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The man's sharp eyes widen a bit, his expression is dignified.

"Orson called and said that Lily didn't go to work today, she also didn't pick up her phone..." Even Joe hasn't completed his sentence, Rex has snatches away the phone on his hand.

As he picks it up, he walks to the office, "What happened?"

"Shouldn't you ask yourself? Lily is absent today, at first, they thought she was late. But until this point, it is quite unusual. According to her personalities, she is not someone who will do this kind of thing. Why don't you call and ask her?" Orson thinks that they have a big fight, and doesn't really think it is serious.

Rex's head buzzes with his sentence. Since morning, he can't reach her anymore.

"Got it." With a snap, the phone is disconnected.

Rex spontaneously opens his phone and navigates the location of Lily's phone, it shows that she is in the Villa.

With it, the man's face is bitter than before. If she doesn't answer her phone at home, there was only one possibility, which is she doesn't bring her phone out.

They don't fight nor did anything unpleasant, why did she suddenly 'missing'?

Or is there anything happened in the past two days while he is away?

Speculating, doubting, various kind of possibilities wander in his head. This is the first time he feels so hopeless.

After the meeting and after the work is over, he immediately finds a flight and books it to fly back home.

Once the plane has landed, the cold air struck. The city is nearly seven or eight degrees colder that Q city. Rex wraps his coat and walks into the fan from the VIP channel.

Joe looks at the man who hasn't taken a rest for the past two or three days, and couldn't help but persuade, "Rex, take a rest for a while."

The man just nods slightly, indicating that he has heard it, but actually doesn't have any intention to sleep at all.

When the car starts, the dim lights on the roof of the fan glow up and it fall on the man's sharp facial features. Such a handsome facial features are stained with lonely and desolation.

The air seems to be condensed. Joe clearly knows what Lily means for Rex. Now that she is missing, he even squeezes out a sweat, "Rex, do you want me to find a friend from the police station to look for her?"

He blinks his eyes, "Not for now, let's go home first."

The slender index finger, which is randomly placed on the back seat of the car, moves slightly. He hopes that he could immediately see the face that he thinks of every day once he arrives. Without any exception, he must see it.


The car drives from the airport to the Villa, which takes about more than one hour. Once the car drives in the garage, without waiting for the driver to open the door for him, he has eagerly gotten out by himself.

Joe and the driver are inconvenient to follow in. Thus, they only watch as Rex walks in the Villa hurriedly. After five minutes, he comes out solemnly.

Joe's heart sink, realizing that Lily is not at home.

By raising his head, his vision seems empty and he suddenly smiles, which give a chilling sense, "She's not here."

Only a few words, it seems to exhaust all of his body.

He basically is not a weak person, only Lily could make him out of control.

As Joe watches him, there is a discomfort in his heart and also worries. He takes out his phone and wanted to contact her. But before he could do it, he hears a bang sound from the side.

The man hits the car with a punch fiercely. Even by the sound, you could aware that it is hurt. Joe steps forward and immediately blocks his hand, "Rex!"

Rex is panting hard, he is panicked. As the sky is about to dim, there is thousands of thoughts in his mind, the strongest one is to find her as soon as possible.

"Let Officer Dennis find her, now."


Without stopping along the way, the car drives directly to the police station. Dennis greets him personally, and gives him real-time information of Lily to him.

This afternoon, she has purchased a ticket to H city, with her real names.

Rex glances at his watch, and after speculating the time, this is it.

"What about the hotel information."

"There is no check-in for the time being. Either Lily lives with others, or she doesn't report her real name."

Hearing it, there is a clueless thought pops in his mind. Although things has been well developed, still without any registration, they couldn't find her. Otherwise, it is a needle in a haystack at there.

Rex is overwhelmed with his anger and almost unable to suppress it. He lit a cigarette on his lips, his face is very serious, even Joe who sits beside him, dare not to say a word.

Lily is missing for no reason, which gives him a sense of fear that his strength is disintegrated. He doesn't even know how to find her.

No one in the room dare to speak, afraid that once he is provoked, they will be killed.

"Rex, we will conduct the investigation. If there is any progress, we will inform you immediately. You can go back and wait. It's useless to be here, so we might as well let them do their job." Dennis couldn't bear the awkward atmosphere and says with a smile.

Rex turns the cigarette from his fingertips and presses it into the ashtray as everyone watching him. With a 'zztt' sound, everyone is relieved.

He gets up in a chilling movement, turns and walks out the office.

Joe thanks Dennis, "Sorry for the trouble, Dennis. Please contact us as soon as possible."

"It's nothing."

After leaving the police station, Rex drives directly to the Villa. The grand Villa is covered in darkness. None of the light is turned one. Far from the outside, it seems to be blend with the night.

The man pulls the hatch and walks out and steps on a few steps before he reaches the door. He presses his fingertips to unlock the door and is greeted by a dark room.

Lily goes too sudden that he hasn't prepared at all. So than even now, it is difficult to enter the house.

After struggling for a while, he finally walks in and closes the door behind, then turns on the light. On the next second, the living room is bright with light but the warmth is missing.

His thin lip tightens and he lowers his head to change his shoes, and then goes to the bedroom on the second floor.

Several clothes are missing, and the bag is not there. The important documents and suitcases are gone with her. She might leave with a premeditated plan.

Into the bathroom, her pink towel is still hanging on the hook. When he leans closer to it, there is still a fragrance smell of her body.

Rex sniffs fondly and the distresses emotion in his body is also immersed by the familiar sense. His eyes suddenly widen. There is a bloodstain which reveals his fatigue-ness on the towel. He quickly pulls out the towel and clutches it in his hand as though he could hug on the missing girl.

When did she want to leave him?

The divorce lawsuit is over, thus she wanted to leave him without any consideration?

Rex sneers, the softness at the bottom of his eyes gradually fades away, leaving a terrible clod. The cold knuckles made a 'click' sound and he looks at the mirror, as if he could see that familiar face from the mirror.

About what he imagined that he would not lose it, has slowly become reality. Weakness, anxiety and panic are mixed up for the first time, almost drowning him in an awful emotion.

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