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"I'm fine, uncle." Vivian was still smiling.

Several more guests came in. "Hello, three bowls of beef noodles and a kilo of beef, please."

"Hurry up. Don't keep the guests waiting." Vivian knew what he wanted to ask, and turned off the topic.

He could only sigh, he then turned over his head and shouted, "Ok."

"Mom, I've finished." Roe patted his belly and said.

Vivian took out several pieces of paper from the table, wiped his mouth, and said, "OK, mom will take you home."

"Great." Roe nodded with a smile.

Vivian helped Roe take a bath, played games with him for a while, and left quietly after he fell asleep.

When she returned to the apartment, she met an unexpected person at the door.

"Vivi, do you mind if I wait here for you?"

"John, why you're here?" Vivian thought she didn't pay attention to the mobile phone message, and wanted to take it out to see if she missed his call.

John seemed to see what she thought. He said softly, "You don't need to take your cell. I haven't called you."

After he left, an emergency happened in the company. He had to go out immediately. These days, he was so busy. Every night, he would take up his mobile phone and have a look.

He checked it again and again, but none of them was her message.

He told himself that he should be patient for some time. Maybe she was very busy and didn't have time to send message. Until he came back, there was still no message on his mobile phone, and he followed his heart to her apartment.

When he saw her, he realized how eager he was to see her.

"You must be very busy these days." Vivian didn't know how to respond his eager eyes. She looked away nervously.

"Well, there's something wrong with the company, so I didn't contact you." He doubted if there was something important happened in the days when he left, which made their relationship back to the origin.

Is he not good enough? Or does she never let him approach?

"Are you ok? You look not very good. Do you want to go back to have a rest earlier?" Vivian also didn't know why she felt embarrassed, that is, when she looked at John's gentle eyes, she always wanted to escape.

She hadn't contacted with him for several days. She didn't even feel it.

"I'm fine. I just want to know how you are." In fact, John just got off the plane and didn't put his luggage in place. He drove to see her, but what happened now was not he wanted to see.

"I'm fine. I'm going to work tomorrow." A gust of wind blew some of Vivian's hair. She was in a hurry to get her hair sorted out, but the more urgent she was, the more disordered her hair was.

John reached out, gently put her naughty hair behind her ears, and looked at her with tenderness. "It's Ok now."

"Thank you, John." Vivian was waiting for John's hand to put away.

After waiting for him to put his hands behind her ears, she could see his clear eyes fill with light that she could not understand. When she carefully distinguished, there was nothing left.

"I'm fine now..."

John said, "I heard that you went to work in William's office."

This was another reason that drove him to come here immediately. Why did he feel that everything had changed quietly? Was it because he chose to deal with the company's affairs, so he lost her?

No, he was not willing to accept the fact.

"Yes, I was going to work at Robert's office. It's said that he has no shortage of hands. So I just went to work with Selina. She's upstairs. We can take care of each other."

When Vivian spoke, she dared not look into his cautious eyes, for she was afraid him to see the tension in her heart.

John asked casually, "Well, did he embarrass you?"

"No, I'm just a little assistant." Vivian quickly explained.

However, the more anxious Vivian was, it represented the relationship between them was more unusual. John held his hands quietly, and he would not let Vivi become the victim between William and Angie.

"You can also come to work in our company if you want to. The salary will not be less than that of William, and you don't have to meet the two of them."

Vivian really wanted to accept, especially after that day, she would like to hide from William and Angie, but she had an agreement with William.

She could only decline his kindness, "I had considered this, but when I went to your company to find you, you were not there, so I promised Angie to go to work at William. Now I'm just familiar with the job, and it's not good to change."

Hearing that Vivian went to the company to find him, John felt as if there was a sun penetrating the thick clouds and suddenly shining, "Vivi, why didn't you call me?"

He thought Vivi had chosen William directly.

Vivian said with a wry smile, "Your secretary told me you were on a business trip."

John thought of the secretary arranged by his family. He could imagine what kind of trouble Vivian had encountered when she went to see him. He said with a little apology, "I'm sorry, I didn't inform you."

If he decided to wait for Vivi, the result would be different. He didn't know, but he regretted this moment.

"It's OK. I'm fine now. You're very tired at work. Go back to have a rest earlier." Vivian said in a soft tone, but she was still worried about what he would think of her if he knew that she had experienced with Angie.

She really regarded John as a good friend.

John looked at her expectantly. "Well, I'll pick you up after work tomorrow night. Is that ok?"

Vivian hesitated for a moment, nodded and said, "OK."

Getting the answer he wanted, John finally showed a smile on his face, "OK, I'll see you tomorrow, and you can have a rest earlier."

"Well." Vivian nodded.

Vivian looked at John's car and then returned to her humble home.

Looking at the dark apartment, she suddenly felt a loss.

What was she expecting? Was she expecting William to come back?

Vivian laughed at herself, and went back to the bedroom without turning on the lamp.

The man never came back this night.

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