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Lily takes half step back and pulls the tipsy Abby behind her, then looks at them, "Sorry, I don't recognize Ryan."

Unexpectedly, they don't seem wanted to hear her and adds in, "Sorry, Ms. Lily. Please cooperate."

Lily inhales deeply, trying to calm down, "I said I don't know Ryan that you mention. You don't have the right to block me like this, please step aside."

"Ms. Lily, if you don't cooperate, we could only take you by force."

With that, they step forward.

Lily's face darken, her gaze wanders among their strong posture, they are yielding to force but rejecting a soft approach, aren't they?

Behind her, Abby seems to feel some strange atmosphere, thus she asks Lily in the ear softly, "Lily, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Lily peers at her, "How are you, can you walk by yourself?"

"Of course!"

Lily nods and says in a low voice that only both of them can hear, but keeps on looking at the people on the side, "When I shout later, you run with me."

Abby still couldn't keep up her mind and only listen to what she said, "Okay."

Lily looks back at the man in front of her. After a few second of silence, she snaps Abby's hand and shouts in low voice, "Run!"

Turning around, striding and panting violently. The wind is soft just now, but now, it is like a blade blowing on their face.

Both of them run desperately towards the main road. Their lungs are burn from the rapid breathing. Their movements uncontrollably slow down, but the footsteps behind them are getting closer.....

Lily has exhausted all of the energy, yet still couldn't run out. She is grab by the arms within a hundred meters!

"Ms. Lily." The man's voice is still steady, as if he hasn't run just now.

Lily knows she couldn't hide anymore and turns around to look up at the man's face. Before she could open her mouth to speak, something suddenly flow over and hits right in his arms.

"Let her go." A clear voice comes from the behind, very familiar.

Hearing those words, the man immediately take a few step back, slightly bow his body respectfully, "Ryan."

Ryan comes from a dark place, every step seem to step on the apex of the person. He walks steadily and finally stops in front of Lily then looks at her reddish wrist. His calm eyes let people shivers, "Who told you to touch her."

"Sorry, Ryan!"

Ryan doesn't want to make a fuss and waves his man off to retreat.

Abby blinks and blinks again, feeling stunned with the scene in front of her. What does it mean! A super invincible handsome guy, stopped them in this place?

This is insane!

Abby steps a few steps forward and jumps directly in front of Ryan. She reaches out to push him, but even she could do it, she is stopped by the bodyguard next to him.

The force is not controlled, and Abby's painful curses is heard, "Fuck fuck, it's painful, let me go! Are you deaf?"

When Lily hears her shouting in pain, she is also anxious, and looks at Ryan worriedly, "Told them to let her go...."

Ryan glances at the side. It has nothing to do with himself, "Why?"

"Didn't you hear her crying in pain?"

"What does it have to do with me?" The man has no sense of pity, he doesn't care at all.

Lily only feels headache when hearing it, but dare not to confront him, because it will only suppress the fire more. She then whisper, "Let them release her first and let's talk peacefully."

Ryan raises his brows, "Okay, then you follows me."

Lily slightly frowns, her pink lip purses together, finding an excuses, "My friend is drunk, I can't dump her..."


"...." Lily inhales deeps and slowly exhales, thinking that everything is not stable recently, one problem come after another without stopping.

This Ryan is the biggest problem right now.

If she go, she is afraid of any other accidents.

If not, it seems unrealistic.

By looking at her inner doubts and worries, the man adds in, "Rest assured. I won't do anything to you."

In Lily's eyes, his assurance doesn't have any credibility.

After a moment of hesitation, by looking Abby's distorted painful expression, she sighs, "Should I really go?"


"Okay then, I'll go with you." Lily turns around and points at Abby, "But first, we have to send her back to the hotel."

When the words fall, Ryan laughs, "I didn't realize you're quite righteous though. Why, are you afraid that I'll do something to you and your friend? Chill, I'm not interested in her or you...."

While saying it, his vision has been wandering around Lily's body. His scorching sight makes her body unconsciously tense up.

Ryan glances at her reaction, which make him feels that this is not enough and pats at her shoulders, "Can we go now?"

Lily shrugs off his palm, the calmness on her face is almost unable to hold, "Let's go."

A group of people walks towards two black car on the road side. Lily watches as Abby hops in a lengthen Pagani, and when she is about to do the same, she is blocked by Ryan. "You, come with me."

Turning around, there is a luxurious Maybach.

She feels tense, knowing that she has no chance to refuse and walks to the co-driver seat.

She is too nervous that her fingers are trembling while wearing the seat belt. She even has to point the gap for several times with her trembling hand.

The car started, and with a step on the throttle, it flees. Twenty minutes later, they arrive at the hotel where they stay. Abby is release and she barely walks upstairs alone.

As watching Abby's silhouette disappear at the door of the hotel, Lily is even more anxious. Her heart beat louder and louder. She has no idea what will happen next.

Knowing that there is no way to retreat, Lily also doesn't resist. She obediently hops in the car and goes along the way in a panic state. Finally, after winding around, the car stops in front of an unremarkable coffee shop.

A coffee shop?

Did he just block her by the road in the middle of the night just to drink a coffee with her?

Lily apparently wouldn't think it naively. She turns to look at the shop's window. There is a cold sweat on her palm already, which shows that she become more and more afraid.

Ryan doesn't speak. He barely unbuckles the seat belt and gets off the car. She follows closely and there are two bodyguards behind them.

When they step at the cafe's door, it has been opened for them. She follows him in. It is quite dark inside. Only a few lights are turned on, barely allowing people to watch their path under the feet.

Walking along the alley, and went down on two levels of stairs, they finally come to an end.

The door is opened, which make Lily completely stunned. It appeared to be a... yacth!

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