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After leaving the coffee shop, Lily takes a taxi to the hotel without looking back. Once the door opened, all dangers are cut off behind. She looks at Abby who has fallen asleep at the sofa without changing her clothes, which put her at ease.

Afraid of waking her up, she walks to the bathroom and unscrews the tap. With the sound of whirling water in the background, she cries again.

She doesn't dare to cry loudly, which make her suppress herself. Thinking of what happened just now, she desperately misses someone at this moment.

The man who will rescue her from every crisis, the man who give her a second chance to live a good life.

She suddenly panics. Will Rex really leave her this time?

Will he... not even find her at all?

Lily dares not to think deeply, for fear that she would collapse with such an assumption.

Tim's traitor has made her very cautious to deal with feelings. Therefore, the moment Jade answered the phone and the moment she receives the photo, she is completely defeated.

All she wants is only a person that she love, can love her as well, why is it so difficult?

Lily misread, she just prays not to see him so soon, yet hopes that he could find herself at the same time.

To be honest, she already loves him, but is unaware of it.


When Rex receives a news about Lily, it is already the third day. After checking various information of Lily, he even finds the boarding information of Abby.

She was in the same flight with Lily, and also checked-in in a luxurious hotel at that day.

After checking with the staff of the hotel, the two of them indeed check in for a suite.

After confirming the location, Rex has been fully working for the past two day. He doesn't sleep nor eat well. Besides working time, the person is a bit distressed.

The directors of the company are even depressed when facing their president. A few of them are scolded badly.

After Joe informs Rex, the man spontaneously booked the nearest flight. There is no more neither first-class nor business class ticket, and also there is no more time to charter a plane, then economy class it goes.

Before he goes, Karl puts aside his feelings and deliberately drops by Rex's Villa.

As soon as he enters the Villa, he smells a strong smell of smoke. Even him who occasionally smokes, couldn't stand of the smoke and coughs twice, "Are you going to burn the house?"

Inside the living room, the man sits in the sofa without looking back. He could feel the fatigue and anxiety just by looking at his back.

When Karl walks over, the crystal ashtray on the table is full with cigarette butts. There is no soot left behind the cigars, and the amount is terrifying.

"Do you still want your lungs?" Karl is a little mad, he reaches out to take the cigarette from his hand but is avoided.

"I didn't have any energy if I didn't smoke."

Just a few words, and Karl's expression is tense. He then shouts his full name, "Rex, if you keep on like this, even if she isn't found yet, you will be death first!"

Rex shakes his head and chuckles, "it doesn't matter, as long as I can found her."

Karl explodes and speaks without measuring his words, "Is it worth to be like this just because of a woman?"

"It's worth." The man raises his vision to meet his gaze, the black pupils are really dark, he hasn't sleep well for the past three days two night, which make him extremely tired, "Because she's worth."

Karl is shocked by his stubbornness and seriousness in the eyes, since when is he so crazy for a person?

Is this man in front of him is still the man who consider every value before doing anything?

No, he's not.

The person in front of him, only consider Lily, nothing else.

At this moment, Karl finally realizes that Rex has fallen in love, even he is convinced by this belief.

He has no doubt that even if his body couldn't hold up anymore, the only thing this man will be thinking is Lily.

Their gaze meet each other, it is the sympathy between men.

By looking at his condition, he sighs in complacency. There is a flash in his head, "even if you didn't care, did you want Lily to see this sloppy, unhealthy of you?"

Sure enough, this sentence worked.

Rex ponders for two seconds and extinguishes the butt of cigarette, then gets up to walk to the second floor.

Karl looks at his lonely shadow, "What are you doing?"

"It's too smelly, I'm going to change."

"...." Well, he feels that Rex is completely over. What time is it and he still care about his smell? Lily might not get used to it!

As if aware of Karl's thought, the man stops at the stairs and says in a hoarse voice, "I hope you can understand that I can't lose her."


One hour later, in the airport of J city. The flight to H city is on schedule. This is the first time for him to board on economy class, beside the time when he studied abroad.

Joe is worried about him, and insists to follow, yet he doesn't stop him.

By looking at the man who sits at the narrow space, who can't even move around, Joe feels sorry for him, "Rex, take a rest, I'll call you once we land."

Rex sits at the window seat, as if doesn't hear it and reaches out to open the board. By looking at the cloud outside, he is a little out of spirit, "What feeling do you think she has when leaving?"

She doesn't even hesitate nor unwilling or leaving a trace of upset and hurt?

He dares not to think, afraid that Lily will give him a threatening answer.

She leaves after the victory of lawsuit without any reason, she doesn't even leave him a message, which make him uncontrollably thinks much.

He hopes that she is also unwilling like him.


After nearly three hours of a smooth flight, the plane lands safely at the airport of H city.

Once the cabin is opened, the flight passenger continue to leave one after another and are greeted by the warm wind, which are completely different from the ice and snow back in J city.

Outside the airport, a driver has waited him at the roadside. When he waits for the luggage, he scans around the crowds, and gradually a petite figure appears in front of him.

She seems like her with her luggage, standing beside the zebra cross and waiting for the traffic light.

Just thinking of it, makes him hurt once again.

The driver turns to look at his boss who stand at daze in the spot and pulls the door of the car to remind him, "Boss, get in the car."

The man then retreats his gaze, strides over, bents down and hops in the car.

As he watches the fast-regressing street outside the window, he even uses his phone to navigate. The destination is the hotel where she lived. The distance gets narrow bit by bit. Soon, he could meet her. Thinking of this, his death heart for the past two days finally beats.

"Faster." His calm voice orders as usual, but only him that is aware of the anxiety and panic.

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