, Vivian nodded to William, in response, and went out after Alexander.

William were staring at the back of Vivian with his dark eyes. From the beginning to the end, she didn't look up at him.

Because John had come back, so she couldn't wait to draw a clear line with him?

Vivian, good.

The two people was going out of the danger, Alexander breathed and comfort, "Vivi, I hope you don't mind, he has always been like this, just maybe he was unhappy today."

"Well." Vivian's response was somewhat absent-minded.

Alexander still couldn't help but think about it. "Before, he always showed 'an iceberg face' every day. We were used to it. We didn't know who made our boss angry again. Maybe he met a tough case, but I didn't receive the notice."

"Is it because of some disharmony? That's not right. Didn't the entertainment broadcast report the news that he was staying with Angie?"

"Alex, I'll do my work first." When Vivian heard the name of Angie, her eyes were dim.

Alexander found that he seemed to say something inappropriate for children. As soon as he wanted to restore his image, he saw Vivian go away, and she even didn't heard his calling.

Why do they become so strange?

When Vivian met William in the morning, she was a little nervous and often made mistakes in her work. Suddenly, she thought of what she promised to Selina yesterday. Now it seemed that she would break her promise.

She was not so important to William at all.

"Vivi, come here."

When she heard someone call out to her, Vivian put down the copied documents and walked over to him, "Amy, can I help you?"

"Yes, we have a very important thing to do. I can't walk away. Could you please bring us some milk tea and dessert?" Amy pointed to herself and his colleagues with some pity.

Other colleagues also followed, "Yes, can you bring me two egg tarts. I haven't eaten breakfast yet. I'm hungry."

"I'd like a sandwich with coffee and less sugar."

"I'll have a glass of lemon juice with no ice and seed."

Vivian took a look at everyone's reasonable eyes and Amy's gloating, she nodded, and said, "OK."

Although she didn't know why Amy had always been biased against her, she was a new employee and just an assistant. It didn't matter.

She just didn't want to mess up their relationships.

A chubby figure crossed his waist to block Vivian and said, "Hey, what's wrong with you guys? There are so many things you want. How can she buy them by herself?"

"It has nothing to do with you, Layla. You can go together with her. Besides, Vivian didn't say anything. What are you shouting here?"

Amy took a look at Layla in disgust. She really didn't know what the people in the personnel department were doing. They let such a fat and ugly woman also got into the company.

"We're colleagues. You are just jealous that Vivian can work beside William. The last assistant can't tolerate you before leaving."

Layla was not afraid of her.

Vivian looked at Layla in surprise. She finally understood why they are aimed at her. She didn't expect that things would go like this.

It is always said that women are the dangerous beauties? Men also could be like that.

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