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However, Lily has no idea that the man is looking for her, which make half of his life has almost gone. After experiencing the accident given by Ryan, she has left for the other island in the second day.

Comparing with this one, the other island is more tourist site with less privacy. There is a lot of people pass by every day. At first, she is afraid of noisy, thus decide not to go. But now, she is afraid of tranquil place.

Ryan's existence is like a poison, some place may have of his existence.

Although Abby has drunk a lot of alcohol, there is still a trace of memory, which follows as her wishes.

Both of them pack their luggage and take the last boat to the other island. They are not living in a hotel, but a luxurious homestay.

At that day, Abby is really worried and couldn't help asking, "Lily, you suddenly disappear like this, will Rex going to worry?"

It is better for her not to ask, once she asked, it is like wounding Lily's heart again.

She closes her eyes, afraid that she might cry suddenly, "I don't know."

Don't know?

Abby twists her brows. As looking her bitter spirit, she steps forward to grab her little cool hand, "What is wrong with you and Rex?"

After so many days of silence, there is various kind of speculation in her mind, none of which are a good one. At this moment, she couldn't bear it anymore and hugs on Abby shoulder to blurt it out.

"What?!" hearing that Rex and Jade are together makes Abby opens her mouth in a big shocked, "Is Rex blind or insane, he and Jade......."

She incredulously looks at Lily crying eyes, which make her hurt too and tries to calm her down without adding more flames, "Is there any misunderstanding?"

Lily smiles bleakly, "Even if there is, he should explain it to me the next day."

"He doesn't explain?" Abby is more surprised.

Lily keeps silence. Her attitude answers it.

"Fuck, he's insane. How can he like Jade, is there any wrong with his eyes?!" Abby curses, and question her again, "But are you really sure that there is no misunderstanding?"

Lily has no idea how to answer her, for the reason that since that accident, she hasn't met Rex even once, not even a call. However, since it is like this, the hope in her heart has gradually become disappointment.

Looking at her silence, Abby inhales deeply, thinking that she has barely met Rex for a few time, thus maintain her manner, "Lily, even though I have only met Rex for a few times, I don't think Rex is like that scumbag Tim, he shouldn't have any relationship with Jade....."

Speaking of which, Lily has no idea about it.


"Jade picked up his phone, even if I still can hold it, she still sends me the picture of the two of them in the bed, and he doesn't even explain anything to me." Lily raises her head to question her, "Abby, how should I think of it, how can I think about it?"

All she can do is sighed. Lily's right, even though she wants to believe Rex, there is no point to trust him, there is even any excuses.

Should 'I' console her?

She doesn't seem to need it, since it will make her more upset.

"Just refresh yourself for these few days, waiting till you're back and talk about it." All she can do is enlightened her, even though it's quite useless.

Whoever started the trouble should end it, everything depends on Rex now.


At seven in the evening, in the surveillance office of H island hotel.

A row of officer stands in front of the camera, carefully checking the time and scene in the camera. The pungent smell of smoke from the room comes from the man who is sitting in the office chair.

'Sorry, Sir. The guest has checked out at nine in the morning, she is not in the hotel anymore'

'This is the camera from the lobby, it can be seen that at nine past ten in the morning, both of them leave the hotel by car.'

The voice of the manager of the hotel rings through his ear. Rex, who is sitting on the chair, gradually closes his eyes. His spirit is too bad, even opening his eye hurt him. He has smoked too much, which make each breath hurt him, but also makes him be able to get a spirit.

He comes, but she leaves.

Is it a mutual understanding or mutual sensitivity?

The man's deep and sharp eyes stare at the delicate figure on the screen. His sexy lip form an arc of sarcasm, slowly there is a little hatred growing in the heart!

He has been worrying her for days, worrying that she meets an evildoer. However, she is on a vacation with her friends, she even dresses on a beautiful skirt. She doesn't seem upset.


He wonders how good she is, where she is going to hide again!

After confirming the footage, Joe asks for his opinion, "Rex, what now?"

His tone is cold, "Check, as long as she's in the city, she can't run. Check the registration information of Abby, we'll go there now."

Joe is frightened by his cold voice and does as he said without checking at his boss' face anymore. His heart squeezed out a sweat for Lily.

Rex is very kind to Lily, and only because of that generosity that makes him like this. When he thinks of the scene after Lily is founded, Joe dares not to imagine.

He hopes that they will not regenerate this kind of this again, they will talk things out and have a good time together. Never ever let any unpleasant and disappointment get through each other again.

Fifteen minutes later, the officer of the H city sends a message. It is about Abby's current address, even with the exact room number.

After hearing the news, Rex doesn't even delay any longer and steps out of the room. His whole body is so daunting that nobody even dares to be close with him or even say a word.

As soon as he walks out of the lobby of the hotel, a warm yet humid breeze greets him, but his heart is so numb. Either cruel or pervert or whatever, as long as he can find that damn little woman, he will surely teach her a lesson!


In just an hour, the black Bentely car parks outside the hotel of the other island.

The bellboy steps forward to pick up the key. The man's long legs don't stop and goes directly to the hall, without a word, without any expression. There is an officer who has investigated on them from time to time, behind him.

He gets the room card and scans it in the elevator. When the people behind him want to follow up, Rex stops them.

The dark eyes of him doesn't seem to light up, "Stop right there, I'll go by myself."

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