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Hearing the sound, the man's action finally stops. He lets Lily off from his arms but still holding her and embraces her shoulder forcibly. He then turns his head to see who dare to intervene his good mood. He does not expect to see Ryan standing on the deck not far away.

His people?

Tonight, Ryan has been ordering this woman to drink his wine, like he doesn't care at all. Thus, he would only think that this woman is just a toy for him, yet what is happening.....

For the first time, Lily is eagerly to see Ryan. Comparing other men with him, even though he is no much better, still she thinks this man wouldn't force her.

"I told you to let her go, did you hear me?" in the dark night, the yacht stops in the middle of the sea.

The wind remains slow. It is a good weather to go sailing. However at this time, there is an awful coolness in Ryan's terrifying look.

He seems to be shocked. When he just wants to make a joke and lets Lily go. Before he does that, there is a sharp pain in his shoulder, followed by a smell of coke in his nose.

"Ah!" the man cries in pain and kneels on the ground instantly. The other uninjured hand holds the bleeding shoulders.

Lily stands stiffly, watches as the man fall down and also watches as the bullet pass through his bones. Even though it doesn't make much noise, she still hears the sound. She can even feel as the bullet break through the wind.

"You're quite a brave bitch." The person who shoots the gun doesn't move, and soon shoots again for the second time. As if the gun is not facing a person, but only a target, "Where did you touch her?"

"No, Ryan, I really didn't touch her!" The man's arrogance from just now are all gone, only wet his pants in terror left, "I'm wrong. I didn't know she's yours, or else I won't dare to touch her!"

"You didn't know?" Ryan laughs for a while after hearing his answer, as if it was a joke. Soon, this laugh is gone and he simply raises the gun to aim for his head.

Lily is shocked and quickly reacts by stepping forward at the moment he is about to pull the trigger to block him.

"Don't shoot!" Lily spread out her arms, like a protecting gesture.

Ryan's pupils shrinks sharply and immediately releases his index finger. A layer of sweat comes out of his palm, "Move!"

Behind her, the man seems to find a refuge and kneels down to hug Lily's ankle, "Please help me, I don't want to die, he will kill me, really....."

Lily looks back at him fiercely, "Let you dirty hands go!"

The man quickly retreats again. There is a flow of tears.

She looks at Ryan with a pale face and utters a word, "Don't shoot."

Ryan doesn't move. The sea breeze blows through and silently confronts. Lily doesn't dare to look at the murderousness eyes of him and simply closes her eyes while mumbling, "I beg you."

In an instant, the air on the surrounding seems to be condensed. Nothing exists in Lily's eyes. She closes her eyes to imagine the sensation of the burning bullet pass through the stomach.

However, nothing happened. After a few second, her wrist is being grabbed. She is dragged forward by a huge force.

When she opens her eyes, she sees Ryan's broad shoulders, which make her secretly relieved. The feeling of frighten and panic sweeps over. By looking at the endless alley, a tear uncontrollably falls from her eyes.

Ryan drags her to the railing at the back of the deck. The wavy sea is only a step away.

Lily feels dizzy, but forces herself to stay awake.

"You didn't let me kill him?" A sneer voice of the man spatters above her head, "Did you enjoy being toyed by him?"

The sarcastic word passes through her ears, yet Lily doesn't get angry. She is very afraid, afraid that her words will make Ryan angry and gets out of control, then pushes her into the icy sea with his palm.

The blue long skirt flutters with the wind, there is an endless darkness behind him. It can't be define how many clouds are there in the sky.

The woman lowers her head, not making any sound.

Ryan reaches out to raises her chin, but unexpectedly touches a wet liquid.

The man frowns and lifts her face. The palm-sized face is covered with tears, there is a crystal droplet flowing from the corner of her eyes.

The warm tears from her small chin runs to his palm, and suddenly become hot.

She cries.

When the brain receives the signal, the first reaction is to release her.

Lily is like being out of force. She slowly crouches down, whimpers and cries out, "why are you doing this to me....."

"I've saved you, but you only wish to torture me to death, why...."

"You almost killed me and the man just now, how can you kill someone...."

The voice come out from her mouth intermittently, it is so sad that even people who hear it can feel her sadness.

Ryan looks at the small ball next to his feet and frowns tightly. He then stands still and draws out a cigarette, only to remember that the doctor from the last time has banned him from smoking.

He is very irritated.

Only by watching her cry.

With her cry, he is aggrieved, angry and full of regret, his heart is panicked.

Without knowing how long it has been, Lily's crouching feet are numb. The crying voice gradually stops, leaving only weeping voice.

Ryan exhales heavily, "I'll send you back."

Lily is about to raise her hand to wipe her tears and couldn't help but stunned for a moment, "What?'

"I'll send you back." The man repeats in a bad temper, as though he will repent in the next second.

Lily bites her lips, wondering whether to believe it or not. However, Ryan doesn't give her a chance to hesitate and turns to walk away. After walking for quite some distance, he doesn't hear any footstep behind him and stops to look back.

The little yet slender one is still in the same place.

"What are you doing there, come here."

Lily then comes back to her sense and keeps a distance of two or three meters behind him, walking in a small step.

Proof by facts, Ryan doesn't lie to her this time. It doesn't take a long time for the yacht to return to the shore. The injured man has gone, even the blood stain on the deck has disappeared.

Lily doesn't dare to look longer and get off hurriedly from the yacht and walks to the door of the coffee shop.

When she arrives, Ryan takes her wrist and about to say something. However, when he meets those red and swollen eyes, the words are stuck in his mouth. He then barely hooks his lip and lowers his head to block his expression, only saying a sentence, "Forget it, you may go."

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